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Wrath of Right
Slows ENDA

By Rev. Ted Pike
17 May 2010

Homosexual online newspaper The Washington Blade says the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is stalled—largely because “the right-wing has effectively turned [it] into a debate over letting men use women’s restrooms.”
The Blade is talking about YOUR heavy protest calling, not only to your members of Congress, but especially the 13 uncommitted Senators whom has listed for the last two weeks.
The Blade references’s May 14 article which describes the increasing reluctance of moderate Democrats to tackle controversial issues this year. Politico reports, “There’s little appetite among Democrats to have a fight on any more controversial issues before they face the voters.” The Blade adds “it’s becoming increasingly clear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is undergoing pressure to shield vulnerable Democrats…The writing is on the proverbial wall: ENDA is on the ropes.”
New England’s largest LGBT online newspaper,, cites Roll Call, which specializes in covering Congressional legislation. This source agrees, “[Democratic] Leadership has grown quiet—no more regular expressions of optimism and predictions for when Congress will take up the bill, and the waiting game is wearing on nerves.”
Yet the homosexual lobby remains determined to pass ENDA regardless of its adverse affect on Democrats at mid-terms. says, “Ron Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, says, ‘We have enough quotes to pass ENDA in committee and in the House, which tells us that our vigorous lobbying and grassroots engagement efforts are very effective.’” Roll Call reports that “senior Democratic aides and lawmakers” believe ENDA could be on the House floor this month. One such aide told Bay Windows “Democratic leaders would likely be discussing timing next week and there should be more ‘clarity’ on timing by the end of this month.”
LGBT sources say they fear Republican efforts to “recommit” the bill, forcing it to restart its legislative trajectory. What makes them most nervous (and what they hope the right won’t notice) is continued unwillingness of at least 13 Senators to publicly support ENDA. If such support does not materialize soon, House LBGT leaders are extremely reluctant to push ENDA, even though it would probably pass the House. Further impeding ENDA is the strong likelihood that the Senate will not have time on their schedule to vote on ENDA before summer recess.
If ENDA goes forward now, controversy over it will dominate summer politics straight up to the mid-term elections. Over the past several Congresses, Democrats for the first 18 months have attempted to wreck our nation’s morals and take away freedom through pro-homosexual hate crimes laws. But for the last six months before mid-terms, they have endeavored to transform their reputations into defenders of family values. Now, controversy over Democrats’desire to allow “transitioning” men into female restrooms and showers would send the worst possible message to mid-term voters.
Finally, if ENDA were actually defeated in the House and Senate, it would make ENDA a two-time loser—weakening its chances for reintroduction next January. Many Democratic leaders are thus open to the wisdom of not moving ENDA forward at this time.
Since May 1, when first published the names of 13 undecided Senators, perhaps thousands of angry Americans have called them. Here again are the crucial 13 Senators we must make absolutely sure do not vote for ENDA:

* Mark Warner (D-VA)
* Kent Conrad (D-ND)
* Byron Dorgan (D-ND)
* Tim Johnson (D-SD)
* Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)
* Robert Byrd (D-WV)
* Harry Reid (D-NV)
* Max Baucus (D-MT)
* Ben Nelson (D-NE)
* John Tester (D-MT)
* Kay Hagan (D-NC)
* Evan Bayh (D-IN)
* Scott Brown (R-MA)

Keep pressuring the above Senators, phoning toll-free at 1-877-851-6437. Also call the members of the Senate from your state with the following message,

“Please tell the Senator not to vote for the disgusting ENDA bill, S.1584. It would lead to male employees, who claim they want to become women, using female restroom and shower facilities. We will never forgive the Democrats, especially at midterms, if the Senator votes for this obscene legislation.”




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America First Books Editor's Note

For those new to the hate bill controversy that is the topic of most of Rev. Pike's work, please link to the following articles:
Alert to Congress Regarding Hate Bills and the False Flag Attack Threat by America First Books publisher William B. Fox. Two-thirds down the web page please find the essay "The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons."
Also, earlier on this same page I comment:

Although Rev Ted Pike is completely independent from Captain May and myself in terms of his political and religious views, the threats we address all stem from the same corrupt power elite. I mention in my concluding remarks below that this elite “would mobilize us into domestic tyranny and foreign wars, while distracting us from economic depression and the groups that brought it about.”
This is the real problem, not the lack of more “hate crime” laws. If anything, we need even more freedom of speech to speak truth to power, sort out our problems, and develop peaceful strategies to handle high level malefactors. This is why we urgently need for members of Congress to not only take a principled stand and stop all hate crime legislative initiatives, but to also roll back all the existing hate crime laws currently on the books.

Hate crime laws actually pose a major national security threat. They condition Americans to feel that certain types of thought are inherently immoral or illegal, even if they do not result in any form of violence or infringement on the rights of others.
In our articles related to false flag attacks, Capt. Eric H. May and I have discussed strong evidence that Mossad-CIA was behind 9-11, the mere "thought" of which would some day be outlawed once hate crime oversight bureaucracies become firmly implanted in America. We can expect government hate crime overwatch entities to experience the usual cancerous growth and abuse of power that libertarian writer and Presidential candidate Harry Browne described in his classic book Why Government Doesn't Work.
Please find out more about the hate crime issue in the Rev Ted Pike archive.

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