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Bible Authority Agrees With Pike

By Rev Ted Pike
8 Jan 2008

Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answer Man, is well known to listeners of Christian radio in the US and Canada. His recent book The Apocalypse Code breaks ranks with Israel-first evangelical leaders like Tim LaHaye and John Hagee by identifying modern Israel as a racist state birthed in violence and ethnic cleansing toward non-Jews, both Christian and Muslim. His book portrays Israel as spiritually and territorially illegitimate because it violates God's requirement of obedience in order to occupy a holy land.
Contradicting most evangelicals, Hanegraaff says:

"Unlike early dispensationalists, who believed that the Jews would be regathered in Palestine because of belief in the Redeemer, LaHaye holds to the theory that Jews must initially regathered in unbelief solely on the basis of race. Such unbiblical notions put Christian Zionists in the untenable position of condoning the displacement of Palestinian Christians from their homeland in order to facilitate an occupation based on unbelief and racial affiliation.

The tragic consequence is that Palestinians today form the largest displaced people group in the world." (Introduction, p. XXII)

Hanegraaff also boldly disagrees with evangelicals’ common belief that Christ returns twice: once to "rapture" the church and seven years later to reign. Scripture does teach a "first resurrection" (Rev. 20:5) or "rapture" of the saints. But it is simultaneous with Christ's second coming.
The effect of "rapture theology" has been to largely destroy Christian resistance to anti-Christ legislation in America . Much Christian apathy comes from the fantasy that—because our "generation" existed at the time of Israel 's statehood in 1948—all Christians will soon vacate earth, caught en masse into the skies. Why worry about saving our republic? At any time, all Christians could be farther from this planet than the Andromeda galaxy!

Hanegraaff: Israel is " Babylon the Great"

Most significantly, Hanegraaff agrees with me that the "great harlot" of Revelation is not the Roman Catholic Church (a belief rooted in early church history, popularized to the present by Martin Luther). Instead, he argues compellingly that apostate Israel, at least in the first century A.D., remained the archetypal whore of the Old Testament.

"In Biblical history only one nation is inextricably linked to the moniker 'harlot.' And that nation is Israel! Anyone who has read the Bible even once has flashbacks to the graphic images of apostate Israel when they first encounter the great prostitute of Revelation. From the Pentateuch to the prophets, the image is repeated endlessly." (p.119)

Confining his depiction of Israel as the great harlot to the first century A.D., Hanegraaff does not develop the staggering implications of this truth as I do. In my book Israel: Our Duty and Dilemma and videos, I assert that the great harlot was hardly destroyed in the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Her torch was carried on by Jewish activists who led communism, 20th century liberalism, anti-Christ activism in media, education, Jewish civil liberties groups, hate law advocacy, finance, and control of U.S. Mideast foreign policy and war-making. (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast)
Unfortunately, Hanegraaff mixes accurate insights with praetorism, the belief that Christ's second coming occurred more than 1900 years ago. The deception that Christ could come before anti-Christ is anathematized by St. Paul. He warned, “Let no one in any way deceive you" saying "that the day of the Lord has come." (2 Thess. 2: 3, 2) (See, Should 'Replacement Theology' Replace Christian Zionism?)
Hanegraaff's praetorism will prevent him from widely influencing evangelicals. Most Christians correctly teach that the second coming and most biblical prophecy remains unfulfilled. Yet until severe persecution comes from organized world Jewry (most likely as hate laws internationally enforced from Jerusalem), the church probably won’t find a Biblical middle way out of the deeply propagandized state of confusion about Israel in which they languish.

Emerging Light

It is heartening, however, that shafts of light periodically break forth into the darkness of evangelical thinking about Jews. A large percentage of visitors to are Christians. I have been compelled to sharply criticize the mishandling of hate bill opposition by evangelical leaders over the past year, but evangelicals are aware that I led hate bill opposition and do not criticize me.
I am also encouraged that America has witnessed a weakening of those who foment Christian-persecuting hate laws. Overreacting to anti-Zionist criticism by Mearsheimer, Walt, and Pres. Jimmy Carter, the Anti-Defamation League last summer recklessly smeared Israel’s critics as "anti-Semitic." In their rage, ADL decided to break their 23-year silence concerning me and posted a weak and inaccurate 11-page attack at As their tempers have cooled, they must surely regret such rashness. All major search engines list Ted Pike and NPN as the number one authority on hate crimes legislation, routing many thousands every month to and my devastating rebuttal of ADL's attack. (See, Ted Pike's Response to ADL's Attack)
Is there hope that the major truths that Hanegraaff and the National Prayer Network put forth will penetrate the evangelical consciousness? I believe there is. Historically, irresponsible and extreme movements beget opposition. John Hagee now teaches his followers to deny the name of Christ in deference to the wishes of apostate Jews. The blatancy and magnitude of such heresy could cause a minority of evangelicals to vocally rebuke and separate from his unbiblical extreme. Even a few dissident evangelicals could initiate spiritual revival and disproportionate resistance to Zionism’s global ambitions.
Hanegraaff’s book is just one example of the quiet awakening of Christians and their leaders that is already occurring. Perhaps soon many more pastors will follow the example of one reader’s minister. This godly man recently laid down the law to his congregation from the pulpit. He urged every member to subscribe to our e-alerts at!


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