Ways That Are Dark: The Truth About China by Ralph Townsend (PDF download)

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eBook Summary: In many ways "American" neoconservative leaders have been almost as enigmatic as the Chinese. They have flip-flopped back and forth in their attitudes towards the Chinese in recent years. One moment American business leaders have loved the Chinese as a source of hardworking, technically savvy, ultra low cost labor, and the next moment they have feared them as an economic rival that holds an increasing percentage of America's foreign exchange reserves, and who, like the Japanese, have helped to hollow out a significant portion of America's industrial infrastructure. China is also steadily growing as a potential military rival as well.

What are the Chinese really like? If we go by the theory that "the more things change, the more they stay the same," then we should be profoundly interested in the many elements of Ralph Townsend's analysis written in 1933 that have survived the test of time.

Townsend masterfully describes and brings together many different dimensions and nuances of the Chinese, almost as if he were a musical composer creating a vast symphonic statement. Far from being fragmentary, the book gets deeper and more unifying as one reads further through it. There is quite a lot of material in this book that was considered brutally too honest back in 1933. It has become even more that way in the political correctness America of the early 2000's.

If America's political and business leaders could absorb the insights contained in this book, they would be vastly better equipped to steer a mutually respectful and beneficial course with the Chinese rather than create erratic policy swings or expose America to major vulnerabilities that can eventually invite tragic forms of conflict.



Ways That Are Dark




WAYS THAT ARE DARK: The Truth About China by Ralph Townsend
First hardcover edition published in 1933. 336 pages (including index)
Offered by America First Books as an ebook.

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eBook format: Adobe PDF
eBook features: Sight-checked against original soft cover copy. Contains navigational hyperlinks and all original content, such as diagrams, footnotes, and index.



Ways That Are Dark



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