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ADL's New
`Trojan Horse' Hate Bill

By Rev Ted Pike
15 Jan 2009


The Anti-Defamation League, architect of hate laws worldwide, has served up two hate bills to Congress this term. These include a condensed version of the same one that failed to pass over the past ten years, “The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act.” Reintroduction of the familiar bill was no surprise, as it had been rejected five times.
The big news is emergence of a different sounding hate bill, a seemingly harmless version with ostensibly humanitarian, not punitive, ambitions. This is the David Ray Ritcheson Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, H.R. 262. It is classic “Trojan horse” legislation, attempting to charm wary legislators into making America a hate crimes bureaucracy.
H.R. 262 wants to establish a federal hate crime “clearinghouse” or "resource" center and database. Through a website and 24-hour hotline, it will receive hate crime complaints nationwide. “Anti-bias” pro-homosexual education will pervade every level of American schooling – from kindergarten to graduate school. It will “prevent" hate crime through an extensive curricula dedicated to eliminating those “seed ideas” which cause hate crimes, i.e., Christian disapproval of homosexuality. Such reeducation will be enforced upon students, teachers, professors, and administrators everywhere. Price tag: $10,000,000 annually.

ADL at the Top

Who will administer this new hate crime bureaucracy? H.R. 262 says that, although Congress will make it law, it won’t be run by the government. Instead, the bill says the government will be looking for a private non-profit organization with broad experience in hate crimes education, prevention, and statistics gathering.
Where might such a high-minded, illustrious, and experienced organization be found? You guessed it. There’s only one "civil liberties" group remotely equal to that task, one which describes itself as “the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice, and bigotry," the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.
H.R. 262 is ADL's attempt to insert itself into the U.S. government as the nation’s hate law teacher. It already fulfills that role in law enforcement. Since passage of ADL's Hate Crimes Statistics Act in 1980, it received federal authority to teach hate crimes theory, enforcement, and statistics gathering to the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and police clear down to the local precinct. ADL is not only PR representative for Israel but is the adjunct of a Jewish religious organization, B'nai B'rith International. ADL loudly protests Christian mixing of religion with politics, but no one compares to ADL's mixing of synagogue with state!
If ADL can’t pass the familiar hate bill, establishing power of the federal government to punish hate crimes in the states, it hopes to pass its second bill, endowing itself with unlimited powers to educate us and our children out of the "mental illness" of "homophobia." Through the decades, ADL made it abundantly clear that it considers bias against homosexuality rooted in biblical "hate speech" as the underlying cause of hate crimes against homosexuals.

Christian-Persecuting State Hate Laws

“But,” you may ask, “What good is education against hate crimes unless there is government power to enforce it?”
Actually, ADL already has persuaded 45 U.S. states to pass versions of its model anti-hate law. These potentially Christian-persecuting hate laws were set up since 1990 to make sure that even if it fails to pass a federal hate bill ADL will still have local empowerment to persecute Christians. Such diversified enforcement is far inferior to massive federal enforcement, yet, clearly, ADL, after ten years of failing to obtain a federal law, may be ready to settle for second best. Control of federal hate crime education nationwide with at least 45 states locked into laws inclined to criminalize Christian “haters” means tremendous advancement of ADL's goal to end freedom - just as ADL ended freedom in Canada under its similar hate law in 1971.
For the past 30 years, ADL has had to ask state governments, school districts, city councils, civic organizations, etc., for permission to educate their members. ADL initiatives have included its “No Place for Hate,” “World of Difference,” and now cyber-bullying, anti-homophobia programs. If H.R. 262 is passed, ADL will enjoy federal authority to teach anti-Christian values on all levels of U.S. education. Educators, parents, or students will have to take it or become federal criminals! In 2008, Gov. Schwarzenegger passed liberal Jewish activist Sheila Kuhl’s anti-Christian bill S.B.777, making it illegal to criticize homosexuality in California public schools. If H.R. 262 is passed, a tidal wave of federal suppression of Christian values will flood every classroom in America.

Homosexuals: New Welfare Class

S.B. 262 contains other unprecedented pro-homosexual initiatives.
Although the 14th Amendment to the Constitution forbids special rights, privileges, or services to preferred groups, S.B. 262 defies this giving special federal assistance to alleged victims of hate crimes. These include unemployment compensation, leave from work, temporary housing, free legal help and advocacy as well as psychological counseling. It will also forbid life and health insurance companies from “discriminating” against alleged hate crimes victims once they learn such persons are homosexuals. Obviously, if a life insurance company knows that an applicant is a homosexual, part of a class with a much lower average life expectancy due to AIDS, it might be reluctant to insure. This legislation forbids such insurers or health insurance companies from treating them differently than the rest of the population.
Who proves that an alleged hate victim is really a victim and not just scamming the government? Will a court verdict, following trial by a judge and/or jury, be required? Absolutely not. If that were the criterion, then only the tiniest number of hate crimes victims could file for compensation. Only a small percentage of the alleged 7,500 alleged hate crimes in America are proven as fact in court of law. The rest are “hate crimes incidents” – taunts, fisticuffs, verbal “intimidation," etc. which are judged by the local police as “hate crimes” but have never seen a courtroom. Instead, S.B. 262 says the opinion of the prosecuting attorney is sufficient to establish the plaintiff as a bona fide hate crime victim. Such a declaration may be given by the DA just as soon as he decides to prosecute the "hate criminal." If the alleged victim claims he has been unable to work because of "emotional stress," he is then eligible for immediate federal benefits and unemployment compensation even though his case may be never go through the court. The government will also provide benefits to his civil union "spouse," sons, daughters, or parents! This means that all a homosexual has to do is scream, "Hate crime!" convincingly enough, persuading the local DA to prosecute his adversary. He may then start receiving many forms of federal assistance. Victims of the same crimes, not motivated by bias, can only look on with envy.
It takes little imagination to envision a new welfare class of predominantly homosexual hate crimes "victims," created by S.B. 262.
Will Congress buy it? Rep. Jackson-Lee’s legislative expert told me the creators of S.B. 262 are optimistic that its soft-sell, compassionate approach will persuade Congress to pass it. He’s probably right, especially if Christian/conservative watchdog groups are not courageous or innovative enough to fight it.
Of one thing we may be sure: No Christian/conservative leader will breathe a word of how ADL has created or will benefit from this frightening legislation. Since ADL is Jewish, they will continue to lie to their constituencies, spreading the fantasy that hate laws are the brainchild of the "homosexual lobby."
That leaves it to you and me to expose and battle down S.B. 262. The best way to accomplish that is to do what has worked so well before: repeatedly bombard Congress with communications. Call toll-free 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121. Here’s our own new double-barreled message: “Please vote against both hate crimes bills, H.R. 256 and H.R. 262. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and many European countries.



Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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