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Evangelical Silence
Empowers ADL

Harmony Grant and Rev. Ted Pike
17 June 2009

In the California school district of Alameda, children as young as five will now be forced to learn pro-homosexual material—and parents will not be allowed to exempt them. The school district claims it is addressing "bullying" against students because of their "sexual orientation." Parents are outraged. Conservative groups are spreading the word. But few will speak against the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish supremacist organization responsible for creating and pressing for “hate crime” and “anti-bullying” laws as tools to silence Christian expression in America.
The mandatory indoctrination of children into tolerance of homosexuality comes from ADL and its partners. It’s clear that this is just one part of a much larger campaign against traditional morality in the echelons of governments, inspired by ADL, “the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency.” Laws are enacted to insist that homosexuality be legitimized and normalized as a healthy alternative; the perspective that homosexuality is sinful, damaging, and unnatural is described as “hate”—no matter how many people believe such traditional morality or how many sacred books teach it.
Advocates of the pro-homosexual curriculum in California say the LGBT curriculum is "just a start" and a "first step" toward forcing homosexuality into the minds of young children, the Catholic News Agency reports. “Some reportedly told the board that no parental opt-out should be allowed because the children of curriculum opponents were those who most needed the instruction.” (Catholic News Agency)
This program is about re-education and social engineering—and no one knows those topics better than ADL.
ADL’s World of Difference program online speaks to parents and educators; Dr. Debra Byrnes is quoted: “…children begin developing attitudes about various groups in society as early as ages three or four. Initially such attitudes are quite flexible. However, as children grow older such attitudes become more difficult to change.” To an organization committed to changing American minds and undermining traditional viewpoints, incipient "homophobia" is clearly a problem. Kids need to be warned against such "bias" early.
We know ADL has this power; last month the National School Boards Association announced it’s partnering with ADL and supporting the League’s Making Diversity Count instruction for teachers. In 1997, ADL teamed with the National PTA to produce What to Tell Your Child about Prejudice and Discrimination. ADL has literally written the book on “anti-hate” instruction for teachers and students—producing tomes like Bias-Free Foundations: Early Childhood Guidebook and Activities for Educators. ADL has used Dr. Seuss and partnered with Sesame Street to create truly enticing material for small children. For this month’s recommended books, ADL’s World of Difference Institute features Gloria Goes to Gay Pride and The Harvey Milk Story (about the first openly gay elected city official).
ADL would like to start even younger than age five. Their website says “infants as young as eight months can detect differences in the people around them. By the time children are two; they have already been exposed to many social imprints. ADL's ground breaking early childhood programs are helping both preschool teachers and parents educate two- to four-year-olds so they may learn to accept diversity.” Remember, ADL is not primarily talking about different skin colors; the main thrust now is to accept the “diversity” of man-on-man anal sex, lesbianism, and other “social groupings.” According to ADL, this is what our children must learn to accept.
ADL says, “People tend to fear or distrust people who are not like themselves. When we convince ourselves that our way is the "right" way, we are more likely to strike out at those who are different.” This is, of course, most irritatingly incoherent. ADL is demanding that everyone suspect themselves of being wrong—except ADL! All beliefs should be turned upside down, except the belief that sexual morality has no boundaries and the family unit is infinitely malleable. ADL is teaching its own religion, its own intolerance. And we are now allowing it power as priest of the classroom, handing down its own religious arbitration on the most pressing moral issues of our time!
ADL director of early childhood education programs Linda Santora wrote an article, published in the winter 2006 National PTA magazine, about how to choose “anti-bias” books for kids. Santora said adults must carefully choose books that don’t reinforce social biases. “Unfortunately, not all children's literature conveys the messages we want young people to learn…For example, instead of choosing Cinderella, which perpetuates the stereotype of the lead female character as passive, dependent, and naive, adults could instead choose Robert Munsch's The Paper Bag Princess (Annick Press, 1980), in which the lead female character is portrayed as brave and independent.”

Cowards of Christendom

This spring, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) issued a directive to all law enforcement agencies in America to beware of how ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) attempt to influence police against the religious and political right. SPLC and possibly ADL inspired the Missouri state police to issue a directive warning that Christians/conservatives pose a potential terrorist threat. Since the deplorable shooting at the Holocaust Museum last week, ADL has said more than anyone to infer that the political right is a seedbed of “haters" and potential terrorists who might erupt in violence.
ADL aggressively opposes the whole Christian/conservative movement - not just extremes of the far right. In 1988, it was discovered that ADL kept secret dossiers on over 10,000 unsuspecting Americans—including pro-lifers and mainstream evangelicals. ADL makes no secret of the fact that it records Christian and conservative broadcasts - in search of a possible "anti-Semitic" utterance.
Yet the largest evangelical leadership groups remain silent - as if ADL didn't exist. Even Orthodox rabbi Daniel Lapin publicly said that evangelicals and their values are "under relentless attack" by ADL; but the right remains in denial. (See, Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under 'Relentless Attack' by 'Secular Judaism')
Do Christian "watchdogs" have a moral right to such silence? The Bible says no. The Book of James says it is sin to prefer one person over another. Yet, "Israel-first" evangelicals do just that, exempting even the vilest Jewish corrupters from criticism, because they are "God's chosen people.”
In ancient Israel, the sons of the high priest Eli fornicated with women coming to sacrifice in the temple. Eli rebuked them vehemently, yet because he did not remove them from the priesthood God cursed his posterity for everlasting generations. (1 Sam. 2) Eli wanted to avoid trouble more than he loved God. Today, Christian leaders similarly fear ADL's epithet "anti-Semitic" more than they fear God’s wrath. God said that if any watchman does not warn of the enemy's approach, he will lose his soul (Ezekiel 33).
How evil is this unwarned-of enemy coming against us?
ADL and Jewish media are dragging Christian America and its young people through a moral sewer. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) ADL now force-feeds homosexuality to children as young as five. It persuades state legislatures, municipalities, and school districts to adopt "anti-hate" ordinances and "anti-bullying" laws, specially protecting the vilest members of society - sodomites. Over the past two decades, ADL has spearheaded efforts to substitute same-sex marriage for the normal sexual relationship endorsed by God and nature. For 50 years, ADL has been the architect and prime mover behind all organized "anti-bias" pro-homosexual educational initiatives - within government, police, business, and public schools. ADL, as the worldwide PR representative of Israel, is attempting to overlay Christian society with a one-world spiritual, political, monetary, and commercial new world order centered in Jerusalem. ADL head Abe Foxman says he earnestly looks forward to the Jewish messiah (Anti-Christ) ruling over an enlightened world to come. (See, ADL's Foxman: Man of Faith? )
Despite all this, Christian and conservative leaders keep their pact of silence. At least Eli rebuked his sons. Our leaders can't even acknowledge ADL's existence – let alone rebuke its evil!
The Bible commands us to "reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine." (2 Tim. 4:2) That means Christians and their leaders should rebuke ADL even if it means “long-suffering" under ADL's accusation of anti-Semitism. Instead, by their silence, such leaders shield those who wear the "sheep's clothing" of being God's chosen people but are ravening wolves, devouring and defiling everything that should be most sacred and protected - including America's families and youth.
Who has failed most grievously? Eli or evangelical leaders?
God will decide.




Watch the dynamic 10-minute educational videos, "Stop the Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill!, at which explains how the hate bill, S. 909, ends freedom. Please tell the offices of members of Congress to watch it! Also at, watch our gripping 82-minute documentary "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians."

Let the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians:

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America First Books Editor's Note

For those new to this controversy, please link to the following articles:

Fox News Rips "Pedophile-Protecting" Hate Bill:

...[Fox News anchor Megyn] Kelly interviewed Rep. Steve King, who attempted to amend the hate bill in Judiciary last week to explicitly exclude pedophiles. King reported how Rep. Alcee Hastings, a pro-hate bill Democrat, proudly claimed practitioners of 547 paraphilias listed by the American Psychiatric Association can "live without fear" once the hate bill is passed.
Ms. Kelly also expressed indignation that, while the Democrats acted to protect pedophiles, they rejected Republican efforts to obtain similar special protection for war veterans. Especially in times of unpopular wars, these are common victims of "hate crimes," spit upon or attacked because of who they are -- military defenders of America's freedom...

Alert to Congress Regarding Hate Bills and the False Flag Attack Threat by America First Books publisher William B. Fox. Two-thirds down the web page please find the essay "The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons."
Also, earlier on this same page I comment:

Although Rev Ted Pike is completely independent from Captain May and myself in terms of his political and religious views, the threats we address all stem from the same corrupt power elite. I mention in my concluding remarks below that this elite “would mobilize us into domestic tyranny and foreign wars, while distracting us from economic depression and the groups that brought it about.”
This is the real problem, not the lack of more “hate crime” laws. If anything, we need even more freedom of speech to speak truth to power, sort out our problems, and develop peaceful strategies to handle high level malefactors. This is why we urgently need for members of Congress to not only take a principled stand and stop all hate crime legislative initiatives, but to also roll back all the existing hate crime laws currently on the books.

Hate crime laws actually pose a major national security threat. They condition Americans to feel that certain types of thought are inherently immoral or illegal, even if they do not result in any form of violence or infringement on the rights of others.
In our articles related to false flag attacks, Capt. Eric H. May and I have discussed strong evidence that Mossad-CIA was behind 9-11, the mere "thought" of which would some day be outlawed once hate crime oversight bureaucracies become firmly implanted in America. We can expect government hate crime overwatch entities to experience the usual cancerous growth and abuse of power that libertarian writer and Presidential candidate Harry Browne described in his classic book Why Government Doesn't Work.
Please find out more about the hate crime issue in the Rev Ted Pike archive.

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