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Jewish Cartoons
Mock Christians

By Rev Ted Pike
18 Nov 2008

In 2005, Danish cartoons critical of Islam sparked outrage not only from Muslims but from advocates of religious tolerance world-wide. Many cried "Foul!" at holding up a major religion to ridicule. Similarly, the US State Department's Office of Global Anti-Semitism, created and run by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, anathematizes cartoons of Israel's leaders which portray them in Nazi-like terms. (See, US Government Condemns 'Unintentional' Anti-Semitism)
ADL also deplores "anti-Semitic" cartoons which vilify Jews as masterminding economic disaster and controlling media, Congress, and Presidential candidates. They decry such visual imagery as hateful, hurtful gutter communication.
But I haven't heard a whisper from ADL against recent publication by one of American Jewry's largest online newspapers, The Forward, of cartoons mocking evangelical Christians. These are the work of anti-Christian Jewish cartoonist Eli Valley, whose comics "are frequently published in Jewry." (See, "Evangelical Tours of Israel!")
Forward's derision of Christian Zionists reinforces a very widely taught, ingrained belief within much of world Jewry - particularly among liberal Jewish activists of ADL/B'nai B'rith and the Orthodox right in New York and Israel. Many Jews believe that, despite outward show of love for the Jewish people, Christians are secretly out to "get" them. Such Jews, correctly or incorrectly, assert that:

1. The New Testament holds Jews accountable for "killing God." Historically, many believers in the New Testament have viewed Jews as "Christ killers" who deserve death, even though such judgment may, or may not, be reserved for God. Today, Jesus, according to Evangelical eschatology will allow two-thirds of Jews to be killed in the last days.

2. Christians believe Jews who reject Jesus are damned.

3. The "Christian anti-Semitism," established by the New Testament, the church fathers, and Martin Luther, led to Christian complicity in the gassings and incineration of millions of Jews in World War II. Secretly, many Christians and Gentiles would be untroubled if Jews were again destroyed.

4. Christian Zionists teach that genocide of two-thirds of the Jews in Israel, and fiery wrath on much of Israel during the battle of Armageddon, are prerequisites for Christ's return.

5. Ostensible "lovers of Israel," like Pastor John Hagee, actually want to hasten nuclear war with Iran, provoking an Iranian counter-strike on Israel . By creation of Armageddon, Hagee and his followers believe Christ will return more quickly.

6. Christian blessing on Israel is really a sham; it masks the fact of Christian guilt for persecution of Jews for over 1800 years and Christian desire to kill Jewish souls through conversion.

A Slap in the Face of Christians

The comics displayed by Forward exploit anti-Christian suspicion and paranoia among volatile and even unstable segments of Judaism. They not only fuel heighten anti-Christianity but could even stimulate violence against Christians. Such violence and persecution against Messianic Jews by ultra-Orthodox in Israel is already tolerated by the Israeli government, local governing bodies, and most Israelis. (See, Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species and Lura Beckford's Website)
Evangelical support has made possible the meteoric rise of Israel to statehood and control of the Middle East. It has also empowered Jewish dominance of media, finance, and governments in western society. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Yet these cartoons are a slap in the face of evangelicalism. Cynically, Zionism first brainwashes evangelicals into believing and acting upon ideas that are ridiculous: the stuff of comic books. It is then, as The Forward cartoons reveal, but a short step to media mockery of such gullibility.
Here are the cartoons published in The Forward with my commentary on what they suggest:

Jesus sets the example of wanting to burn up Jews. Christians follow in His footsteps.

Christianity's talk of respect for its origins in Judaism is a pretense. Christians, corpulent and self-satisfied, view Jews as "Judases" and would gleefully see them burn in hell forever.

Christians like Pastor Hagee are really very much like Hitler. Jewish lives and suffering mean little to Christians. They only want God's apocalyptic will fulfilled.

Christians are fanatical, violent, anti-abortionists - the opposite of the Jews, who predominately favor a woman's "right to choose." Be careful, Jews, of having such unstable fanatics on your side!

Christians, adopting Zionist anti-Arab racism after a century of persuasion from Jewish Zionists, are worthy of mockery and derision.

Jews are viewed as fodder for the Christian agenda of hastening Christ's return. Christians view annihilation of Israel, if it serves Christ's agenda, as giving glory to God. Evangelicals like Hagee, deceived by Zionists into calling for war with Iran, are worthy of contempt for their gullibility.

Christians really have no compassion for Jewish or Arab suffering. They are conscienceless, entertainment-oriented spectators.

Christianity is uncaring about the fate of Jews and potentially violent against them. Jews who accept Christ are childish and opportunistic
There is no denying that evangelicals, literally to the point of fault, love Jews more than any other people. But the behavior of Jewish media and anti-Christian Jewish "civil liberties" groups reveals Christians are not loved in return. Even now through anti-Christianity in media and ADL-inspired hate crime laws, it is increasingly evident that Jewish activism is bent on persecuting Christians.
Zionism bites the hand that has fed it for more than a century.



Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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