The Serpent's Sting by Col. Donn de Grand Pre (PDF download)

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Book I of the Barbarians Inside the Gates: The Black Book of Bolshevism series
First hardcover version published edition in 2000.
Offered by America First Books as an ebook, 444 pages.

eBook Summary: [Editor's Note: The following summary was provided on the back cover of this book when it was first published in 2000. It is just as applicable today as it was then].

Are we on the eve of a bloody revolution and martial law in the United States of America, or will it be World War III?

Col Donn de Grand Pre, while serving as an arms negotiator in the Pentagon, received a wake-up call from President Gerald Ford soon after the second attempt on his life. Ford said, "Something has gone terribly wrong in our country when a president can no longer walk among the people." This jarred Donn from his heady pursuit of striving to become the world's leading arms peddler.

Disillusioned with our government's course, both at home and abroad, Donn exited Washington, DC for his farm in Virginia where he began an intensive program of research which slowly unmasked a deadly `Bolshevik' peril to our Republic...`hidden Barbarians' already inside the gates; an enemy totally dedicated to the destruction of our sovereignty as a nation-state and the enslavement or extermination of all who might block their despotic plans for World domination.



The Serpent's Sting




The inside cover to the 2000 edition states:


proclaims former Pentagon arms salesman Colonel Donn de Grand Pre.

His thesis in Barbarians Inside the Gates is the wars we engaged in for whatever reasons since the end of World War II have not only been unconstitutionally waged, but have caused a net loss in political power.

Each war was waged to divert our attention away from the true enemy within, and toward a contrived enemy outside our borders.

He quotes a leading defense analyst that these wars are "an experiment to show we can do something in concert with the United Nations in an area where we have no vital interest." It is moving the people toward acceptance of the use of American Armed Forces as surrogates under UN command.

Who is waging war?

Led by unindicted criminal statesmen with a fanatical will to power, and wedded to international financial oligarchs wi h absolutely no scruples, these modern day barbarians have seized the critical levers of power. They are now straining for the ultimate brass ring a one world government of absolute despotism under their domain.

Can we stop them?

Colonel Donn de Grand Pre in this no punches pulled volume defines the enemy and his tactics in detail; then he explains what we must do to defeat the enemy and restore our republic under the Constitution.

What others are saying about Barbarians Inside the Gates, The Serpent's Sting:

  • Grand Pre has provided us with an antidote to "the viper's venom." Michael Collins Piper
  • Patriot, Warrior, and Defender against the Barbarians at the Gate; all the Best to, to Col Donn de Grand Pre...America First! Pat Buchanan
  • This is the book for the 21st Century! You have produced a blockbuster of a book. Gen. Albion Knight.
  • Congratulations on your new book. I am reading it word for word. Gen. Hugh Shelton, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs
  • Of the 2,000+ books I have, none can compare to Donn de Grand Pre's knowledgeable, insightful expose. They are the only books that need ever be read to understand fully what is going on in the world and why the demise of America is before us. GRAND MAN, Grand Pre. Pamila Emmerich
  • Know Your Enemy is a must for every American worthy of the name and is especially recommended to those men who hold high offices and are in position, before it is too late, to save the Republic from its traducers. If the Founding Fathers were alive today they would be the first to approve this book and to point with pride at an author with the courage and patriotism to risk everything, as they risked everything, for this our beloved country. P.A. del Valle, Lieut. General, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

How Serpent's Sting fits into the three volume Barbarians Inside the Gates series:

Although Book I, The Serpent's Sting, was first published a year before 9-11 in 2000, it has been amazingly prescient. It's historical analysis has been vindicated by events following 9-11. In fact, some might argue that Chapter XIV, "The Coming Coup", explained the strong likelihood of an inside job such as 9-11. According to an American Free Press advertisement, "A high ranking member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff calls his forecast `astounding and accurate!'"

Book II of the "Barbarians Inside the Gates" series is The Viper's Venom, also carried by America First Books. It is a separate book with entirely new material.

Book III, titled The Rattler's Revenge, was first published in 2003. It is not yet carried by America First Books. It is a combination of Book I plus new material. It has all the chapters of Serpent's Sting plus such added material as a Preface, four additional chapters, an Epilogue and several appendices.

Serpent's Sting is suitable for readers who want an immediate companion work for Viper's Venom, with much of the same material that later reappears in Book III, but at a reduced price.

Amazon review of the 2000 hard cover edition:
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27 of 30 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Star Rating: The Hard Edge of Reality, August 16, 2004
First Sample Review:
I`ve read all three books By Col.Donn de-Grand Pre, Barbarians Inside the Gates. I can only say to every red bloodied American out there that you must read these books. Why? It appears life as we know it for Americans is at a crossroad. WE`ve been duped on the World Trade Center attack from the beginning. We are being led by evil-powers within our gates that seek our ruin and have sent our brave American warriors to die fighting under the guise of patriotism to do their bidding. A coup d`etat has occurred within our government and 2,000 plus of our people were murdered at the World Trade Center while we pursue the wrong enemy. Our young warriors are dying daily fighting an enemy that had nothing to do with the World Trade Center. If corrective change does not occur now I fear we will lose our nation and our freedom. Speaking as veteran and a patriot, buy the books,....... prepare yourself and do it for your children. Capt.U.S.M.C.

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Star Rating: a new vision, February 8, 2005
Second Sample Review:
An amazing book,you get chills when you find out who is really in charge,donn is an amazing writer,he takes you threw it all,he refines your thinking,buy it.

1 of 5 Star Rating: Don't bother, October 29, 2007
Third Sample Review:

Soon after the events of Sept 11, 2001 the author (a former USAF pilot) helpd organize a panel of pilots to study the 9/11 attack. After 72 hours of deliberation, the panel concluded that 9/11 was almost certainly an inside job -- and the "hijacked" planes were probably under remote control. My own research had led me to consider this possibility -- so I was intrigued when I heard Col Donn had written several books. I also spoke to the author on the phone about 9/11 -- and this further whetted my appetite.

The author obviously did a lot of research on the book. I admit I did not finish it -- only dipped in here and there -- and finally gave up because there was simply no way to get through it. Donn's analysis is fatally flawed -- so much so that even when I agree with him -- and I do quite frequently -- it amounts to nothing.

For instance, I agree with the author that world Zionism has been horribly destructive. I'm sure I also agree with him about the Fed and the parasitic role of Wall Street. I could even agree with him about the evils of Bolshevism -- but I cannot because he seems to think that everyone on the left is morally depraved -- or worse. He also fails to understand that Capitalism is just as evil.

What I find most bizarr of all is that he seems to think the Zionists were somehow allied with the Bolsheviks. While it is true that Zionist Israel -- especially in the early years -- had a strong socialist movement (eg., the Histadrut), this was a unique Jewish phenomenon -- in no way comparable to what was happening in Russia.

The author has other bizarre ideas. He apparently thinks Joe McCarthy was a geat American. This is too stupefying for words. He is a fan of the fascist Generalissimo Franco, the fascist dictator of Spain -- as well as the murderous Pinochet of Chile, one of the worst and most bloody dictators the planet has ever seen.

No less bizarre is that the author despises the leader that Pinochet overthrew, Salvador Allende. The author wrongly claims that Allende was a Marxist. Not true. Yes, he was a Socialist -- but came to power through a free election. In short, the author is a hypocrit. He bemoans the loss of freedom in America -- and I agree with him on this -- but fails to understand that corruption and evil are universal. The problems of our time have no ideological label -- nor will they have an ideological solution. As Pogo Said: We have met the enemy - and he is us. It is no longer about right and left -- but rather: right and wrong. In fact, it always was.

Also bizarre -- I gathered this from my phone conversation with Col Donn -- is his naivete about the US military, which obviously helped stage the 911 attack. Yet Col Donn insists that Gen Myers is a straight arrow -- and supports the Constitution. Given the way Myers lied to the US Senate about NORAD -- I find this hard to swallow.

For the record, I am not anti military. My father was a USAF full bird Col and rose to be second in command of the OSI. My brother graduated from the USAF academy -- served a full career -- and also retired as a Col.

Perhaps my biggest problem with the author is that he was -- by his own admission -- deeply involved in the world arms trade -- to the tune of $100 billion in sales. I don't know the details and I don't care to know. The production and sale of armaments is one of our biggest global problems -- a problem that the author is clearly part of -- when he ought to be part of the solution. When 30,000 children around the world die every day of starvation -- the present levels of military spending are simply obscene.

In short, don't waste your money. The book has some good points -- but you need a heavy filter to screen out the nonsense. There are better books available. For example, check out David Ray Griffin's books about 9/11.

America First Books Publisher reaction to the negative comments above: For some people it may be difficult to thoroughly read through Col. Grand Pre's works for the same reason they may find it too difficult to get through certain works by authors like Michael Collins Piper and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, namely the truth can seem too shocking and seemingly bizarre (after all the sugar-coated brainwashing they have received from America's controlled media) for them to stomach.

The statement "Also bizarre -- I gathered this from my phone conversation with Col Donn -- is his naivete about the US military, which obviously helped stage the 911 attack" is in my opinion very unfair to Col. Grand Pre.

The U.S. military has many different factions with many different value systems. Col. Grand Pre was trying to mobilize patriotic resistance among those factions within the U.S. military who were willing to resist the Zionist-neocon overthrow of the U.S. government. Even a little bit of "push back" was better than none, and realisticaly speaking, perhaps only incremental gains were all one could hope for in the social and political milieau of the Bush administration.

One of the most well publicized forms of "push-back" --which may or may not have been related to the works of Col. Grand Pre-- involved Admiral William "Fox" Fallon's refusal to invade Iran. (See "Iran Dissent Cost Fallon His Job" By Mark Thompson, Time Magazine, Mar. 12, 2008)

During the George W. Bush administration the Zionist neo-cons and their controlled media cohorts did everything they could to grab as much power as they could. If they could have rounded up everyone willing to speak out out like Col. Grand Pre and shot them in the back of the head, like the Polish officer mass-murdered by the NKVD in the Katyn forest, or many of the millons of Kulaks killed during the Holodomor terror famine in Ukraine (see, for example "The Genocide at Vinnitsa" by Dr. William L. Pierce,, I am sure they would have done it. Fortunately for America, the Zionist neocons could not quite muster the power and find quite the opportune moments they wanted during this time period, although there were certainly plenty of indications with their homeland security drills and logistical preparations that they were trying to lay the groundwork. (See, for example, "Chapter 28 `Internet Radicalization,' False Flag Ideological Warfare (PSYOPs), and Internal Debate" and "Chapter 31: Marine Corps Martial Law and Synthetic Domestic Enemies" in my Mission of Conscience series.)

I remember well the climate of fear and intimidation that the Zionist neo-cons and their controlled media cohorts tried to generate during this period. For example, Janet Napolitano, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, suggested that Ron Paul supporters could be potential terrorists. (For readers who are unfamiliar with Ron Paul, see "Chapter 29" Candidate Klock, The Spook Nuke Threat and the Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution" in my Mission of Conscience series).

I also want to react to the comment "What I find most bizarr [sic] of all is that he seems to think the Zionists were somehow allied with the Bolsheviks." Relative to the sensibilities of most white middle class Americans, this probably is very bizarre, however, it is also a well-documented reality. Many Jews have an amazing talent for playing both sides of the fence, promulgating extreme double standards, and operating with what appear to be extremely fractured personalities. See my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in the "parasitism" section of my "mutualism vs. parasitism" article for more insights into these behavioral anomalies. See also the famous article by Winston Churchill "Zionism vs. Bolshevism: The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People," llustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920, page 5. In Viper's Venom (Book II) and Rattler's Revenge (Book III) Col. Grand Pre provides more background on this seeming paradox, such as where he cites the secret deal between the Soviet Union and Israel in which the Soviets would appear to provide just enough military aid to neighboring Arab countries to appear to be their ally, but not enough aid so that they could ever win in any fight that Israel might set up against them to grab more land.

I think that Col. Grand Pre showed a lot of courage during this period by sticking his neck out and voicing sentiments that the Zionist neo-cons might have used to try to run him through a sedition Kangaroo court. Col. Grand Pre was not naive at all. He fully understood the danger. He got to work collecting facts and performing analyses to confront very hard, distasteful realities in a very calm, disciplined, and soldierly manner in an effort to save his country.

It is worth noting that while some of the fear tactics used by the Zionist neo-cons during the Bush administration have blown over, the threat of totalitarian takeover has not gone away. In fact, the danger may be greater today than ever before. The malevolent U.S.-UK-Israeli deep state operators have simply switched to new approaches. As of 2017-2019 it ramped up Internet censorship of "alt-right" and other dissident platforms to new levels, dramatically increased their EMF surveillance and police state control grids, and have made major new investments in artificial intelligence and robotic technologies that some day could deliver to them a high tech "check mate" of anyone on this planet who might oppose them. They are still working non-stop to grab for all the chips.

I think the very favorable review provided by Michael Collins Piper for Viper's Venom is a much more balanced and fair appraisal of the excellent quality and character of Col. Grand Pre's works.

Please find other commentary in the Col Donn de Grand Pre author profile and articles archive at America First Books Link HERE.


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The Serpent's Sting



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