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ADL Settles For
'Piecemeal Conquest'

By Rev Ted Pike
21 July 2008

With unexpected defeat of the federal hate crimes bill last December, Christian America was given a second chance. The Anti-Defamation League, architect of hate and bias crime legislation worldwide, lamented that their Plan A, the federal hate bill, would have to “languish” for another year until the new Congress.
ADL had hoped to suddenly trap America, as they did Canada, in the grip of a federal hate crimes law from which there would be little chance of escape. (Watch Rev. Ted Pike's Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians). Instead they are forced to go ahead with Plan B on the local level. This contingency was prepared for by ADL-assisted passage of 45 state hate laws, pro-homosexual legislation, and ADL-inspired workplace bias laws.
Yet Plan B involves a much less desirable “piecemeal” attempt to end free speech. It allows victims a relatively large amount of time and freedom to become alarmed, protest, and possibly escape. Under Plan B, ADL and their countless lackeys in the legislative, court and law enforcement systems may have to take a step back for every two steps forward.
It appears (especially in California this past year) that Big Brother is onrushing with locomotive-like momentum. Actually, we are not losing freedom as fast as we would have if the federal hate bill passed last fall – as it very nearly did. (See, Unsung Heroes of Hate Bill Defeat)

Obstacles to ADL in California

Plan B’s bumpy road to conquest is illustrated in California.
Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law S.B.777, making it a hate violation to criticize homosexuality in California public education. Hundreds of thousands of Christians responded by threatening to take their children out of the public schools and homeschool them. But the Appeals Court of Judge H. Walt Croskey scotched that idea. He ruled that parents who homeschool their children without a teacher’s certificate will become criminals, enemies of the state. Aghast, Christians submerged this blatantly anti-Christian court with protest. Unable to credibly override such magnitude of objection, his court vacated their decree, inviting further comment on the controversy.
Also, the California Supreme Court (encouraged perhaps by an extensive and persuasive amicus brief ADL was invited to submit) proclaimed it unconstitutional to deprive homosexual couples of full legal and financial benefits of marriage. (See, Did ADL Influence California 'Gay Marriage' Ruling?) Again, a tsunami of protest in the form of petition signatures from 1.1 million angry citizens caused the Supreme Court to acquiesce to demands that this issue be presented by referendum to the voters. (See, Counties to Supreme Court on 'gay' marriage: Drop dead)
Further threatening the Supreme Court ruling, several California counties are considering proposals to defy any enforcement of same sex marriage. Protesters allege, "Only the legislature, or the people through the initiative process, can make new laws in our state."
Such delays give Christians and lovers of freedom in California a precious opportunity to mobilize and educate against pro-homosexual and hate crimes laws.

ADL: Behind Schedule

ADL faces another dilemma, one Christians/conservatives can use to their advantage. International Jewish anti-Christianity is straining to meet a timetable for world dominance. Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, in his 1962 prophecy in Look magazine (Jan. 16), said that well before the end of the 20th century the whole world would be federated under the legal dominion of "the supreme court of mankind" in Jerusalem. ADL hoped to accomplish that largely by bringing America into hate crimes agreement with Canada and Europe in 1998. But they failed to pass their Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 1998 and began a losing streak that has lasted to the present. Now, ten years later, passage of their cherished hate bill remains in doubt in the next Congress. This is largely due to an exponential increase of awareness among Christians of the danger to freedom posed by hate laws.
ADL’s timetable is further threatened by rapidly proliferating education on the internet concerning the Zionist/Talmudic conspiracy. This awakening compels ADL to hurriedly establish even more restrictions on free speech. If online anti-Zionist education proliferates unrestrained, Jewish activism could ultimately face so much public anger and derision that their agenda for world control would have to be postponed.
ADL must thus fast forward the destruction of Christian values very boldly, almost recklessly, despite the risk of backlash. Again, Christian and conservative freedom-lovers can exploit this opportunity. Evil under pressure often becomes foolhardy, demanding too much too fast. I believe this is happening as ADL-educated jurists, lawmakers, and officials come after Christians in a way that even complacent evangelicals, confident of impending "rapture," find frightening.
Pressure on ADL is also intensified by the extremely vocal criticism of hate laws constantly coming from an official internet voice of mainstream Christian/conservatism, World Net Daily. WND faithfully reports any hate law abuse of Christian rights to a concerned audience of 7 million.
Christians have reason to be worried: an alarming trend has developed in little more than a year to detain, limit, or arrest Christian leaders and activists in America. ADL and those it inspires are trampling a lot of evangelical toes, eliciting painful but very healthy shrieks of protest. Here are some examples:

  1. In St. Petersburg , Florida , five Christians, including two pastors, were arrested for the "speech crime" of wearing signs protesting homosexuality during a "gay pride" event. (See, Trial set for pastors with signs wider than torsos
  2. Michael Marcavage (head of the "Philly 11" Christians arrested in 2004 for the "hate crime" of witnessing to homosexuals) was recently arrested for criticizing abortion without a "verbal permit." He would not limit his exortations to a designated "free speech zone," witnessing on a public sidewalk near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Convicted, he was fined $400 and put on probation, requiring that for a year he not go to Independence National Historical Park or its surrounding sidewalks. (See, Man preaches Jesus at Liberty Bell. Guess what happens?)
  3. In Florida , two Gideons were arrested for handing out Bibles on a public sidewalk near a high school. The Gideons were placed in a patrol car and mocked by a policeman. The case was overturned by a federal court. (See, Judge blasts state ban on distributing Bibles to students)
  4. An aspiring Christian politician, Jason Werner, was arrested and handcuffed for street preaching on a public sidewalk in Cleveland, Ohio . (See, Go preaching, get arrested!)
  5. In Fredericksburg, Virginia, a pastor, member of the city council, has been forbidden to pray in Jesus' name. If he does, he will be arrested for "disorderly conduct." (See, Court challenged to allow Christians right to pray, too)

A Precious Opportunity

Last December, just after defeat of the federal hate bill, I appeared on Janet Folger’s syndicated talk show. She exclaimed over the unexpected victory, “This was not supposed to happen!” (Hear the show!) Indeed, just a short time before, it seemed ADL had at last succeeded in making America a hate crimes bureaucracy like Canada. But God is full of surprises for those who humble themselves before Him. A miracle happened by Divine providence, a miracle we must carefully preserve.
How can we? It is vital that every Christian/conservative know the truth concerning liberal Jewish activism’s central role in fomenting anti-Christianity in America and all hate and bias legislation worldwide. Such awareness would exert unprecedented pressure on Jewish activists to pull back. But, short term, we see in California the effect of massive public protest to delay and possibly overturn aggressive acts of legislative and judicial tyranny.
Other nations, not educated against hate laws, did not realize the danger they were in. As a result, at the crucial moment when they could have saved free speech, they lost it. ADL, forced to proceed with their problematic Plan B, is now providing Christian America a very rare, heaven-sent opportunity to avoid the same mistake.
Our second chance to save freedom may be our last.
Let’s roll!




Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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