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The Anthrax Murders:
The Israeli Connection, Part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast
May 22, 2004
by Robert Pate
adapted for broadcast by
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. Today we continue our three-part series written by National Vanguard researcher Robert Pate, based on Mr. Pate's article in the latest National Vanguard print magazine, "The Anthrax Mystery: Solved." Last week we looked at the suspect evidence produced by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg in her attempt to implicate Dr. Steven Hatfill in the anthrax mailings. Today we will look at other possible suspects -- including Israeli intelligence -- as American Dissident Voices presents "The Anthrax Murders, the Israeli Connection," part 2:

* * *

In addition to Dr. Hatfill, who we regard as innocent, there are two other bio-defense scientists who have received some attention in the anthrax investigation. But, unlike Hatfill, these scientists have rarely been mentioned in the press.
On October 3, 2001, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, an Arab-American scientist and a former researcher at USAMRIID Fort Detrick, Maryland, was called into the Washington, DC offices of the FBI and was confronted with an anonymous letter that accused him of being "a potential biological terrorist." The author of the letter claimed to be a former colleague of Dr. Assaad, and accused him of having a vendetta against the government. The meeting between Assaad and the FBI took place two days before it was known that Robert Stevens, the first victim of the anthrax attacks, had died. The letter was postmarked September 21 and was addressed to "Town of Quantico Police" in Virginia. Quantico is 25 miles south of Washington, DC and is home to both Marine Corps and FBI facilities.
A number of questions have arisen surrounding this letter. The timing of the letter is suspicious, given that it was written before there was public knowledge concerning the anthrax attacks. Dr. Assaad believes the letter was devised to implicate him in the coming attacks and to set him up as the 'fall guy.' He believes the person who sent the letter may also be responsible for the anthrax attacks. The FBI determined Dr. Assaad was not involved with terrorism and that the accusatory letter must have been a hoax.
But Dr. Assaad had reason to be concerned. A decade earlier, he, along with two other Arab-American scientists, all of whom were working at Ft. Detrick, were targeted and harassed by another group of scientists working there. The group that was harassing the Arab-Americans called themselves the "Camel Club." One of the "Camel Club" members was Dr. Philip M. Zack, Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. The apparent objective of the "Camel Club" was to drive the Arab-American scientists out of the bio-defense facility.
Shortly after the Persian Gulf War in 1991, Dr. Assaad found an eight-page poem in his mailbox authored by the "club." The poem contained lewd and obscene remarks and was written in an attempt to harass and mock the Egyptian-born scientist. Dr. Assaad reported these incidents to Fort Detrick's commander, who at the time did little or nothing to stop the harassment. Dr. Assaad later sued the Army, claiming "discrimination." Was this a case of "racism" -- or of something going on at the lab which the harassers might not want an Arab scientist to see?
The Hartford Courant has been the only paper to have covered this story in detail. They reported that "Zack left Fort Detrick in December 1991, after a controversy over allegations of unprofessional behavior…." The paper later reported Dr. Zack was observed entering the lab after hours on January 23, 1992. A surveillance camera recorded Dr. Marian Rippy, one of the "Camel Club" members, letting Dr. Zack inside the building.
Lab technicians noticed a late-night intruder was tampering with their equipment. A 1992 inquiry found someone was conducting unauthorized research involving anthrax during the evening hours. An audit of the lab showed 27 sets of specimens -- including anthrax spores -- were unaccounted for or missing. One former commander at the facility said he did not believe any of the missing specimens were ever found.
Dr. Zack is said to be Jewish, and for some this makes him the leading anthrax suspect, particularly among those in Internet discussion groups. They see the harassment of Dr. Assaad, the late night research on anthrax, and the accusatory letter all pointing in Dr. Zack's direction.
Ed Lake, the leading amateur investigator of the anthrax attacks, has done some important research concerning the letter sent to the authorities naming Dr. Assaad as a potential terrorist. Lake found that, after September 11, a great deal of speculation ensued concerning the possibility of another terrorist attack. The consensus was that the next attack would likely be biological in nature, and anthrax could be the weapon of choice. Lake did an analysis of how many times the word "anthrax" appeared in Internet discussion groups from September 8, 2001 to October 7, 2001. Not surprisingly, discussions concerning anthrax and a possible biological attack increased dramatically after September 11. Lake concluded, given the circumstances, it would not be unusual for someone to warn authorities concerning potential terrorist activity.
This is the most likely explanation for the anonymous letter. A former colleague of Dr. Assaad sent the letter out of genuine concern in preventing a biological attack. This person may or may not have been a participant in the "Camel Club" shenanigans but could have been influenced by them. It is unlikely Dr. Zack sent the accusatory letter, since it would have brought immediate attention upon himself and his suspicious activities a decade earlier. Also, it is equally difficult to believe Dr. Zack was responsible for the anthrax mailings.
So what other suspects remain? Our best-known suspect or "person of interest" is Dr. Steven J. Hatfill. But after an extensive investigation by the FBI, no physical evidence connects Hatfill with the mailings. Other possible suspects can be dismissed as easily as they are mentioned. Iraq and al-Qaeda are not responsible, even though some within the Bush administration and the news media would like to blame them. There have been suggestions the CIA could have sent the anthrax letters, if a hidden bio-weapons program existed within the agency. But what purpose would such an attack serve? It is hard to imagine a motive for the CIA to commit such an act. Were neo-Nazis, anti-abortionists, or right-wing militias the culprits? There are plenty of off-the-wall theories about possible suspects -- even one involving a pagan cult in the Midwest -- but nothing has panned out. There is, however, another possibility that needs to be considered.
"Who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to have brought about these attacks?" is a basic question that needs to be asked.
An extensive and well-developed biological warfare program exists within Israel today. A motive for the anthrax attacks could be to blame Arab terrorists or a 'rogue nation' for this atrocity and to help launch the United States into war against Israel's enemies. Lastly, Israel had prior knowledge of the planned attacks on September 11.
Israel's bio-weapons programs date back to the earliest formation of the Zionist state. Dr. Avner Cohen documents Israel's program in his paper, "Israel and Chemical/Biological Weapons: History, Deterrence, and Arms Control." Cohen begins by describing how Zionists during the 1948 war poisoned the wells and water supplies of Arab villagers. According to Israeli military historian Dr. Uri Milstein, the typhoid epidemic that spread throughout the costal town of Acre in May 1948 was the result of Zionist Jews contaminating the Arabs' water supply. In Gaza the Jews failed in a similar attempt. The Egyptian Army found four Jews disguised as Arabs near the water wells. The four terrorists were caught with a canteen filled with dysentery and typhoid bacteria. All four were tried, convicted, and hanged within a three-month period. Dr. Cohen questions if the two incidents were isolated or part of a larger program of bio-warfare during the 1948 war.
Israel's bio-weapons facilities are located at the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona (also Nes Ziona, Nes Tona) a few miles southeast of Tel Aviv. In 1952 the IIBR consisted of a single building hidden in an orange grove. Today, the IIBR has grown into a massive 14-acre compound with several hundred employees surrounded by high walls and electronic sensors. What goes on behind those high walls is something Israel would prefer to be kept secret.
Dutch journalist Karel Knip has researched the IIBR and came up with some interesting findings. Knip began by going through medical literature he found on the Internet. Specifically, he focused on the papers of 140 scientists affiliated with IIBR over the last five decades. With the help of experts on chemical and biological weapons, Knip developed an overview of the various programs that exist at IIBR. Knip found IIBR research began in the 1950s involving plague, typhus, and rabies. Dr. Avner Cohen discusses Knip's findings in his paper and states, "… a significant number of studies at IIBR focused on anti-livestock agents, following the path of other national BW [bio-weapons] programs at the time." 'Anti-livestock agents' is Cohen's cryptic reference to Israel's anthrax programs.
A motive for Israel in launching the anthrax attacks would be to bring America into war against Iraq and to remove that country as a potential threat to the Jewish state. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the United States Senate was thrown into a heated debate as to whether or not this country should go to war. Senator Tom Daschle took the lead in being against American involvement. In order for Israel to achieve her war objective, this time Senator Daschle would have to be removed -- or turned toward Israel's position. Either way, Israel would win.
Likewise, Senator Patrick Leahy ran afoul of the Israelis when he introduced his Leahy Amendment to the Foreign Operations Appropriations Act. The Leahy Amendment, also called the Leahy Law, prohibits American arms sales to foreign security or military units that systematically violate human rights. The Israeli military routinely tortures Palestinian prisoners, assassinates Arab political figures, and fires American-made rockets and missiles into civilian crowds and apartment buildings. If an American administration ever decided to enforce the Leahy Law, Israel would find herself under an arms embargo. Eliminating or 'turning' her Senatorial adversaries -- a gamble she couldn't lose -- would be powerful motives for Israel to target Senators Daschle and Leahy for political assassination by anthrax. Remember also, as we discussed last week, there was a qualitative difference in the anthrax sent to the Senators and that sent to media figures.
For Israel to have initiated the anthrax attacks, prior knowledge of the al-Qaeda plot was essential. The Mossad, Israel's external intelligence service, has made it their mission to track Arab terrorists around the world. Indirect evidence of Mossad's surveillance of the al-Qaeda hijackers prior to September 11 can be found in the Drug Enforcement Agency report, "Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities," and in an investigative report from Fox News.
[ ]
In March 2001, an alert was issued by the National Counterintelligence Executive, a branch of the CIA, warning federal employees to be aware of "suspicious visitors to federal facilities." There had been reports of Middle Eastern persons showing up at government buildings -- many of them DEA offices -- claiming to be Israeli art students. At first it was thought the Israeli art students might be Arab terrorists planning an attack. However, it later turned out the art students were indeed Israelis.
The Israelis would appear unannounced at various government offices or at the homes of federal officials. They would falsely identify themselves as art students from the University of Jerusalem or Bazala Academy in Israel and attempt to sell their artwork on canvas. Astute government employees soon discovered the Israelis were more interested in obtaining information than in selling artwork. The students, in the course of their conversations, would ask for business cards and inquire about the officials' work activities and those of their associates. At times, the Israelis were found breaching government entrances through back doors and parking garages. Others appeared at government offices that were hidden or undisclosed to the local community. Some were found with diagrams of government buildings showing entrances and offices of various employees -- indicating prior surveillance. Others were found with photographs of government agents. One Israeli 'art student' had a computer printout with the heading "DEA groups."
The DEA, with the help of the FBI, began to compile a report on the Israeli art students. The report, prepared in June 2001, listed over one hundred Israelis by name along with their personal identifying information. After the Israelis were arrested, the government, for sensitive political reasons, was reluctant to prosecute any of them for espionage, so they let them go.
One DEA agent, in an apparent attempt to prevent a government cover-up, had the report posted on the Internet in March 2002. The report provides information obtained from the Israelis during their interrogations. In a general assessment of the Israelis, the report states, "Most admit to having served in the Israeli Military. This is not surprising given the mandatory military service require [sic] in Israel, however, a majority of those questioned has [sic] stated they served in military intelligence, electronic signal intercept, or explosive ordnance units."
Within the various agencies of the U.S. government, there was a debate regarding the entire Israeli art student phenomenon. Most were convinced this was an intelligence operation, but at the time its purpose was unclear. The best clue in understanding the mystery was their main target: the Drug Enforcement Agency. Although the Israelis penetrated other federal facilities, such as military bases, the spies seemed focused on the DEA.
During this period, the DEA was investigating the activities of Israeli organized crime. Israeli mobsters, along with the Russian Mafia, control the distribution of the drug Ecstasy in America. It should be noted there is no real difference between these two criminal organizations. It has been known for a long time that the Russian Mafia is made up of Russian Jews from the former Soviet Union. Questions still remain: Why were Israeli spies posing as art students interested in the activities of the DEA? What connection does the Mossad have with the Russian Mafia? The conclusion that best fits the known facts is that Israeli intelligence launched an operation against the DEA to protect their new intelligence asset, the Russian Mafia, from prosecution.
After September 11, the activities of Israeli art students were seen in a new light. The FBI began to investigate the trail left by the Arab hijackers and found many of them had residences in Florida. Interestingly, one third of the art student spies were also based in Florida. It was discovered that some of the Israeli art students had addresses in the same locations as the hijackers. One commentator said that, at times, they were just yards apart.
Carl Cameron with Fox News was the first major reporter to break this story, in a four-part series that aired in December 2001 and was subsequently pulled by Fox. In the series, Cameron gives several examples of Israeli espionage activities in America. In his first report, Cameron focuses on the Israeli surveillance of the Arab hijackers. Cameron reported, "There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9/11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it."
Cameron based his reporting on information he obtained from investigators in the FBI, DEA, and the INS. In his report, one investigator acknowledged there were "tie-ins" between the Israelis and the Arab hijackers.
Writer Alan Simpson appears to have obtained the unaired portions of Carl Cameron's report concerning the Israelis' monitoring of the hijackers:
"According to the FBI list, the Arab terrorist and suspect cells lived in the same neighborhoods as the Israeli cells in Irving, Texas and Hollywood and Miami, Florida from Dec. 2000 to April 2001. In the case of Irving, the Israeli cell used a rental mailbox in a shopping center just one block away from an Arab suspect's apartment. In Hollywood, the terrorists, including lead hijacker Mohammad Atta, the Egyptian who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, used a rental mailbox drop two blocks from an apartment rented by an Israeli 'art student' team leader."
"It is not the only case where the Israelis were found to be in the same location as the Saudi cells. According to the DEA Report, another Israeli team operating out of Hollywood, Florida, led by team leader Hanan Serfaty lived at 4220 Sheridan St., #303, Hollywood, Florida 33021 (Emerald Greens Apartments) while the Saudi hijackers Khalid Al Midhar, Abdulaziz al Omari, Walid Al Shehri, and UAE national Marwan al Shehri, operated from a mail drop at Mailbox Rentals, 3389 Sheridan St. #256, Hollywood, Florida 33021-3608. Another Serfaty residence at 701 S. 21st Ave., Hollywood was located near the homes of Atta and Al Shehri, including a residence on Jackson Street, just a few blocks away, and the Bimini Motel Apartments, Apartment 8, at 1600 North Ocean Drive. On September 7, just days before their terrorist attack, Atta and Al Shehri spent several hours at Shuckums Oyster Bar and Grill at 1814 Harrison St., just blocks away form Serfaty's 21st Ave. residence. A Miami-based Israeli unit, led by Legum Yochai, operated from 13753 SW 90th Ave., Miami while hijacker Al Shehri lived nearby at Horizons Apartments, 8025 SW 107th Ave."
[ ]
There appears to be little doubt that Israeli intelligence knew exactly what Atta and company were doing in the weeks leading up to September 11th. We'll continue to explore the Israelis' means, motive, and opportunity -- their disinformation and hoax campaigns -- and the likely chronology of the anthrax murders -- on the next program in this series.

* * *

Be sure and listen two weeks from today to the third and final segment of 'The Anthrax Murders: The Israeli Connection." You can read the full and unabridged article, fully referenced and documented, only in National Vanguard magazine. A copy may be obtained for $5 postpaid in the US and Canada, $8 elsewhere. A six-issue subscription is only $18 in the US, $26 in Canada, and $36 worldwide. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Or you may order online at or
Next week we'll be interviewing imprisoned writer, thinker, and pro-White racial activist David Duke, whose restoration to freedom we'll be celebrating May 28th to 30th in New Orleans, and I and other National Alliance members and supporters will be speaking there.
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You'll definitely want to be listening to both of these important programs over the next two weeks on American Dissident Voices.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free."


[America First Books Editor's Note: While this presentation has a considerable amount of useful information, many sources archived by America First Books such as Michael Collins Piper and Col Donn de Grand Pre question whether there were ever any real "Arab high jackers." Instead, they believe that 9-11 was primarily orchestrated by the Mossad and its accomplices embedded at senior levels of various portions of the the U.S. Government. Col Grand Pre believes it likely that the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers were remotely piloted).



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