May Liberty Ring
Throughout Our Land

by William B. Fox
Last updated 8 Nov 2007



A listing below does not necessary imply that the party listed agrees with all my views or vice versa. Also, some sources below have conflicts with each other. A listing also does not necessarily imply that I advocate joining a particular group. However, I will vouch for the fact that I have listened to all the sources listed below and have learned quite a lot that I have found very valuable.

(Alphabetical order)

Thomas W. Chittum See MP3s listed at his author profile page.
Michael Collins Piper: See talk show/MP3 archive page at
Col Donn de Grand Pre:
. . .Alfon's interview following the March 2006 Walt and Mearsheimer Harvard Study about Jewish Lobby dominance. Alfons is with 9-11 Veterans for Truth. (MP3 download); 20:08.
. . interview with Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani 4 Feb 2005 (MP3 download) 26:43.
. . .Alex Jones 25 Feb 2004 interview (MP3 download) with Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.)
Dr. Doug Rokke: Please see MP3s listed at his author profile page.
Rev Ted Pike Please see MP3 archive both at the America First Books Rev Pike author profile page and also at Rev Pike's home page at

Special Citizen Action Alerts
Ongoing ADL campaign to destroy the First Amendment and censor the Internet: Please see MP3's at Rev Pike author profile page and also at Rev Pike's home page at Citizen protest has blocked deceitfully misnamed "hate crime" legislation in the past, and now is not the time to quit protesting against relentless enemies of free speech.
Possible repeat 9-11 false flag operations in America:
See "Ghost Troop" Capt. Eric. H. May main page and downloadable MP3 archive page.

Economic and Business Analysis

Robert Chapman, of The International Forecaster, on Financial Survival radio show Mon, Wed, and Friday. MP3 archive at MP3 radio, updates on gold and silver markets
Korelin Report Covers specific natural resource companies as well as general trends.
James Puplava, Financial Sense News Hour archive

Current News and Commentary

Republic Broadcasting Network archives (some samples below)
Michael Collins Piper: The Piper Report Mike Piper is the author of Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy and other important books.
John Stadtmiller National Intel Report. John Stadtmiller has a wide variety of guests on many important topics, to include 9-11 cover-ups, threats to the Bill of Rights, preparedness, and Iraq.
Frosty Wooldridge Connecting the Dots. Leading anti-illegal immigration activist
We The People Radio Network Includes former IRS agent Joe Banister, Libertarian party presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, LtCol Karen Kwiatkowski USAF-ret), and Dr. Kevin Barrett.

Famous Historical Works, Books, or Personalities on MP3 Downloads include Common Sense, Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, Articles of Confederation. Many MP3s read naturally by live human rather than computer voice. Browse over 15,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.
LibriVox. Audiofiles of books in the public domain for free download.

Good Day,

The Thomas Jefferson Hour by actor/interpreter Clay Jenkinson. If you don't know anything about the life, times, and basic philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, this is not a bad way to get your feet wet. I personally think that about 20% of Mr. Jenkinson's interpretation of Jefferson is off base. Unlike Jenkinson's interpretation, I do not think the real Jefferson (if he were brought forward in a time machine to convey his real thoughts) would have apologized for two seconds for his white racism or white separatism, but rather would have attacked the inability of most whites today to honestly espouse such views as symptomatic of a very sick, disoriented, alienated, and Jewish-dominated society. Nor do I think the real Jefferson would have found anything particularly positive or "inevitable" about FDR's New Deal or the social welfare state spawned by LBJ's "Great Society" programs, but instead would have decried criminal usurpation of the private sector and free markets by alien central bankers, lying national media, and corrupted academia. (A view very similar to those expressed by Dr. Robert Higgs, Lew Rockwell, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Dr. Murray Rothbard, and other hard core libertarians archived at Apart from these types of differences in interpretation, Clay Jenkinson has a good stage personality and does in fact bring forth a lot of good historical material.

Historical revisionism

Institute for Historical Review: (This site has some good MP3's, however, the IHR split from the old Liberty Lobby/future American Free Press for bitter reasons that will be explained in links to be provided later)
Mises Institute media (an anarcho-libertarian perspective)

Anarcho-Libertarian MP3 Archives

Mises Institute Audio Archive: (I have listened to all of them, but below are some special favorites. However, over 90% of the MP3 files of all the speakers are worth listening to.)
Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo archive
Dr. Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow, Independent Institute, MP3 archive
Dr. Hans Hermann Hoppe, professor, U of NV, archive
Dr. Ralph Raico archive
Lew Rockwell archive

Late Dr. Murray Rothbard MP3 Archive

Liberty Fund, Inc: Intellectual Portrait Series
Unfortunately this web site uses a template architecture that prevents going directly to the audio download page. First, go to main page, click on "collections" in left tool bar, then select "Intellectual Portraits (audio)." Download MP3's include portraits and interviews of luminaries such as Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Lord Randolph Harris, Max Hartwell, and other fascinating libertarian thinkers.

General alternative media (Somewhere between anarcho-libertarian, free thinker, and nationalist)

Daryl Bradford Smith, The French Connection at, MP3's accessible from clicking right hand tool bar links on home page. Provocative stuff. See some additional background in the site map section.
Truth Quest, hosted by Melodee Hallet and Dr. Eric Karlstrom.
WingTV with Victor Thorn. Author of 9-11 Evil, his MP3 archives have some excellent interviews with various guests on such topics as the 9-11 cover-up and the study of sociopathy. Since partner for four years, Lisa Guliani, left in Nov 2006, new interviews no longer added to archives; however, site still sells interesting books.

Racial Nationalist MP3 Archives

Dr. David Duke MP3 archive on home page
Edgar Steele, MP3 archive on home page
Kevin Alfred Strom American Dissident Voices MP3 archive at new organization National Vanguard; old archive at National Alliance web site up to 04-09-25 "Standing Her Ground: An Interview with April Gaede".
Prof. Robert Whitaker audio archive at
White Hot Radio Archive at Features sample MP3s from a variety of leading racial nationalists.

Late nationalists, racialists, and other commentators:
Rev Charles Coughlin: 1930's speeches archived at
Dr. Revilo Oliver
audio archive at includes such classics as "What We Owe Our Parasites" and "Can `Liberals' Be Educated?" See also alterna
Dr. William Pierce archive ending with "Our Cause" rebroadcast 07-21-2002, goes back through 1990's. See also alternative Pierce archive at White Hot Radio.


The battle for decency, freedom, and the preservation of Western Civilization is currently raging everywhere around the world. Here are some sample foreign champions of self-determination and popular sovereignty against the forces of criminal evil that seek to make a mess of their countries. This is not necessarily an endorsement of the views expressed, nor is it a complete list; nor can I guarantee that anyone listed will be able to stay out of jail in the near future for good reasons (political prisoner or prisoner of conscience) or bad reasons (petty misconduct prosecuted by Talmudic authorities).

British Nationalists:
Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, and his wife deliver speeches at the 2005 European Unity Conference.

Canadian Nationalists:
Paul Fromm audio archives at; Paul runs the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE).

9-11 MP3 Sites
Veterans for 9-11 Truth has some good 9-11 listings at bottom of this page

Letting It All Hang Out On the High Fraud, High Greed, Alienated Society
Alex Jones rips Mexican La Raza, "Yuppie scum", David Rockefeller, Rothschilds, etc. (800 KB MP3). Audio clip courtesy of Daryl Smith's See more Alex Jones at If you enjoy this, also hear him go ballistic over "foreign troops on U.S. soil."

A Jewish girl prank calls her parents (streaming sound only on Break video against a still picture, 7 minutes) Show note: "A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents and tells them she started dating an Italian guy. The father threatens to kill the guy and the mother's comments are priceless." This audio file is hilarious -and very educational regarding American ethnic "facts of life."


Hitler Rap. Hilarious!


Controlled National Media
"Spin" (57:26) by Brian Springer. "Artist Brian Springer spent a year [1992] scouring the airwaves with a satellite dish grabbing back channel news feeds not intended for public consumption. The result of his research is SPIN, one of the most insightful films ever made about the mechanics of how television is used as a tool of social control to distort and limit the American public's perception of reality."

National Security
Olbermann: All hail the prophetic gut! Explaining Michael Chertoff’s counterterrorism stomach. Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown' MSNBC, lampoons Israeli-American dual loyalist and "Homeland Security" Czar Michael Chertoff for using politically-motivated scare tactics that serve the interest of elitists but fail to protect regular American citizens.

Business/New Enterprise
Steve Jobs introduces the iPod during 2001 Apple Keynote talk (classic strategy talk). 9:39

Ayn Rand blasts Republicans (4:50) in 1961 for defending capitalism based on religion and tradition rather than logical argument.

Grass Roots Political Organizing run by Jim Condit, Jr., Columbus, Ohio Congressional Candidate, includes intro online streaming video by Condit and description of "arrest Chertoff" radio campaign to explain pro-police state, unAmerican, and anti-Constitutional background of Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff.
No More Wars for Israel Conference run by American Free Press, 14 Oct 2007, in Orange County, CA.

Depleted Uranium Crisis
Army Hides Depleted Uranium Dangers From Troops, CNN report, added 7 Jan 2007. "A group of soldiers are suing the Army for sickness caused by exposure to Depleted Uranium while in Iraq. DU is a radioactive metal used for armoring (...more) US vehicles and for warheads. Scientist say that DU dust is created on the battle field which can be inhaled and cause genetic malformations. The Army denies that DU poses serious health risks." Please see Dr. Doug Rokke archive page for more DU discussion.
The Invisible War, Excellent seven part series with footage of Dr. Rokke and many other important experts, witnesses, and victims; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7. Includes not only documentation of only mass casualties, but also U.S. Government cover-up. Produced by French company Canal Plus and released in February 2000. It investigates the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions by UN and NATO forces — in particular the US — in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991, Bosnia in 1995, and Serbia and Kosova in 1999.
U.S. Use Depleted Uranium Bombs on Iraq A ten minute piece which makes heavy use of stills and script that also mentions of the award-winning documentary Beyond Treason (1 hr, 40 min).

White nationalist music videos
Européennes 1999 (2:34; please give the 6.7 MB video file time to load on your PC) by the French National Front, a well-crafted and stirring music video that shows a demoralized Paris finally coming back to life in exuberance, followed by a rejuvenated Europe.
Prussian Blue sings "Victory Day;" an example of a patriotic song by the Gaede daughters that has America's controlled media in conniptions. It is totally out of step with Britney Spears in Im Slave 4 You and other programming which advances Jewish/Negroidal culture and subverts all forms of healthy white European ethnic identity. Watch a 42 min video of Idaho-based white activist attorney Edgar Steele defending the young talents against a very hostile Jewish TV host; and please see also his article "Singing the Prussian Blues". In the Award-winning song "Lamb Near the Lane" the girls commemorate the late militant white nationalist prisoner David Lane, with lyrics by Lane himself.

Radicals in Action
George Lincoln Rockwell hot seat interview. (9:50)
The commander of the American Nazi Party handles hostile questioning by Canadian interviewers. See also his talk about "how to smash the paper curtain."
Malcolm X Explains Nationalism.
Black rights leader explains how only nationalism brings freedom.

Vote Fraud

The Right to Count at 4 minute trailer to an award-winning documentary that addresses the massive election fraud problem in America. Left unchecked, it could leave America enslaved to the self-destructive neocon elite that has dragged America into the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles for Big Oil and Israel.
Vote Fraud talk (1 hr) by Devvy Kidd, an articulate female activist (cf. also
Experts Easily Reverse Diebold [voting machine] Results and no one can know 9:28

High Fraud/High Greed Economy/Financial System:
Mises Institute Videos:
Market Meltdown. (3:13; added 6 Aug 2007) Watch Cramer go totally ballistic on CNBC about the Bear Stearns mortgage market melt-down and slow rescue action by Fed for imperiled hedge funds. Expect more major Wall Street debacles in the future. In fact, just wait until some portion of unregulated derivatives blow out. They are over twenty times the size of the U.S. economy and have been called "Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction" by multibillionaire ace investor Warren Buffet.
Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve. According to the Von Mises Institute, this outstanding video is: “steeped in American history and Austrian economics, and featuring [Congressman] Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Dr. Hermann-Hans Hoppe, and Lew Rockwell, this extraordinary film is the clearest, most compelling explanation ever offered of the Fed, and why curbing it must be our first priority.” (42:08 minutes)." Another important online video that explains the fraudulent nature of the Federal Reserve from a power elitist perspective is America: From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo (see listing below).
The MoneyMasters Part 1 (2 hrs).Google video summary: "This film is probably the best history movie you will ever see in your life. In total it is about 5 hours of footage but worth every second. You will probably learn more in 5 hours of watching this film than you will learn in any college history class. Fasten your seat belts."
The MoneyMasters Part 2 (1 hr 46 min) video summary ". . . The documentary criticises the control aspects of modern centralized banking systems and regulation. The film uses as evidence the history of money and banking, showing the viewer how central banks came to be what they are today, and how they operate.."

The Sick Society Extremely Deficient in Traditional American Male Leadership
Conspiracy of Silence: U.S. Politicians Pedophile Ring. (55 min, 12 sec) This is the kind of evil that former FBI agent Ted Gunderson exposes at
Donald Trump Smooches Rudy Guliani in Drag
. (46 seconds) Of course it's your own damn fault if you don't happen to live in New York City to better appreciate the "witty hilarity" and wry kosher humor when sweet Rudy bitch-slaps the Donald.
Talk Show Host Michael Reagan Threatens Life of Anti-War Patriot Activist Mark Dice, and Alex Jones responds.
Pro-Homosexual Brainwashing Videos for American school children. "The videos below are from It's Elementary, a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexual activists. These are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York."

Self-Aggrandizing Medical Establishment
Murder by Injection (28 min) interview with Eustace Mullins.
The Birth of Modern Psychiatry Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Documentary starts with the Rosenhan Experiment of 1972 where a eight normal experimental subjects entered different mental hospitals across the country and discovered that they had to confess to insanity and pretend to be getting better in order to eventually get released by the system! Discusses how psychiatric drugs can help confuse or simplify normal human responses to life; can help create the illusion of an epidemic of mental illness, and can make individuals more controllable by a system that perceives them more as "social models" rather than as human beings.

Out of Control Third World Immigration and rising U.S. Third World status
America A Changing Country (51:46) A no holds barred analysis of the immigration problem which is turning America into a bankrupt, Third World slum from sea to shining sea. Produced by the National Alliance, this video is very informative and inspiring. The narrator, Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance, died shortly after this video was released in 2002. This video is an excellent antidote to national media political correctness brainwashing on the immigration issue.
European Genocide (3: 26) "This is an urgent message to people of European descent: Due to mass immigration into white nations and within five generations, whites will make up only 0.9% of the world's population, thus facing extinction."
Kare 11 TV Minnesota video about collapsed I-35 Minneapolis Bridge in Aug 2007. It was the most traveled in the state and rated structurally deficient since 1990. It was undergoing a road-paving "band-aide" when it collapsed. 13% of bridges nationwide (around 75,000) remain structurally deficient as America continues to waste its treasure on the exclusively Jewish state of Israel and military adventurism in the Middle East, while shipping its most skilled jobs and industrial infrastructure overseas to boot.
Line in the Sand (101 minutes, April 2006) by Byron Yost. "A truthful documentary showing the people that deal with the Illegal Immigration Invasion upfront and on a daily basis. Watch what the mainstream media WILL NOT show you!!!"
You Think NAFTA, CAFTA & the Economy is Bad Now? Wait..." (3:33) Bush signs up for North American Union without vote or consulting congress and against all recommendations of congress."

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Venture
describes how he was monitored by the CIA while in office  

Threats to Civil Liberties, Orwellian Government
America: From Freedom to Fascism Very well done documentary by Aaron Russo that covers the rise of America's financial elite over the people and the steady erosion of American civil liberties. Aaron Russo searched in vain throughout the Internal Revenue Service to find anyone who could show him a written law that requires Americans to file a personal tax return and pay an income tax. Must see!
"Despotism" An interesting eleven minute film produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica in 1946. Rather than "centralized vs. decentralized" or "authoritarian vs. libertarian" it uses the somewhat parallel construct of "despotism vs. democracy." It claims despotism can be measured according to a sliding scale of four indicators: respect for fellow citizens (how many citizens get an even break), power scale (to what extent citizen's share in making decisions), economic distribution (do middle income groups grow smaller?), and the degree of media consolidation (how many people are coerced to believe what they are told?).
. . .Although a pithy indictment of deplorable trends in today's America, I would be remiss not to point out that this clip misses some important historical ironies and engages in some subtle and simplistic neo-Marxist spin-doctoring. For example, short clips associate Klan cross burnings and Nazism with despotism, missing the irony that the Klan originally formed to resist the despotism of brutal and corrupt carpetbagger regimes during the Reconstruction era (eg. see Mike Piper's article about Franklin Moses in South Carolina). Three important factors in the rise of Nazism involved the very real threat of despotism from a possible Communist takeover of Germany, hyperinflationary economic despotism created by the harsh reparations terms inflicted by the Versailles Treaty, as well as foreign despotism over formerly German territorities also created by the treaty. In addition, the clip associates extending "racial equality" with resisting despotism, failing to observe historical cases where whites have extended "equality" and have subsequently been tyranized, genocided, and expelled by backward, savage black regimes. For example see The French Revolution in Santo Domingo by Lothrop Stoddard about Haiti or more recent historical experiences involving persecuted whites in the former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and today's South Africa, which has steadily disintegrated ever since the beginning of black rule. Over a million whites have already fled the corrupt, backward, brutal conditions brought on by "equality" in "the New South Africa."
Freaky News Report About Clergy Used In US Martial Law (2:02) The 1878 pose comitatus act has been eliminated, guns were confiscated in New Orleans during Katrina, and now the government is organizing clergy response teams. Separation between church and state, anyone?
G. Edward Griffin videos: Author of The Creature From Jekyll Island (an outstanding expose of the Federal Reserve banking system), and The Fearful Master: A Second Look at the U.N., Mr. Griffin is a very gifted writer and media producer. An Idea Whose Time Has Come. 1 hr 23 min. May 5, 2007. A good video overview of many important activist principles. However, he takes the John Birch Society approach of vaguely identifying the enemy as "collectivists." Earlier Griffin works: Subversion Factor - A History of Treason in Modern America (1 hr, 55 minutes) is a good overview of front organization techniques, although heavy on Cold War era communist subversion paradigm as opposed to specifically identifying the Zionist/Jewish Supremacist multi-racialist, globalist threat. Other Griffin works (miscellaneous listings): Inflation (28 min 30 sec), The Hidden Agenda for World Government (49 min, 52 seconds), Anarchy USA: In the Name of Civil Rights (made in 1965, discusses manipulation behind the scenes), Seduction of a Generation (Sensitivity Training and Brainwashing, 31 minutes, based on slide show produced in 1969), The Truth About Communism (2 hours), 1962 Katanga the UNtold story (58 min 57 sec; UN troops wage an unprovoked war against anti-communist Katanga 1960-1962; insights into Orwellian and leftist UN policies), America: Bastion of Freedom (25 min, 1979 film strip), A World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 (55 min), The Science and Politics of Cancer (2005 -based on a lecture). No Place To Hide: The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism (57 min 22 sec) for better or worse reflects an Establishment-oriented, Zionist-compatible, Pentagon view of the terrorist phenomenon.
Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones. 2:35. Fascinating man-on-the-street video documentary. Includes suppressed, co-opted, and faked dissent during 2004 Republican Presidental convention in New York City. Also, critique of Moore's Fahrenheit 911, discussion of Larry Silverstein's mysterious involvement with order to "pull" WTC 7, discusses advanced warning of Israelis, etc. However, while it has a lot of good information, it overplays and twists various occult and Nazi conspiracy theories, seriously underplays Zionist influence, misinterprets early 20th century German Thule society, unmercifully bashes Arnold Schwarznegger, etc. (Editor's Note: There is so much disinformation floating around about traditional American freethinkers and authentic Germanic paganism that America First Books is going to have to offer Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Dr. Hans Gunther to help clear some of this confusion). All of this having been said, its heavy Bush-bashing is probably well-deserved. (See note regarding next entry).
Martial Law Civil Wars in America Blackwater present before the National Guard, and Israeli commandoes patroling a U.S. street! Baghdad on the Mississippi during Katrina.
The Ruby Ridge Documentary The heroic stand by Randy Weaver and his family when the New World Order tyranny came after him in his remote Idaho homestand.
Terror Storm. (1 hr: 52 min) Another Alex Jones online video about the history of state-sponsored false flag operations and fear-mongoring against citizens. Good flick with good information. Discussion of Edward L. Bernays who pioneered modern propaganda. Jones: (words to the effect) "Our ideas are suggested largely by men we have never heard of...Human history is the struggle of the independent free humans against organized crime syndicates trying to enslave them...they want us to believe they are our loving keeper and not our parasitic master...brute force has been replaced by propaganda, the New World Order are made of predatory control freaks...The elite is threatened by independent free humans who control their own destiny...and by beauty, honor, family. They are sadistic and callous... They are only concerned with creating and keeping control. The entire planet is turning into a prison planet. Once you understand that the establishment is laughing at you, and understand their game plan, it is easy to defeat. . ."(A note that I have taken from a Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani editorial: Please don't let Alex Jones scare you into political fatalism and apathy. No matter how much the bad guys watch us, if enough of us remain activists and speak out, we can keep severe forms of totalitarian viruses reasonably bottled up. Vigilence -and grass roots organizing and political action- is the price of liberty.)
Mind Control In America about experiments run by CIA and other government-knows-best-types, from History Channel folks. Also includes Part Two, Part Three, Part Four (unfortunately a download bug at 2:35). Roughly 9-12 minutes each. Discusses early hypnotists, scary 1930's Soviet research, American drug experiments, etc. Fascinating. In contrast CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra (8 min), is an example of a slick, trite video that blames everything on the usual demonized German National Socialists and completely ignores extensive psychopolitical warfare techniques previously developed by Communists, early hypnotists, and others.
Veterans for 9-11 Truth miscellaneous videos
Student Tasered for Asking Kerry Question About Voter Suppression. It happened in Sept 2007 at the University of Florida.
The End of America (47:46) by Naomi Wolf. Author of The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot. An articulate Jewish girl from New York jumps on the patriot bandwagen (having already done books on promiscuity, etc), outlining the ten steps would-be dictators take to overthrow democratic systems --happening right now in America. Includes headings like “Invoke an External and Internal Threat,” “Establish Secret Prisons,”“Target Key Individuals," "Create a Paramilitary Force", and "Create A Surveillance Apparatus on Ordinary Citizens","Arbitrarily Detain and Release Citizens",and "Declare Martial Law." She still has a leftist viewpoint and does not explicitly identify the role of the Mossad in 9-11, Zionist neo-cons identified in High Priests of War, etc.
What We Chose to Ignore: A brief summary of presidential directives, executive orders, and congressionaly approved bills that where signed into law over the last some 40 years that have created the police state dictatorship "mouse trap" ready to be sprung on a still largely naive public.
1984 The full movie. 1 hour, 50 min (released in 1984). This link also has a free downloadable audio book of Orwell's classic. Not depicted in either the book or the movie is the fact that it typically takes a culturally, racially, or ethnically alien elite, determined to preserve its power at all costs, to perpretrate such a viciously oppressive totalitarian system. Conversely an elite with a similar ethno-racial background to the underclasses tends to take more of a nurturent/caretakership attitude that permits more individual freedom. See for example, "The End of the Legends: a Review of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s new book “200 Years Together: The Russian-Jewish History 1795-1916.″ Includes a discussion of the Jewish-Bolshevik mass murder operation that targeted tens of millions of Russia's best people.


1984: The movie. (1 hr 50 min)

Counterpoint to 1984.
John F. Kennedy on the virtues of the open society

Martial Law/Gun Confiscation
NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina. A shocking video hosted by

Master Video Lists Online
American Patriot Friends Network. Dozens of interesting video titles linked to YouTube, Google Video, and other online sources.

Culture War
Aliens in Our Midst (7:51) Brilliant introduction to our "alien" problem in America. Wake up!
The History of Political Correctness
(22:24) narrated by William S. Lind. See also discussion about "How a Handfull of Marxist Jews Turned Western and U.S. Culture Upside Down."

Holy Warriors in the U.S. Armed Forces. (8:30) Jews are forever careening back and forth between promoting harmful social policies that serve them short term political advantages to later dealing with the adverse consequences of those policies. As one example, Jews have heavily supported Fundamentalist Christian Zionism (ie. increased anti-scientific superstition in American society) because its 40 million + adherants provide staunch political and financial support for Israel. (See the Rev Ted Pike archive for more details). Now they are whining about excessive Fundamentalist Christian influence in the U.S. military. Another example of blowback: From the 1960's until the early 1990's, Jewish media in Europe promoted open borders with the Third World to combat "racism" for fear that any form of "racism" might lead to "anti-Semitism." Now that large Muslim populations have built up in European countries with strong sympathies towards Palestinians and antipathy towards Israel, Jewish media have switched gears and tar Muslims as potential terrorists.
In the final analysis, it is all very crooked, unwise, and socially destructive.. You cannot manipulate societies the same way one manipulates a hedge fund.

Tax Honesty Movement
Bill Conklin ( videos 1-5. Near the end of video 3 Conklin claims that the IRS can seriously undermine any organization in America by getting its membership list and arbitrarily auditing everyone. It can also file statuatory notices of deficiency in lieu of audits. If the targets of these notices fail to respond to the notices of deficiency, the IRS add insult to injury by hitting them with a tax bill for whatever the IRS decides. Former IRS agent Joe Banister interviewed Conklin, hour 1 and hour 2, on 22 Dec 2007 on We The People Radio Network . Conklin claims there is a lot of bad advice on the Internet about handling the IRS, and warns patriots to do their homework and be careful.

The New World Order and other Involuntary Imperial Global Integration
North American Union (6 min). How Americans have been involuntarily railroaded into a forced merger with Mexico.
The World Federalist Association. (1:28) One of the largest associations that openly promotes world government. Former CBS anchorman Walter Conkrite said when he received their annual award: "Today we must erect federal structures on a world scale...we need a system of enforceable world law..." Hillary Clinton is also on board. In 1990 an editor for Time said "...Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete. All nations will recognize a single global authority." Hey folks, I think even George Orwell would be hard pressed to make this stuff up.

9-11 U.S. Government and Israeli Lies and other Deceptions

Loose Change, Second Edition

Loose Change has emerged as the classic background on how the official government and controlled national media stories insult our intelligence over and over and over again. Watch how the twin towers were built like impregnable fortresses to take a lot more than aircraft hits and fire and still survive. Excellent overview, althought it does not thoroughly explore Israeli connection.

9/11 False Flag

9/11 False Flag (1:12) A German-produced documentary in German with English subtitles. Excellent summary of 9-11 anomalies from an interesting European viewpoint. Covers sinister aspects of the policy paper "Rebuilding America's Defenses" created prior to Bush election by Jewish supremacist neo-cons such as Perle, Wolfowitz, and Feith (see The High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper).
9-11: A Closer Look by Eric Hufschmid (produced when Hufschmid still had credibility as a 9-11 Truth Activist, ie., before his falling out with Daryl Bradford Smith at and Micheal Collins Piper). Why did the floors of a steel building fall at free fall speed without "pancaking"? Video shows interview with Jewish landlord Larry Silverstein, claiming that the fire department decided to "pull" World Trade Center Tower 7 on the same day the twin towers collapsed rather than try to put out the fires. Normally it takes many days, if not weeks, to plant demolition explosives. What?!?!
9/11 Birth of Treason Series Part 1 (10:01), Part 2 (10:03), Part 3 (10:04), Part 4 (10:03), Part 5 (10:04), Part 6 (10:04), Part 7 (10:04) Part 8 (10:04), Part 9 (10:02); Part 10 (10:01), Part 11 (8:44), Part 12 (8:41) added June 2007. "This stunning new documentary provides the most comprehensive view of the evidence which proves 9/11 was an inside job. Also contained are the most recent and most in depth interviews with Dr. Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. Dr. Jones covers his recent exchanges with NIST, freefall speed of the towers, and his research into Thermite/Thermate explosives. Kevin Ryan goes in depth about being fired by Underwriters Laboratories for blowing the whistle on data falsification. Also Interviewed: Ellen Mariani : 9/11 widow currently under gag order for her lawsuit against United Airlines Kevin Barrett: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance/ Truth Jihad radio program on GCN Michael Wolsey: 9/11 steering committee board member and 9/11 visibility podcast, as well as Northern Colorado 9/11 Visibility. Joe Calhoon: Academy Award Winner for his assistance in the Documentary Panama Deception. Green Party Congressional Nominee. And Others! Subjects covered: False Flag Terror, WTC Bombing of 1993, Controlled Demolitions, NIST Report Lies, 9/11 Commission Cover Up, NORAD Stand Down Order, Put Options, WTC Building Seven, Thermite/Thermate, Prior Knowledge, Motive, and a message for the Church and Nation." A fly in the ointment: Part 12 shows Jewish leaders lecturing us on the need for truthfulness. Closing credits touch upon old Bush family business involvement with Nazis, yet ignore current George W. Bush's central involvement with Mossad and Israel.
9/11 Fraud: David Ray Griffin, Part 1 and Part 2. Why the government story is a hoax.
Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore's trail-blazing documentary on Bush Administration skulduggery, starting with the stolen election of 2000. Does not say anything about the Mossad or other Zionists, but covers other important basics. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12.
Missing Links Excellent documentary covering central Israeli/Mossad involvement behind 9-11. See Dr. Eric Karlstrom review here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, and Part 12.
MIT engineer and research scientist Jeff King analyzes WTC tower collapses
12 min 56 sec video.
Building the World Trade Center Towers
a documentary showing massive construction. WTC Core (8:02) multi-view computer design analysis of structure explodes the pancake collapse theory. Core should have remained standing.
Strange Collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7. Watch World Trade Center Tower 7 get "pulled" at 5:50 PM on that critical day. Short video.
Larry Silverstein says to "pull" WTC 7 on this video clip at page.
There was a third plane seen circling World Trade Center Towers: see this page with narrative and plane crash videos.
Judicial Watch, flying object hits Pentagon. Three min, 12 sec video. (unknown source).
Good overview video about pentagon strike anomalies
Real time amateur sound video looking south towards North Tower. Includes collapse, sound of explosions, TV news, human reactions in background 30 min. The real time flavor helps to really sink in the reality of the 9-11 evil.
Suppressed video of Flight 93 debris. (3 min) Suggests a mid-air breakup rather than a crash, consistent with Col Donn de Grand Pre's account that the flight was shot down by a North Dakota Air Guard fighter.
The strange second plane to hit the World Trade Center. (3 min) It had no windows, had something strange on its underbelly, and appeared to fire a missile (depleted uranium penetrator?) just before impact. (An alternative theory is that mysterious work crews known to have worked inside the WTC buildings weeks before 9-11 prepositioned a homing beacon and explosives in the impact zone in addtion to controlled demolition explosives throughout the buildings). Again, consistent with the remotely piloted theory advanced by Col Donn de Grand Pre.
The Most Damning Evidence Yet (6:09)--Prof. Stephen Jones explains the use of thermate and thermite, plus videos of thermate in action to cut structural steel.
Why the thing that hit the Pentagon was likely to have been a missile and not a plane. An analysis of the vapor trail.
9/11 Total Proof Bombs Were Planted in the Buildings! (10:22). Compendium of numerous videotaped on site testimonies regarding explosions.
Molten Metal WTC Thermite. No "pancaking" effect could cause the geysers of molten steel spilling out. Nor do skyscraper flames ever burn hot enough to melt the steel frames.
Jesse Ventura Slams Media Witch Hunt For Questioning 9/11 on YouTube segments with Alex Jones on web page: "Former Governor shocked by state of free speech in America - `Has our country really become that?'"

Christian Zionism
Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christains United for Israel Tour. A fascinating documentary about "Christians United for Israel" Americans who wave Israeli flags, pray for a nuclear strike on Iran, and hope for an Armageddon-like "cleansing of the earth." No, they were not just let out of an asylum. Many of them hold very high offices and speak for tens of millions of the fellow misled and deluded. Can we call this the Heaven's Gate/Hale-Bopp Comet Cult of Death magnified many milliion fold?
Radical Christians in Iraq Panorama: (9:08) German documentary with English subtitles about American Middle East military intervention as Christian Holy War.

Iraqi War Deceptions
The Best War Ever: 4 min video compendium of lies and bluster that led America into the Iraqi morass.
Olbermann: "A Hero's Death" (Pat Tillman Cover-Up). Why potential Army whistleblower was likely assassinated. See also Who Killed Pat Tillman?
Suppressed 60 Minutes Video segment on former 2001-2003 Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil. The Bush Administration went after Sadam Hussein and oil from day one in office and not after 9-11 over eight months after the inaugeration.
Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans (5:56). CBS News. High rate (about 120 a week in 2005) suppressed by administration.

Oklahoma City Bombing
Oklahoma City Bombing: Startling Evidence Proves Coverup (4 min). Discusses second and third bombs discovered inside the Murray Federal building. Obviously a lot more going on than Timothy McVeigh and his Ryder truck filled with a fertilizer-related explosive.

Deliberate Israeli Assualt on the U.S.S. Liberty

Dead in the Water - The Sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty. (1 hr, 6 min) A BBC documentary about the deliberate attempt by Israel to sink a U.S. ship on the high seas and blame it on Egypt. With friends like this...

Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex videos:
America's Third World War: How 6 million people were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries. Lecture by John Stockwell, according to Information Clearing House: "The highest-ranking CIA official ever to leave the agency and go public. He ran a CIA intelligence-gathering post in Vietnam, was the task-force commander of the CIA's secret war in Angola in 1975 and 1976, and was awarded the Medal of Merit before he resigned. Stockwell's book In Search of Enemies, published by W.W. Norton 1978, is an international best-seller."
. . .Critically important, but not emphasized is the central involvement of Mossad/Zionist New World Order types who orchestrated the assassination of JFK, as covered in Mike Piper's Final Judgment. The ultimate blow-back involves current use of CIA/Mossad covert operations techniques to turn America into a police state and enslave America's dwindling white middle class beneath a Zionist oligarchy. Killing Third World peoples is training and conditioning for ruthlessly controlling the masses in a possible coming Civil War Two here in America.
. . .Before you go thinking that concern about foreign "collateral damage" is "wimpy" or "communist," consider that none other than George Washington warned us about foreign entanglements in his farewell speech.
Blackwater: Shadow Army: (4:25) The Nation's Jeremy Scahill describes the rise of Blackwater USA, the world's most powerful mercenary army. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) comments "We know very little...maybe 800 killed in Iraq...maybe 40 cents of every military dollar...maybe 25,000 to 40,000 are engaged in military activity... but we cannot find out." They were seen patrolling the streets of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina with little accountability.
Bill Moyers talks journalist Jeremy Scahill, Part 1 (22:56). Excellent documentary on Blackwater. Please note that since Blackwater gets no-bid contracts, and enjoys tight relationships with high level government officials, its mercenary activities are not really about "privatization," but rather "crony capitalism." (Please also note that when an authoritarian State forms cozy, noncompetitive relationships with big business, this is an important ingrediant in the definition of fascism also known as "corporatism," "cartelism," "the corporate state," "trust formation," and "corporate monopolism.").
This whole issue involving privatization of the military can put us through in interesting intellectual circle that produces seemingly counter-intuitive real world results. Real privatization implies a return to full individual property rights, full freedom of association, and the minimization of the state and its coercive apparatuses. However, when people become relatively free of the state, as they generally were in old Iceland or early America, they tend to instinctively group together by race and ethnicity. This in turn tends to awaken an instinctive, deeply patriotic feeling that the need for self-sacrifice in time of war for ones tribe, race, or ethnic group is too important to be bought. Furthermore, patriotic sentiment tends to promote a feeling that all fellow citizens should share the burden of military service regardless of pay and class standing. Hence, we can see a paradox where real libertarian privatization across all levels of society may ultimately result in largely volunteer and relatively-low paid citizen militias who operate close to home rather than highly paid apolitical mercenary private armies willing to do anything for anyone at a certain price anywhere in the world.
Of course what we see today is not full scale libertarian privatization, but instead a highly selective and counterfeit form of "privatization" within the context of a largely Zionist-dominated, neo-Jacobin, highly corrupt, multi-racial, multi-cultural, welfare-warfare imperial global super state that wages "perpetual war for perpetual peace." (A phrase used by historian Harry Elmer Barnes and more recently by Gore Vidal). In our Orwellian society today, the meaning of terms such as "voluntarism," "patriotism," and "privatization" have become very corrupt and distorted by early American standards.
Bill Moyers talks with journalist Jeremy Scahill - Part 2 (20:32). Excellent documentary continued. Scahill: "What is particularly scary about Blackwater's role in a war that President Bush labeled a crusade is that the company's leading executives are dedicated to a Christian supremacist agenda."
Exposed: The Carlyle Group. Dutch documentary on a key American military-industrial complex firm. First 1 minutes, 47 seconds in Dutch, rest of this 48 minute documentary is in English. Insiders such as the Bush family use influence to steer legislation and national policy to line their pockets.
Why We Fight: (1:39) BBC documentary about the evolution anatomy of global imperial U.S. military. Includes extracts of famous Eisenhower "Military Industrial Complex" warning speech, interviews with LtCol Karen Kwiatkoski, and others.

Middle East Crisis
The Israel Lobby (AIPAC): a danger to the world. (10 minutes) This video was suppressed by Google video and now resides on Youtube. Interview footage of professors Mearsheimer and Walt.
Council on American-Islamic Relations news conference (online C-Span Podcast) with Dr. John J. Mearsheimer, Univ. of Chicago; Dr. Stephen M.Walt, Harvard Kennedy School of Government 20 min each; Aug 28, 2006, Washington, DC, 1 hr. 30 min. Mearsheimer and Walt authored the Harvard study on the Jewish Lobby cited in the Critical Issues section.
Congratulations Israel! You have created a living hell
(6 min). documentary on how Israel leads the world in committing persistent institutionalized anti-humanitarian outrages.
Cutting Through Israel's Propaganda War in the U.S.
; 4 clips Americans Never See. Two particularly chilling videos show HAL-computer insectoid robotic-like responses of Israeli spokespersons to grilling by British journalists about aggressive war in July-Aug 2006 against defenseless Lebanese civilians.
Eustace Mullins: The Neo-Zionist Order (Google video: 1 hr 38 min). One of America's leading dissidents talks about Ezra Pound, the Federal Reserve System as a criminal syndicate, Greater Israel's ultimate plans for the Middle East, etc. .
Iraq: The Real Story (8 minutes) A documentary by a British journalist who spent 6 weeks embedded with 101st Division. See accompanying article. If American soldiers acted that way here in America towards fellow Americans, it would probably ignite another American Revolution.
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (79 minutes).This provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This pivotal documentary exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites--oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others--work in combination with Israeli public relations strategies to exercise a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported.
PNAC Ring Leader William Kristol confronted by Univ of TX students Oct 4, 2006. This Jewish supremacist admitted his father was a Trotskyite. ("PNAC" means "Project for a New American Century;" just one more neocon think tank schmiel and piece of wise guy politics to suck America dry fighting for Israel?)
Rev Ted Pike's excellent videos (albeit from a conservative Christian viewpoint for those readers who are secular): Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance, The Other Israel, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, and Why the Mid-East Bleeds.

American use of torture in Middle East

Taking the Gloves Off -The Torture Question (17:47), overview of America's initial involvement in torture in Iraq, to include interviews with BGen Janis Karpinski

Holocaust Exaggerations
For additional discussion, see Best Witness by Michael Collins Piper (carried by America First Books) that involves an actual American court trial over the issue. See also section on holocaust/revisionism.
The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled (1 hr, 11 min) by Mark Farrell. "...Thought Police have not just merely suppressed the revisionists' findings by boycotting them, but have also censored them by promoting laws to make their honest findings punishable by jail time. They have committed arson against the revisionists. They have committed murder. They have thrown acid on revisionists' faces, beat them, destroyed their homes, and engaged in other acts of mayhem. Ernst Zundel was taken away from his American wife, with whom he was living in the hills of Tennessee, and thrown in American, Canadian, and German dungeons. He was imprisoned without charge for three years and is now on trial in Germany for questioning the Holocaust story. Germar Rudolf, a PhD-level chemist, was also taken away from his wife and their child in Illinois -- and deported to Germany to stand trial for daring to publish scientific findings that cast doubt on WWII Jewish claims. David Irving, a best-selling author and world-renowned historian, was just sentenced to three years in jail in Austria for uttering merely one single sentence 15 years ago! The Thought Police will stop at nothing to silence these brave men. We truly do live in Orwellian Times."
Flashpoint Interview: Bradley R. Smith. (6:03). "Holocaust Revisionist, Bradley R. Smith, critically examines the Israel lobby and the central role played by The Holocaust in driving America's militant policies in the Middle East."
Dr Norman Finkelstein and Lady Michele Renouf: TV debate on the International Teheran Conference about Holocaust exaggerations: (6 part series, most segments about 6-8 minutes each).
David Cole: The Truth Behind The Gates of Auschwitz 1 and 2. David Cole is a Jewish revisionist historian who discusses discredited aspects of the orthodox Holocaust story.
One Third of the Holocaust: A 4 hour movie by the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. Offered in 30 episodes, debunking Jewish assertions regarding Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec.
Australian Scientists Cast Doubt on the Story of Treblinka (3:16) Everything Jews have said about buried bodies and ash have been proven false.


The dumbing down of America: Mercury and Fluoride poisoning

Religious and Political Brainwashing
Are You Brainwashed? (10 minutes) A discussion of both Christian contemporary political mythology.
ZEITGEIST, Part 1" Debunked? Acharya S. Responds The author of The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold responds to her critics. Her books documents how Christianity was fabricated from pagan models, and serves as just one more mass social control device by manipulators. See also 53 minute interview of Archarya (D. M. Murdoch), in which she describes the Info War against Western Rationalism and Enlightenment principles. See her impressive background here.

Zeitheist, The Movie, Part 1

According to Acharya S., author of The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, this movie has gone viral on Internet with 15 million views. Her work was the basis of the first three parts. Other parts deal with 9/11 as an inside job and other conspiracies against American freedom. However, it ends with a leftist spin that class, racism, and nationalism etc. are simply tools of manipulators rather than having any deeply rooted instinctive/sociobiological component. Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13,


More freethinking work by Acharya S. (D.M. Murdoch).

The Great Satan of the 20th Century
Adolf and Controversy (8:21). Some contradictions they don't want you to worry your pretty little head about.

Other Possible Hoaxes
Did the U.S. Government fake the Apollo moon landings? Decide for yourself. I may not have all the answers, but I can at least attempt to dig up evidence to approach a greater understanding of truth. See also my discussion of this issue in the Site Map section regarding why this controversy may fit in with a more disturbing overall pattern.

For an introduction to the Moon hoax controversy, please see Moon Landing Hoax (43 min). Much of this material is also found in the book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers. Also please note the short intro version of What Happened On the Moon (the longer two part series consisting of one hour apiece is apparently no longer online). See also a 51 minute synopsis Did We Really Land Men on the Moon? that shows astronaut video interview contradictions and astronaut anger towards certain questions. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" (10 min, 11 sec video) analyzes alleged mid-space earth scene deception described in the other videos. Lastly, please note the sample clue analyses at

Whistle Blowers
Sibel Edmonds with Daniel Ellsberg on U-Tube Former FBI translator after 9-11 detected likely Mossad infiltration, but now she has been gagged. See also article: The 'Most Gagged Person in U.S. History' Tells The BRAD BLOG She's Now Exhausted All Other Channels...

State Sovereignty Movement
2009-04-09 Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment "Gov. Rick Perry today joined state Rep. Brandon Creighton and sponsors of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 50 in support of states rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution..."

Suppressed History
The Lightbringers - The Emissaries of Jahbulon - 53 min. "The history and truth about freemasons." There are 6 million Masons worldwide. What is going on with these guys?
Who Brought the African Slaves to America? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Each part about 10 minutes apiece. Shocking, controversial, but very enlightening documentary about the internationalist minority group who organised and legalised the slave trade in Holland and America.

American Southern Nationalists
Southern Glory.
(3:17) Sequences of Confederate combat paintings to the tune of "The Night They Rode Old Dixie Down."

Foreign Nationalists

"Européennes 1999" by the French National Front that artistically expresses the concept of nationalist revival first of a moribund Paris, and then the rest of Europe. (video 2:34; please give the 6.7 MB file time to load on your PC).
Famous Casablanca anthem-singing confrontation scene with Germans (1:55)
Mireille Mathieu sings La Marseillaise. Very spirited. Doesn't get any better than this.

The Putin Generation (New York Times Video: 12:29) Examines youth nationalism, competing political movement, and anti-American resentment.

Conservative Christian: See links for Rev Ted Pike videos in the Rev Ted Pike archive.
Indigenous Religious Revival
Asatru in Iceland: (9:49 min). An overview by Icelandic scholars and pagan leaders.

Interactive Video Games
(see also a listing under "games" in the site map section).
America's Army. The official Army game. Uncle Sam has spent quite a lot of your tax money to create free online interactive simulations of the "Army experience" from basic training to combat. See also the article "US Military Recruits Children: `America's Army' Video Game Violates International Law" for a discussion of the political ramifications of this recruitment tool.

. . .George Tells A Joke; UTubeVideo, also site of other funnies like Bush Screwups and music rock video "Sunday Bloody Sunday" featuring a smirking, rocking, simian Chief Executive. See also "Fuzzy Math."

Bush Surveys Damage He Has Done to America

. . .Walt Handlesman short animated music video bashing NSA wiretappers.
Short written summary here
, video connection here.
. . .Clever Saturday Night Live Stock Broker parody following 2000 market crash. Direct video connection to "Straight Talk About Today's Markets."
. . ."Every Change of Rate" music video spoofing Fed Chairman by Columbia Business School students. Summary page here. Direct video connection here.
"Operation First Casualty" (2:54) Iraq Veterans Against the War stage mock patrols in combat fatigues holding imaginary weapons through Washington D.C., to include side streets and Capitol Building grounds, to embarrass the government. See similar concept in "U.S. Marines Invade Manhattan."
. . .Smart Ass Guide to the USA (animated U.S. map)

A summary comment
As mentioned in the value proposition section, we are trying hard to be genuine radicals and free thinkers here, so if all this really hits a nerve with you -- good! We subscribe to Socrates' motto: "If I know anything, it is that I know nothing." We are happy to present new ideas that have created a reasonable doubt in our minds. We are also happy to risk being proven wrong and getting egg on our faces -- just shows that we are trying to roll up our shirt sleeves, deal with hard issues, and work for a living.

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