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A friend of the eminent American classicist and writer Dr. Revilo P. Oliver and a close colleague of physicist and philosopher Dr. William Pierce, Kevin Strom has been long considered one of the most significant thinkers among Western racial-nationalists. His political activism dates from his early student days in 1968.

Kevin Alfred Strom

A Defender of White Self-Determination
Emerging From Personal Tragedy

Last updated 7 July 2008
by William B. Fox, Editor

Editor's Note: A major reason why America is suffering massive decline today on virtually all social levels is because white Americans have been subjected to massive anti-white brainwashing for decades. This has caused whites to lose faith in themselves on an economic, social, political, and racial level. In fact, whites often consider it moral to be more supportive of alien peoples than their own kind. This is one reason why white "leaders" have exported a major portion of America's best jobs and industry overseas to China and other nonwhite competitors. These rootless "leaders" have accepted the steady demographic decline of the white middle class despite the rising threat of a Civil War Two scenario caused by excessive "diversity." They have also slavishly followed the dictates of Israel by launching disastrous military adventures in the Middle East. The problem of white self-hatred is also causing terrible problems in Europe, whose indigenous populations are being replaced by Third World invaders. We can see the ultimate end game of this tragic trend in the case of South Africa, where whites foolishly relinquished control to black Marxists. Today, over a million whites have now fled a country that has turned into a complete economic and political basket case. A similar pattern is on track here in the United States unless enough whites snap out of their suicidal delusionsand yesterday was not soon enough.
Kevin Strom, along with with his mentors, the late Dr. William Pierce and the late Dr. Revilo Oliver, stood out as one of the more articulate and insightful white nationalists of our era. The writings of all of these individuals provide a valuable antidote to help white Americans de-brainwash themselves out of the white self-hatred propaganda that has deeply infected our land. They also help white Americans better understand the origins of their malady. Significantly, most of their articles written as far back as the 1980's and 1990's are just as timely todayif not more soas they were back when they were first published.
However, even among white nationalists there have been some complicating factors involving Kevin Strom and the ideology espoused by associations he has been associated with, such as the National Alliance and National Vanguard. One problem is ideological, and the other is personal.
On an ideological level, an earlier version of the National Alliance credo stated: "The fact is that we need a strong, centralized government spanning several continents to coordinate many important tasks during the first few decades of a White world: the racial cleansing of the land, the rooting out of racially destructive institutions, and the reorganization of society on a new basis."
This aggressive statement can create problems for libertarian racial nationalists who prefer a decentralized, "bottom up" approach to government and cultural and racial regeneration. Libertarians believe that over the long run, highly centralized government under any ideological persuasion is more part of the problem than the solution. Also, for certain white racial separatists, it can undermines the moral image they are trying to cultivate as being basically defensive rather than aggressive. (As a point of fact, the American Old Right was generally anti-imperialistic when it came to "foreign entanglements." It is not just the left that has generally been anti-war, but also the "classical liberal" branch of the libertarian right). Interestingly enough, in recent years one can detect in Kevin Strom's writings a move away from many of the aggressive, pro-centrist positions of Dr. William Pierce. He has made increasing references towards libertarian views espoused by classical liberals such as Thomas Jefferson.
To better understand Kevin Strom's intellectual evolution, check out "My Political Education." Incidentally, see also Dr. William Pierce's equally fascinating article about his own evolution in "The Radicalizing of An American."
On the personal side, in recent years Kevin Strom has suffered from extreme marital, personal and legal problems. Unfortunately as a consequence of his incarceration, he has been heavily suppressed in his ability to tell his side of the story. He has written me that he definitely intends to tell the full side of the story once he is released from jail. For more discussion regarding his difficulties, please see the extended discussion of Kevin Strom's case at the end of this articles archive.

Current contact information

Write to Kevin Alfred Strom at PO Box 762, Earlysville, VA 22936. He greatly appreciates donations. They should be sent to this Earlysville address. Kevin Strom is pursuing a civil case to recover his own archives and the Revilo P. Oliver archives, which he claims were stolen from him with the complicity of the FBI's "Joint Terrorism Task Force." These include some 4,500 books and innumerable irreplaceable historical papers.

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2011-04-02 The Beast As Saint: The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr. (video) narrated by Kevin Strom


Background on the Kevin Strom's
Legal Difficulties

Last updated 14 July 2008
by William B. Fox, Editor

Kevin Strom was incarcerated in Jan 2007 awaiting trial based upon charges produced by his vengeful wife in the course of an acrimonious divorce proceeding. He won his first trial in October 2007, and refuted all charges regarding suspected enticement of a minor and alleged intimidation of a witness. However, he still faced a second trail in January on charges related to "possession and receiving" that involved alleged child pornography found on his computer hard drive within the privacy of his own home. Rather than go through a second trial, Strom pled guilty to one count of possession of illicit pornography. According to the news report "I am not a pedophile," Strom was sentenced on 21 April 2007 to 23 months in jail. This included the time he had already served. According to his mother, he should be out of jail no later than Sept 3, 2008. She said that typically inmates serve about 80% of their sentences.
When the government tried to make its strongest case during the first trial in October 2007 on charges of witness tampering and child enticement, it belly-flopped for lack of any real evidence. Many observers thought the same outcome was likely if Strom had hung tough with his "not guilty" plea in the second trial. One of the biggest problems with Strom's guilty plea from a public perspective is that now the government never has to prove that it was not not bluffingforever.
I was surprised when I learned that Strom entered his guilty plea in January. I felt strongly that a trial by jury was the best way to make evidence public and find justice. I voiced these concerns in a letter to Strom, who responded "I think it is naive to believe that juries arrive at `just' decisions most of the time. Juries will, I predict, condemn to death or prison-hell totally innocent people who just happen to believe in unpopular causes..." He also stated that he was concerned about the possible consequences of facing conviction on two counts of both "possession" and "receiving", both of which each carried a ten year maximum sentence. That could total a maximum of twenty years behind bars. He compared this to the greatly reduced downside risk if he were to plead guilty to one charge and have the other charges dropped. He was also very concerned about prolonged separation from his three children (from his first marriage with Kirsten Helene Kaiser), who are currently in the care of his aging mother. He thought with a guilty plea there was a "95% chance of getting my freedom by July."
Coldly calculated realism and tactical expediency aside, quite a few people are left wondering about the moral and legal strength of Strom's likely defense if he had decided to go ahead and brave a second trial by jury on a sustained "not guilty" plea.
On a general philosophical basis, "possession" laws comprise a gray area for civil libertarians. They often refer to possession cases as "victimless crimes." The Anglo-Saxon common law focuses on criminal actions motivated by criminal intent (mens rea), not on thoughts and speech per se. This is designed to protect freedom of thought and individual experimentation. This decentralizes social and political power as much as possible down to the individual level in order to protect human liberty.
Mere possession of something does not necessarily prove criminal intent to harm someone else. The strongest case for punishing child pornographers is usually made against those who directly invade the privacy of children by creating pornography in the first place, followed by those who directly aid and abet such behavior by paying for it, distributing it, and promoting it. On the other hand, passive possession of something within the privacy of ones home where one has not promoted anything, paid for anything, and has not harmed another individual can give pause to civil libertarians. Sometimes a person might fall into possession of something illicit by accident or in the course of acting as a curious explorer or "immature experimenter." However, such a person might not necessarily hold malicious intent towards others that needs to be punished by the legal system.
It is worth emphasizing that under the Bill of Rights we generally err on the side of maximizing protection for individual freedom of thought and the right to be secure in ones papers against unreasonable search and seizure within the privacy of our own homes. The original intent of all of this was not to give crooked defense lawyers better odds in helping well-paying clients dodge the law. Instead, this approach to law reflected a social structure where ultimate power and discretion lay within the people, not their government.
Traditional northern European societies consisted of armed and economically self-sufficient free farmers, fishermen, hunters, and other rugged individuals who tended to live as independent "homesteaders" rather than as plantation workers. The ulitmate source of political power in their homogeneous Nordic or Nordic-Celtic societies typically began at the grass roots level and often exerted its force upwards to remove tyrants. This decentralized power structure has historically typically afforded white men of the West enormous advantages in creativity and productivity relative to other races and cultures. This type of society was transplanted to North America from northern Europe back before the mid 19th century when the United States was an overwhelmingly White Anglo Saxon Protestant country.
All of this stands in stark contrast to the way social and political power is handled mostly "top down" in pyramidal, plantation-style, Asiatic-despotic societies. It also stands in contrast to the multi-racial, multi-cultural, "New World Order/New Babylon" society created by Jewish and Federal supremacists in America beginning in the 20th century. In reality, America today is more of an authoritarian plantation society oppressed by convoluted laws that favor an alien oligarchy than a free society based upon a solid white middle class run run by consistently applied honest principles.
When I spoke with Andrea Harris, one of Strom's two public defenders, she said that pornography case law is murky. Strom was charged with violating sections (a)(2) and (a)(5) of 18 U.S.C. 2252A. My reading of the law is that its main intent is to protect against "sexually explicit" and overt acts involving actual under-aged human beings, and is not particularly oriented towards passive portrayals of suggestive parts of virtual reality entities.
Without going into a long dissertation on case law, as a point of fact one can find historical instances where the U.S. Supreme Court has come down hard to protect privacy rights. For example, Dr. Kevin R.C. Gutzman's Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, mentions on page 188: "In Stanley v. Georgia (1969), a Court majority overturned a conviction for possession of obscene materials on the grounds that `if the First Amendment means anything, it means the State has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his own house, what books he may read or what films he may watch.'"
Is it possible that the pictures in question involved borderline issues? Consider the old Coppertone sun lotion ad that used to be plastered on billboards all over Florida. They showed a dog pulling down the swim suit of a little girl, exposing her rear end. Is this "child pornography"? Should we have arrested everyone who worked for Coppertone, plus the tens of millions of motorists who saw those ads but failed to report them to proper authorities?
According to Mr. Strom's description of the evidence against him, the pictures in question did not show minors engaged in any form of sexual intercourse. There is an interesting legal question regarding where we draw the line. Are "art" pictures of nude cherubs a form of child pornography? Well then, let's arrest the Pope, because one can find frontal view Renaissance nude cherub art throughout the Vatican. How about little girl pictures that are just slightly more age-progressed than "baby pictures," that some cultures might interpret more as "cute" or "nudist" rather than as "child pornography"?
According to "Parents Beware: White Man's Wife Speaks Out," "The federal statute defines child pornography as a lascivious display of the genitalia or pubic areas of minors." Even so, we still need to examine the original intent of the law and understand how legal precedent has addressed gray areas on this issue. We also need to inspect the actual evidence. Unfortunately none will ever happen now because Strom waived his right to confront his accusers in a trial by jury.
The trial by jury system is designed to handle highly politically-charged issues involving uncertain applications of nebulous laws. His defense might have argued that Strom never bought, sold, distributed, or publicly promoted illicit pornography. (To the contrary, his articles such as "Perversion of the Sacred" and "Sex: A Connection To the Infinite" call for a return to very conservative values). There is no evidence that Kevin Strom has ever illegally stalked or molested anyone either. The remaining charges involved alleged pictures on his computer screen viewed within the privacy of his own home that his vindictive wifein a marriage from hellfound distasteful. They may have been downloaded for free, and may have been placed there by someone else besides Kevin Strom.
Even if one could produce valid evidence that Mr. Strom has experienced feelings of attraction towards young girls, according to Judge Norman Moon who presided over Strom's first trial, such feelings are not in themselves illegal if he does not violate the rights of other people. He could also be symptomatic of what psychologists call "situational stress disorder," but there is nothing illegal about this eithera marriage from hell can make even relatively normal people a little bit kinky in certain areas.
Kevin Strom might benefit from some form of personal counseling and relationship advisement. He may also need to complete his divorce proceedings and find a more loving, sexually compatible spouse. But these courses of action are very different from criminalizing Mr. Strom and putting him in solitary confinement for over a year before getting him to finally submit to a plea bargain deal in order to get himself out of a jail cell hell hole. One senses that his highly vindictive wife dropped a legal system atomic bomb on her husband to aid her own side of an acrimonious divorce proceeding.
The government has shown signs of prejudice against Strom in the past. According to the March 2004 article "The Chester Doles Sentencing Hearing: An Eyewitness Account," a US Justice Department "Joint Terrorism Task Force" operative pointed at Strom and other activists after the sentencing of Doles and said, "I'll be seeing you next."
The government has also demonstrated bias in favor of his wife Elisha Strom. Kevin Strom claims that Elisha has destroyed irreplaceable writings of the late Dr. Revilo Oliver. If true, this constitutes an utterly malicious act that should shock any honest scholar and advocate of personal property rights. However, don't hold your breath that politically biased government agents will ever go after Elisha Strom with even a fraction of the zeal that they have focused upon her husband.
During the first trial in October 2007, Elisha Strom admitted that she bashed her husband on the head with a telephone, causing him to be taken by his parents to the hospital. Then in January 2008, according to "Strom pleads guilty to child porn," a reporter asked Elisha: "Was she satisfied with the plea? `Not exactly,' she said. What had she hoped for? `Death.'”

Sweet lady. Given such evidence of cruel hatred towards her husband, how credible is Elisha Strom? In point of fact, Strom said in a letter to me that his vindictive wife may have planted evidence against him on the computer.
One might wonder if Strom's twelve months in jail prior to his guilty plea created a form of "Stockholm Syndrome." He might have become submissive to a "good cop-bad cop" routine designed to maneuver him into a guilty plea rather than hang tough with the "not guilty" plea and stand a jury trial. Perhaps the government tried to wear him down and get a guilty plea rather than take the chance that the government could get another pie in its face in another jury trial. After the first trial, all the government had remaining on Strom were possession and receiving charges of illicit porno on his hard drive. For this, they kept him in jail under solitary confinement. How many people across America get thrown in jail simply for these types of charges alone?
I make no secret that I think that critics of Jewish supremacists and Israel, to include individuals such as former Congressman James Traficante, Shaun Walker and Matt Hale, have had the book thrown at them by the Feds and their Jewish supremacist overlords. (The convictions in these other cases have nothing to do with porno, but rather involved other issues). I am aware that James Traficante and Shaun Walker are both still hanging tough and refuse to make any concessions that might admit guilt in return for reduced time in jail.

We also need to consider how this tragic affair provides propaganda for the very relentless and sinister campaign by the ADL to try to link any form of criticism of Jews and Israel to the unpleasant emotion of "hate" and aberrant behaviors such as "illegal violence," "terrorism," and "pedophilia." As documented in the Rev Ted Pike archive, the ADL's ultimate goal is to censor the Internet and shut down the First Amendment in America. The ADL tries to use sensational legal problems involving right wingers as an excuse to insert subtle fine print in proposed legislation. The ADL takes bills ostensibly designed to crack down on "terrorists" and "Internet predators" and inserts riders to criminalize any political opinions it does not like. This kind of manipulation of the legal system accounts for why individuals who dare to question Third World immigration in Canada or the Establishment Holocaust story in Germany have been sent to jail for simply stating their opinions in public. Of course the ADL's approach is very crooked and misleading, as usual. The truth is that traditional American conservatives tend, if anything, to be more law-abiding and oriented towards family values than the general population. The truth is also that a free Internet does vastly more to expose and curtail major crime by government leaders, big money center bankers, special interests, the ADL, and other major malefactors than its does to support any kind of illegal activity by certain twisted individuals. As Captain Eric May likes to put it, the Internet is the "printing press of the Second American Revolution," and fellow citizens must defend its freedom at all costs.
If you want to see what groups like the ADL and their corrupt Federal collaborators really fear, please take a look at the articles archived on this web page (which are purely political and are generally anti-pornography). They fear how these kinds of articles may help Americans do a better job of thinking for themselves. In truth, most of these crooks could care less about what Kevin Strom looks at when he gets sexually aroused in the privacy of his own home.
You certainly do not see the ADL protest tolerance of pedophilia in the Talmud, Jewish leadership of the pornography industry in America, Jewish ritual murder of little boys, or a long list of Jewish child-molestor rabbis and Jewish homosexual pedophiles who are left to do their thing. Nor does the ADL admit to Jewish leadership of organized crime in America, as addressed in my analysis of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology contained in my mutualism vs. parasitism discussion. And it certainly does not address the criticisms made of the ADL by Kevin Strom himself in his articles: "The ADL: America's Greatest Enemy, Part 1" and "The ADL: America's Greatest Enemy. Part 2."
And let us not forget that the FBI is hardly perfect either. The same FBI that went after Strom is not exactly all "Jimmy Stewart." (As in the character played by the actor in the famous 1950's movie The FBI Story). For example, the Wayne Madsen Report describes the infamous "Franklin coverup" of the 1980's as "a story of high-level pedophilia, murder, and cover-ups by the FBI and CIA." He cites the web site as an example of a case where the FBI has covered up a pedophilia operation. Michael Collins Piper has documented the FBI as political police operation allied with the ADL in his work The Judas Goats. Capt Eric May charges that the FBI confiscated video evidence of what really hit the Pentagon on 9-11 and other evidence that implicates the Mossad and U.S. Government in a "Made It Happen On Purpose" (MIHOP) operation. He also claims the FBI has helped set up subsequent false flag attack efforts that he and his fellow activists have helped to thwart.
Admittedly the FBI does a lot of good work when it simultaneously plays the other side of the fence and arrests Israeli spies and captures bank robbers. Also, Willis Carto, publisher of The American Free Press, was probably correct in his assessment of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, when he said that for all their faults, things could have been vastly worse if some completely evil people like a Leon Trotsky (or a contemporary Michael Chertoff and other American-Israeli dual loyalists or Israel-first neo-con types) had taken complete control of the FBI in the 1930's. I am sure there are quite a few honest, patriotic, and dedicated real world "Jimmy Stewarts" (or actual Sibel Edmonds)-types to be found within the FBI who help keep many malefactors in check.
Nevertheless, for certain high level insiders within both the FBI and ADL, it is still all part of one big cynical game for to them to score political correctness points, manipulate appearances, and aggrandize their own special privileges at the expense of the diminishing Constitutional rights and declining welfare of Americans at large.
One of the biggest lessons of this tragic affair was told to me by Kevin's mother in a phone conversation. She said that in order for a man to find a compatible spouse, he must spend many months, if not an entire year, getting to know her character before he goes to bed with her. Once a sexual relation begins, it becomes much harder to properly evaluate the other person's character. Or as the old blues song goes: "Take Time to Know Her, It's Not an Overnight Thing."
Not exactly the position advocated by Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, Larry Flynt, and other "sexual revolutionaries" but the point is still well taken.
I have already summed up Kevin Strom's marital tragedies in the introductory web page for suppressed dissidents:

It is clear from the writings of his first wife, Kirsten Helene Kaiser, as well news reports of statements made by his second wife Elisha Strom, that Kevin Strom has been married to two women who (a) are not on his intellectual level and who completely fail to appreciate the gravity of his cause in opposition to the trend in recent decades towards anti-white genocide (b) they are completely incapable of relating to him or supporting him on a deep emotional level (c) they have a very limited capacity to endure prolonged situational stress and (d) both of them have been all too willing to ally themselves with his worst political enemies.
It is hard enough to keep marriage together today without being a white nationalist activist, in fact, according to some statistics, about 50% of marriages in America today end in divorce. Imagine how much harder it is to have a stable marriage when one is in a high profile position constantly fighting Jewish and Federal supremacists, and one has very limited financial means to boot.

In other words, for someone in America who is supposed to be "radical hard right," there is an irony here that Kevin Strom failed to be right wing enough in finding spouses who more closely match his intellectual capacity and temperamental traits. In fact, on the ethnic side, in neither case did he insist upon marrying a fellow Scandinavian America. (The name "Strom" means "stream" in Norwegian).
Now I do not mean to imply in any of this that Scandinavian Americans as a group have any special tolerance for illicit porn. Quite to the contrary, in some ways they tend to be more instinctively Puritanical than most other white Americans, although admittedly there are some paradoxes to the "Spartan vs. Athenian" or "Puritan vs. Cavalier" sides to the "Nordic" personality. (Incidentally, there is also another interesting paradox where an Icelandic writer accurately portrayed his fellow Nordics as "an aristocratic people with egalitarian tendences.") However, speaking as a Scandinavian-American myself, I have learned that we definitely do have quite a few personality and cultural traits (and paradoxes) that are distinctly different from those of most other white Americans --and we are often misinterpreted by other fellow whites as well.
All the more reason why, if Tom Chittum's Civil War Two scenario ever comes to pass, we may eventually see the rise of proud, virtuous, and free Nordic, Celtic, and other types of white ethnostates in North America out of the rubble of that old imperialistic, corrupt, Jewish and Federal supremacist-dominated, multi-racial, multi-cultural, political correctness-brainwashed, latter-day Babylon that dared to still call itself America.

Other sources on Kevin Strom's case

Probably one of the best ways to read about Kevin Strom's legal difficulties from a third party viewpoint is to run a web search on articles by Lisa Provence, writer for The Hook, an independently owned Charlottesville, Virginia newspaper. Although she is not exactly a committed white nationalist, her articles contain good summaries and important information. All of the following articles were written by her except where otherwise noted.
20080422 “I am not a pedophile”: Strom gets 23 months.
20080117 Parents Beware: White Man's Wife Speaks Out
20080115 Strom Pleads Guilty to Child Porn by Jayson Whitehead, C-Ville: Charlottesville's News & Arts Weekly about how family friend John Justice "attributed Strom’s plea not to any actual guilt but to a wife `who is trying to destroy his life.'" The reporter added: "A tattooed, sleeveless Elisha Strom—who testified against her husband in earlier court proceedings—stood nearby but then headed for the door and the elevator. Was she satisfied with the plea? `Not exactly,' she said. What had she hoped for? `Death.'"
20080114 I am not a neo-Nazi: Strom pleads to kid porn
20071010 Kevin Strom wrote the Editor of America First Books: "I've been acquitted of the `enticement' and `witness tampering' charges in my Trial #1, which took place from October 2-3. The Judge (Norman Moon) threw out all the charges after the government made its case, saying that even assuming that every allegation made by the government were true, there was still no basis for the charges. He dismissed the jury, telling them that the government had not met its burden and that therefore the defendant must be declared innocent, and that in such a case there are no remaining issues for a jury to decide." The trial on the bogus `receiving' and `possession' charges are now set for trial on January 14th, 2008..."
20071003 Charges tossed in supremacist’s trial
20071002 Strom enticement, intimidation trial begins
20070612 Strom denounces porn, tampering charges
20070426 More porn? New charges against White Supremacist
20070417 Charges false, says neo-Nazi by Jayson Whitehead, C-Ville: Charlottesville's News & Arts Weekly. Strom said, “The charges are outrageously false,” he stated. “I plead not guilty.”
20070111 NEWS- Indecent future: White supremacist charged with kiddie porn
20070106 Statement of National Vanguard on Kevin Strom. (Archived web page from former the site held on a backup server).
20070105 Order of Detention by the U.S. Government Kevin Strom has been in jail ever since this was issued.

Miscellaneous articles by others about related topics

2012-12-07 Cold Case Files: 5,200 Pentagon/DOD Child Porn Downloaders by Hatrick Penry. "Before Plume-Gate (2011) there was Project Flicker (2006) and the 5,200 Pentagon/DOD child porn downloaders. Both issues have been suppressed, although in my opinion Plume-Gate has seen less action. I’ve provided screencaptures from a Freedom of Information release pertaining to Project Flicker and I’ve included some links I found after a bit of searching. This is very disturbing news and every American has a right to know about it. ~HP" [Ed. Note: According to Penry, the 5,200 suspects comprised a short list with hard evidence out of over 50,000 "possibles," yet no one got prosecuted, and one suspect was able to flee the country. In contrast, Kevin Strom got thrown in jail for over a year based on suspicion. Sounds politically-motivated to me. The following are some other links about DoD-related child porn supplied by Hatrick Penry::

* Child Porn Epidemic in Defense, Intelligence, other Agencies.
* Thousands of Pentagon Personnel Bought or Viewed Child Pornography with Impunity.
* 5,200 Names involving the Pentagon Paid for Child  Pornography
* Project: Operation Flicker FOIA document.
* CNN does not mention the high number of suspects, notice how it is downplayed.

Anderson Cooper and Senator Chuck Grassley on the Pentagon Child Porn case. Also if you type in the acronym of most any agency and add ‘child porn’ you will be amazed at what you find. ~HP

2003 The Decline of the National Alliance by Jerry Abbott



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