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The Anthrax Murders:
The Israeli Connection, Part 3

American Dissident Voices broadcast
May 22, 2004
by Robert Pate
adapted for broadcast by
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. Today we present the final section of our three-part series written by National Vanguard researcher Robert Pate, based on Mr. Pate's article in the latest National Vanguard print magazine, "The Anthrax Mystery: Solved." In our last program in this series, we learned that Israeli intelligence knew exactly what Mohammed Atta and company were doing in the weeks leading up to September 11th, 2001. Today we'll explore the Israelis' means, motive, and opportunity -- their disinformation and hoax campaigns -- and the likely chronology of the anthrax murders -- as American Dissident Voices presents "The Anthrax Murders, the Israeli Connection," part 3:

* * *

Carl Cameron's reporting of the Israeli spy ring appears in part to be based upon a secret FBI document that shows the "tie-ins" between the Israeli spies and the Arab hijackers. The fact that a secret FBI document exists is also evident in the Die Zeit article, "Next Door to Mohammed Atta." Die Zeit, a German paper, based their article on information obtained from the French intelligence agency. The FBI apparently shared their report on Mossad activity with the French. The following portions of the article "Next Door to Mohammed Atta," closely parallels Carl Cameron's unaired report.
"Not until after the attacks of September 11 did the consequences of the spy ring become clear. Apparently the agents were not interested in military or industrial facilities [sic], but were shadowing a number of suspects, who were later involved in the terrorist attacks against the U.S. According to a report of the French intelligence agency that Die Zeit examined, 'according to the FBI, Arab terrorists and suspected terror cells lived in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as in Miami and Hollywood, Florida from December 2000 to April 2001 in direct proximity to the Israeli spy cells.'
"According to the report, the Mossad agents were interested in the leader of the terrorists, Mohammed Atta, and his key accomplice, Marwan al-Shehi. Both lived in Hamburg before they settled in Hollywood, Florida in order to plan the attacks. A Mossad team was also operating in the same town. The leader, Hanan Serfati, had rented several dwellings. 'One of Serfati's apartments was located on the corner of 701st St. and 21st Ave. [sic] in Hollywood, right near the apartment of Atta and al-Shehi,' French intelligence reported later. Everything indicates that the terrorists were constantly observed by the Israelis. The chief Israeli agent was staying right near the post office where the terrorists had a mailbox."
Le Monde, the French paper of record, in the article, "An Enigma: Vast Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the U.S.," also appears to have had access to the secret FBI document or at least the French intelligence agency's version of it. The French paper provided a new detail and reported that six of the Israeli spies had cellular telephones bought by an Israeli ex-vice-consul. Another source reported some of the phones had a special walkie-talkie feature which made them difficult to intercept. This would indicate the spying was not some rogue operation-but was instead directed by Israel.
The evidence is overwhelming that Israel, in the first half of 2001, launched an extensive intelligence-gathering operation within the United States. One part of their assignment was to learn as much as possible concerning the DEA investigations of the Russian Mafia and Israeli organized crime. Their other task was to monitor the al-Qaeda terrorists.
Through electronic surveillance of the hijackers, the Israelis would have been able to learn the time and place for the September 11 attack. If the spies were monitoring the hijackers' Internet activities, they would have known the date of the flights and airlines involved since the hijacker's tickets were bought online.
A newspaper article that appeared in Haaretz, an Israeli paper, further indicates prior knowledge of the coming attack. Haaretz reported two Israeli employees of Odigo-an instant messaging company with offices near the World Trade Center and also in Israel-received a warning two hours before the attack. This, roughly, would have been when the hijackers were seen boarding their planes. The Mossad, in order to minimize Jewish losses around the World Trade Center area, could have easily issued the warning via the instant message service. The Washington Post reported, "The Odigo service includes a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests or demographics." Those whose interests relate to Israel or Jewish topics could have received the message-even if the persons were unknown to the sender. On that day, the Odigo warning may have saved many Jewish lives.
Another mystery surrounding September 11 concerns insider trading of "put" options days before the attacks. Put options, a variation on short selling of a stock, are investments that constitute a bet that a stock will decline in the near future. A few Israelis would have been in a position to make a great deal of money before the al-Qaeda attacks. An unknown number of insider traders made millions of dollars by buying puts during the three business days prior to the World Trade Center attack. United and American airline stocks had highly significant numbers of put options placed upon them, while other airline stocks were not affected in a major way. Only United and American planes were hijacked. A number of insurance and investment companies also had unusual put options placed on their shares. The names of the investors who profited from the tragedy of September 11 have never been released.
Obviously Israel's overarching objective in the anthrax mailings was to terrorize America. Once the people realized they were again under attack, panic and shock spread throughout the land. But Israel had a special reason for this type of bio-terrorism. For Israel the anthrax attacks had an important strategic purpose, namely shifting the new war away from al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and toward Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Shortly thereafter, the cry went out concerning Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction and her supposed ties to terrorists. With the help of Israel's neo-conservative allies within the Office of the Vice President, the Pentagon, think tanks (such as the American Enterprise Institute), and some media outlets (like the Wall Street Journal), the campaign for invading Iraq was launched. The campaign, for the most part, was based upon lies. Some of these lies came directly from Israel.
Within the office of Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a unit was established to prepare "intelligence" reports in English for a new group within the Pentagon known as the Office of Special Plans (OSP). In addition to the Israeli input, some of the OSP's questionable intelligence came from Iraqi exiles. The Office of Special Plans bypassed the CIA and took the cooked intelligence directly to the Oval Office. The CIA, for the most part, tried to be professional in their analysis, but in the end the neocons and the Israelis got their war against Iraq.
There was no massive intelligence failure that led America to go to war in Iraq. Instead, it was a massive intelligence fraud. Some suspect the forged Niger documents, concerning the allegation that Iraq tried to obtain "yellow cake" uranium oxide from that African country, may have originated with the Israelis. Also, the unconfirmed report on the alleged meeting of Mohammed Atta and an Iraqi agent in Prague was most likely disinformation on the part of Israel. In one bizarre aspect of the story, the London Times reported the Iraqi agent was seen giving Atta a vile of anthrax. The Times reported this as if it actually occurred-and said Israeli security sources observed the transfer.
Israel's objective was to bring America into a new war against Iraq. When the al-Qaeda plot was discovered, Israel let the terrorists proceed, thereby insuring America would go to war. The anthrax attack that followed was the bio-terror event needed to focus America's attention upon Iraq and its alleged weapons of mass destruction. However, Israel had planned the anthrax attacks upon America years before the discovery of the al-Qaeda plot. The anthrax hoaxes that preceded the anthrax attacks were an integral part of the conspiracy.
The planning for the anthrax attacks of 2001 goes back to at least 1997. In April of that year, the national headquarters of the Jewish organization B'nai B'rith in Washington, DC received a package that contained a petri dish labeled Anthracis Yersinia, implying the dish contained bacteria that could cause anthrax infections or plague. The dish had been broken and was leaking a red fluid. Tests later determined the petri dish to be relatively harmless, and it did not contain the bacteria Anthracis or Yersinia. However, it did contain Bacillus cereus, which is less dangerous and is sometimes used as an anthrax simulant.
A two-page typed letter accompanied the petri dish. The letter was largely incoherent and contained comments on Jews, Nazis, and the 'Holocaust.' The letter was signed, "The Counter Holocaust Lobbyists of Hillel." Months prior to the B'nai B'rith hoax, a movement was forming on college campuses calling for a debate to question some assertions concerning the 'Holocaust.' Those responsible for the mailing chose to blame historical revisionists or so-called "Holocaust deniers."
The B'nai B'rith hoax received a great deal of media attention. Television outlets like CNN and other networks broadcast the incident live to a national audience. The nearby area was evacuated, and for a period of time office personnel were quarantined. The case has never been solved, and the cost to the government was two million dollars.
Israel's Mossad most likely was responsible for the mailing. The hoax benefited Israel and the Jews in several ways. First, national publicity was generated in this first major anthrax scare. Second, sympathy was elicited for the Jewish organization that was attacked. Third, the persons supposedly responsible-namely, those who have questions concerning the 'Holocaust'-were demonized. However, on another level, something
more important was achieved: This would be the first anthrax hoax used to implicate Dr. Steven Hatfill.
Dr. Hatfill was attending a terrorism seminar in Washington, DC the day the B'nai B'rith incident occurred. At the time, Hatfill was employed as a researcher at the National Institutes of Health where he likely had access to petri dishes containing bacteria. This, in all probability, was the reason a petri dish from a bioresearch lab was used this time, instead of a suspicious powder. This anthrax hoax, along with others that followed, would help to make a circumstantial case against Dr. Hatfill if a real anthrax attack ever occurred.
Dr. Hatfill likely came to the attention of the Mossad when he first appeared in a photo with the pro-White Afrikaner Resistance Movement leader Eugene Terre'Blanche and members of its paramilitary unit Aquila. The Mossad's front organization, the South African Board of Jewish Deputies, would have taken notice of the newspaper photo. As an organization, they keep track of individuals and groups they consider hostile to Jews and their interests. The Afrikaner Resistance Movement would be the type of organization they would want to monitor. The information they obtained on Dr. Hatfill could very well have been passed onto the Mossad. In America, the sister organization of the South African Board of Jewish Deputies is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).
Don Foster, an English professor at Vassar and at times a forensic linguistic analyst for the FBI, reviewed several of the anthrax hoaxes in an article he wrote for Vanity Fair. Foster believes Hatfill is a good candidate for the anthrax perpetrator, and is impressed by the apparent relationship between Hatfill and the anthrax hoaxes. Foster said, "When I line up Hatfill's known movements with the postmark locations of reported biothreats, those hoax anthrax attacks appeared to trail him like a vapor cloud." In his article, Foster implies Hatfill was responsible for the B'nai B'rith hoax and suggests he may have been responsible for others that followed.
Another hoax, that Foster thinks "trails" Hatfill, occurred in August 1998. In this incident, a white powder was dispersed throughout several floors of the Finney State Office Building in Wichita, Kansas. Foster suggests this was a re-enactment of a bio-terror scenario that Hatfill developed as a part of his responsibilities while employed at USAMRIID. Foster also implies Hatfill and his new mentor, anthrax expert William Patrick, were in the area of Wichita the day of the incident and later arrived together in San Diego to attend an anti-terrorism conference.
An anti-government Christian Identity group claimed responsibility for the office building incident in a rambling 11-page letter. Christian Identity is an unusual religious sect that looks upon Jews in less than flattering terms. A basic tenet of Christian Identity (though there are of course some splinter groups which differ, as with any religion) is the claim that the "chosen people" of the Old Testament are the peoples of Europe and their descendants, with the Jews of today are considered to
be the offspring of Satan.
The Wichita incident is similar to the B'nai B'rith anthrax hoax. Both were designed to implicate Dr. Hatfill solely by his presence in the areas where they took place. In both cases the Mossad wanted the public to know that groups thought to be hostile to Jewish interests had claimed responsibility for the terrorist acts. Also, the same type of rambling disjointed letters accompanied the attacks, probably written in an effort to mislead the FBI and other investigators.
Several other anthrax hoaxes were designed to implicate Dr. Hatfill. The most important one was the anthrax hoax letter mailed from London and addressed to Senator Tom Daschle. Hatfill at this time was in England training with the United Nations weapons inspectors. The Mossad used the anthrax hoaxes to misdirect the authorities. By following these false leads the FBI and other law enforcement agencies wasted valuable time and resources investigating and shadowing Dr. Hatfill.
Israel is perhaps the only country in the world that could have succeeded in the anthrax attack upon America. With the help of Jewish scientists from the former Soviet Union, Israel's bio-weapons research has probably surpassed that of all other nations. The Soviet Union's bio-weapons program had 32,000 scientists and staff working in 40 different research and production facilities. Two thousand of these scientists worked exclusively on the Soviet anthrax program. A significant number of these scientists may have immigrated to Israel and become employed in her bio-weapons programs.
Anthony Cordesman with the Center for Strategic and International Studies wrote a report, "National Developments of Biological Weapons in the Middle East: An Analytic Overview," assessing Israel's bio-weapons programs. Cordesman reports Israel has stockpiled anthrax at her bio-warfare center, and at times provides Israeli intelligence with deadly pathogens to be used for assassinations. Anthony Cordesman unknowingly has given us the "smoking gun" pointing to Israel's responsibility in the anthrax attacks.
On the day of September 11, 2001 the Mossad was waiting for al-Qaeda to strike. Soon the greatest bio-terror event in history would follow. Different grades of anthrax were prepared at Israel's bio-warfare center at Ness Ziona. Coarse brown granules that would cause only skin infections were prepared for the New York media letters. The deadlier "weapons grade" anthrax was reserved for Senators Daschle and Leahy.
The envelopes were pre-addressed and waiting for the letters and the anthrax material to be placed in them. The letters were written with only the date at the top to be added later. In his analysis, Ed Lake has suggested the "09-11-01" top portion of the letter seems to have been printed at a different time and perhaps by a different hand. This would be a necessary precaution if the terror flights were changed or delayed by a few days.
On the day of September 11, or perhaps shortly thereafter, copies of the original letter were made at a publicly accessible copier in New Jersey. Through analysis of scratches on the glass, the FBI is certain they have found the copier used to produce the letters. The original letter used to make the copies may have been destroyed. The Mossad officer could have taken the copies to Israel the next day. The anthrax letters were likely prepared, taped, and brought back to America days later via Israeli diplomatic pouch into New York City or Washington, DC. This speculative scenario could have all occurred within the week that followed September 11. The first batch of anthrax letters was mailed in Trenton, New Jersey, exactly one week after the devastating airplane attacks.
Israel took a huge gamble when she attacked America, but this was not the first time. In June 1967, at the height of the Six Day Arab-Israeli War, Israel deliberately attacked an American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to destroy the vessel and to lay blame on the Arabs. They failed to sink the ship, but 34 navy crewmen were killed and 171 were wounded. A cover-up was ordered at the highest levels by the U.S. government.
Israel must not be allowed to continue in her attacks upon America or in her misdirection of our foreign policy. Israel must be disarmed of all weapons of mass destruction. If not stopped, she may strike again, perhaps this time by exploding a radioactive "dirty bomb" in a major American city. Fake signal intelligence could be generated by Israel to indicate that a country such as Iran was responsible. Jewish neo-conservatives in America could then argue that since we were attacked by Iran with a radioactive weapon, our response against Iran should also be nuclear. If President Bush acceded to this advice, Israel would have destroyed yet another Middle Eastern country and brought us another step closer to global war. Israel is an enemy, not a friend. America and her political leadership must finally realize this important fact.

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You can read the full and unabridged article on which this three-program series is based, fully referenced and documented, only in National Vanguard print magazine. A copy may be obtained for $5 postpaid in the US and Canada, $8 elsewhere. A six-issue subscription is only $18 in the US, $26 in Canada, and $36 worldwide. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Or you may order online at or
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free."



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