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Jewish Newsweek Says
Bible is Pro-Gay

By Rev Ted Pike
15 Dec 2008


For 50 years, America's two largest news magazines, Time and Newsweek, have tirelessly promoted political, social and religious liberalism. In the past three years they have teamed with other liberal media (including National Geographic) to especially encourage unscholarly and sensational theories doubting the deity of Jesus Christ and integrity of the New Testament record. Such attacks include promotions of The Da Vinci Code and Gnostic gospels, including the Gospel of Judas. (See, The Jews Behind Da Vinci Code and Judas: Historic Jewish Hero)
Now, in its Dec.15 issue titled "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage," Newsweek endorses an audaciously pro-homosexual reevaluation of the Biblical stand against sodomy.
In her article, “Our Mutual Joy,” Newsweek religion editor Lisa Miller, veteran critic of Christianity, says Bible believers for 5,000 years have gotten it wrong: the Bible has always encouraged acceptance of homosexuality! "Opponents of gay marriage often cite scripture,” says Miller. “But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side…Scripture gives us no good reason why gays and lesbians should not be (civilly and religiously) married--and a number of excellent reasons why they should."
How does Miller justify this astonishing denial of the time-honored and obvious truth that Christian Scripture anathematizes sodomy? She conveniently omits any reference to the Bible's most emphatic testimony against this heinous perversion: God's destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah! (Genesis 19:24) She also doesn’t mention Old Testament records that God was well pleased when Sodomites were exiled and their houses destroyed. (I Kings 15:12; 22:46; II Kings 23:7) She does mention Leviticus 18:22 which calls homosexuality an abomination, but simply dismisses this as "throw away lines in a peculiar text given over to codes for living in the ancient Jewish world…" Miller’s article entirely consists of similar manipulations, omissions, and specious claims.

A Jewish Dynasty

Although many evangelical defenders will rebut Miller’s fantastic distortions of Scripture and history, I can guarantee almost no one will identify the habitual criminals behind the scenes who originate such anti-Christianity. I'm talking about Jewish owners of Newsweek and big media.
In 1933, Jewish financier and Federal Reserve Board member Eugene Meyer purchased the bankrupt The Washington Post newspaper. Meyer transformed it into Washington DC's largest and most influential left-leaning daily. In 1946 he left chairmanship of the Post to head the World Bank and appointed his son-in-law Phillip Graham, husband of his daughter Katherine, as publisher. After Phillip's suicide in 1963, Katherine Meyer Graham became publisher of The Washington Post and eventually board chair, a position she retained until her death in 2001.
In 1961, The Washington Post purchased Newsweek magazine, which has since been owned and controlled by descendants of Eugene Meyer. Katherine Weymouth, granddaughter and namesake of Katherine Meyer Graham, is now publisher and chief-executive officer of The Washington Post media (which includes Newsweek and a host of other TV and print holdings). She is considered heir apparent to her uncle Donald E. Graham, chair of the Washington Post Company.
Over the past century, the dynasty of Eugene Meyer has been conspicuously liberal and forged especially close ties with key players in the liberal/globalist agenda including the World Bank, the Rockefellers, Lyndon Johnson and Henry Kissinger. Under Katherine Weymouth's leadership, Newsweek is more liberal than ever. Its latest article claiming the Bible endorses homosexuality could not have been produced without her encouragement and permission

How Should Christians Respond?

In this news magazine’s latest assault on Biblical morality, a familiar pattern can be seen. Unnamed Jewish supremacists use a Gentile attack dog (Lisa Miller) to assault Judaism's ancient rival, Christianity, and its Biblical values. In response, Christians and conservatives scurry in circles ineffectually, like ants from an anthill kicked by a combat boot. No one utters the sacred "J" word, telling the truth that Jews attacked their fortress. Jewish activists are carefully protected from scrutiny, religious identification or criticism. At least 70 million evangelicals in America cravenly (and futilely) protest to the same "liberal media" that assaulted them.
Today Jewish media supremacists enjoy absolute control or near-saturation representation as editors, writers, etc in all major TV and print media. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Jewish leadership and over-representation is documented fact at AOL Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsman AG, Viacom, the News Corporation, and Vivendi. Partly owned by these giants, smaller Zionist opinion-shapers such as Hollywood movie companies, the big three TV networks, and the Washington Post Company work in close anti-Christian cooperation.
Jewish media moguls have a commanding position of advantage. They can pick and choose when and where to attack Christian and American values. Media elite always emerge relatively unscathed, no matter how savage their attack. Why? The superstition that "God will curse those who criticize Jews" pervades evangelicalism; the cowardice of contemporary Christian leaders toward Jewish antagonists is legendary.

How Can Christians Fight Back?

What can be done at this late hour? Christians must speak out, identifying liberal Jewish supremacism as their arch-enemy. If not, they will have to learn the hard way.
During the last Presidential race, outstanding Christian candidate Ron Paul shared evangelicals’ moral and political values—except disproportionate, unconditional support of Israel. Primarily for this reason, evangelicals rejected him. God gave them distasteful John McCain and consequent victory for Barack Obama. Their blind loyalty to the very Zionist Jews who now attack them played a decisive role in putting Obama in the White House.
Recently, a prominent clergyman issued a well-publicized "message of comfort" to American evangelicals in wake of the Obama victory. Rather than comfort, evangelicals need to feel guilt and mortification for empowering Jewish supremacism, Christianity's worst earthly enemy. Far from being blessed by unconditional support of Israel's injustices in the Middle East, evangelicals are politically, financially, and morally cursed for giving a free hand to Jewish wreckers of civilization over the last century.
Reeling from incessant media battery, and now political defeat, increasingly high numbers of Christians believe Christ will return very soon. They confidently expect "rapture" from this world in the next several years. Yet Jesus did not promise escape by rapture at the convenient moment when persecution begins. The Bible says "the godly in Christ shall suffer persecution." (II Timothy 3:12) Having scorned Christ's warnings to beware the threat from "the synagogue of Satan," the Bible says the church will have to reap what it sowed.
If the church does not speak out against Jewish supremacism, boldly, specifically - and soon - it will be on earth that it will have hell to pay.



Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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