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2007: Year of Failure
For Orwellian Bills

By Rev Ted Pike
2 Jan 2008

As we begin a new and challenging year, we have seen Democrat social engineers in Congress frustrated in attempts to pass anti-American, anti-Christian laws—especially pro-sodomite bias and hate crime bills. Our unprecedented victories, especially in a Democrat-controlled Congress, result from God’s help and huge protest beginning last winter in the Christian/conservative and populist right.
The protest erupted primarily in the House in opposition to the federal hate crimes bill and radiated out against other anti-freedom initiatives. Two anti-Christian "grassroots lobbyist" bills were defeated as a result of public outcry. (In January, Sec. 220 of the Lobbyist Reform Bill was stripped in the Senate, while a very similar liberal offensive, the Shay-Meehan bill, was destroyed in the House Judiciary in May.)
We also saw immigration amnesty and Fairness Doctrine bills rejected as a result of populist pressure.
Meanwhile, Henry Waxman’s “Transparency in Government Accounting Act”—which would require 8,000 executive branch employees to report every call from concerned Americans—seems to have been shelved. The “Department of Peace Act”—which would create a massive ministry of “anti-bias” propaganda to educate against “homophobia" worldwide—also appears dead in the water! And, of course, we’ve seen the death of the worst: the federal hate crimes bill.
ENDA, the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (H.R. 3685), was passed by the House and has been on the Senate legislative calendar since November 14. But it labors under the cloud of certain Presidential veto which comes, like the threatened veto of the federal hate bill, in response to Americans’ anger last spring and again in the fall. Thanks to Americans’ outcry, ENDA has gained a reputation as too aggressively pro-homosexual and anti-family to be pushed during this sensitive election year. Democrat candidates for President are inclined to downplay their frighteningly un-American, pro-sodomite voting record. Hillary Clinton even courts the evangelical right. She received a standing ovation recently at Rick Warren’s mega-church in California after claiming she has always been “born again!”

“Homegrown Terrorism” Bill Remains a Threat

There was an exception to the victories won by freedom. The House passed the homegrown terrorism bill in October with only six dissenting votes. Incredibly, it careened through, approved by Republicans who opposed the hate bill. I believe it succeeded because of its extremely rapid presentation and because there was no protest from constituents. Representatives were oblivious to the bill’s sinister intent. (See, In Search of 'Homegrown Terrorists') Despite that defeat, it’s well within our power to create such an impression of public disfavor that the bill can lose momentum -- especially in this election year. S.B. 1959 is now in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. A spokesman told me it won’t be considered until mid-February.
Seven or eight hearings in this committee have been held on the “problem” of radicalization of Muslims in America and elsewhere, including the effect of Islamic propaganda by Mideast internet sources. To acquire material for further discussion, the Homeland Security Committee enthusiastically invites public input. This confirms the obvious: This committee has little to work with because there is no substance to this “serious national problem.” Now is a golden opportunity for lovers of freedom to heed their government's invitation. Let's nip in the bud another ADL scheme to legislate against an imaginary threat of “violent radicalization” from the right (particularly from the internet and alternative talk radio).
Call the Senate Committee on Homeland Security (202-224-2627) and your Senators (202-225-3121) and say: “Please cancel hearings on the Homegrown Terrorism bill, S.B. 1959. America does not have a real problem with homegrown terrorism. Hearings are a waste of tax payers' money!"

Lull in Battle?

Very threatening legislation, such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, remains. More will certainly be introduced. Yet it may be that the forces of truth and freedom over the last year have fought the hardest half of this two-year session of Congress. Be assured, ADL and Jewish anti-Christian activism will only take this respite to regroup and contrive even more devious initiatives, including a revived hate bill in 2009.
We must soberly consider the magnitude of threat in the years ahead and whether our present tactics are equal to it. Opposition to Orwellian legislation in 2007 initially was very strong. Yet as the fight continued into the summer and fall, most conservative activists grew weary. By late September, right before this greatest of national emergencies, I could only generate a tiny fraction of the calls I mustered in January. (The bill was passed on September 27.)
Opposing perverse legislation exhausts American patriots. Behind the scenes, Jewish activists are relatively free of stress to create even more diabolical laws. If initiatives fail the first time (or the sixth time, as with the federal hate bill), ADL simply reintroduces them. Jewish activists are strengthened by a commanding advantage: Their political enemy—the conservative, Christian right— protects them! Evangelicals will never name Jewish activists (“God’s chosen people”) as the source of anti-Christian militancy.
Christian/conservative leaders may think they can repeat the divinely empowered success of this year again and again without identifying the real enemy. But they are wrong. The hate bill passed both the House and Senate. Miraculously, it was stripped off by House Democrat leaders in conference. Next time it won’t fail. (See, Who Defeated the Hate Bill?) The weariness we experienced after one year of vigorous opposition will only increase in the years ahead. Will the prophet Daniel’s prediction that the forces of Antichrist will “wear out the saints" in the last days be fulfilled in our time? (Daniel 7:25) It is essential that we develop long-term defenses against an extremely determined, persistent enemy of Christ and freedom, which will never give up. That can only be done by tearing away the veil of protection behind which ADL hides.

Bible Shows the Way

It's long overdue that Christians take a fresh hard look at how Biblical leaders responded to the ADL of their time. In the same way that NPN exposes and rebukes Jewish activism, so the Hebrew prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ unsparingly castigated evil Jewish leaders who worked behind the scenes with government to persecute the righteous.
The case can be made that NPN is the only evangelical legislative watchdog that embodies this truly Biblical response to the perennial problem of evil Jewish legislation. Unfortunately, during three major hate bill crises this year, most Christian/conservative organizations failed to heed NPN's widely broadcast pleas for simple direct action.
We see, then, a great weakness in the religious right. While the atheist left eagerly accepts support from every form of organized evil—including child molesters, baby killers, pornographers, etc.—the religious right will only associate with those who unconditionally support the very group which most vehemently attacks them: organized Zionist world Jewry! This must end. Christian leaders must begin to recognize that, while their ministries are widely diverse, God has laid on me a 20-year burden to resist hate crime laws. NPN has played a crucial role in defeat of the federal hate bill no fewer than five times.
Just as there is an increase in all forms of evil militating against Christianity, so there must be an increase in the humility and willingness of all parts of the body of Christ to work together in the perilous years ahead. This is not just about politics or even survival. It's about the barest requirements of fulfilling Christ’s desire for the unity of His church. He said it succinctly: "Holy Father, keep them…that they may be one, even as We are." (John 17:11)


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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