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Christmas 2007:
Quiet On the Jewish Front

By Rev Ted Pike
31 Dec 2007

Despite rampant secularism and much anti-Christianity, this Christmas season in America was remarkably free from the usual denigration of Christ from the big Jewish-dominated media. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)
Who’s behind this restraint on Jewish activists’ compulsion to blaspheme? Professors Mearsheimer and Walt and Pres. Jimmy Carter cast unprecedented suspicion on Jewish leadership in media, Congress and the White House - a suspicion that radiates toward Jewish "civil liberties" groups. A host of voices on internet and alternative talk radio (some Jewish) now increasingly portray liberal Judaism no longer as an innocent, historically persecuted minority but as a powerful political bloc with objectives that are anti-Christian, pro-homosexual, and in favor of freedom-stealing hate crime laws. The Jewish lobby also advocates Mideast objectives that favor Israeli interests at the expense of American – costing us billions and claiming the lives of US servicemen and women. (See, Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell and also watch Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians on Google.)

NPN on the Front Lines

The welcome quiet of this Christmas may also be assisted by another restraining influence: unceasing exposure and criticism of Jewish misbehavior by the National Prayer Network. Every time Jewish activists attack Christian values, I and my niece Harmony Grant can, through the enormous outreach of the internet and alternative talk radio, quickly make their misdeeds fairly common knowledge among hundreds of thousands of the most thoughtful and sincere Americans.
Our intention–especially after the ADL-orchestrated arrest of 11 Christians in Philadelphia in 2004 (See, Philadelphia Pursues 'Hate Crimes' Charges Against Christians) – is to clearly and publicly identify the many anti-Christian legislative and media attacks led by Jews. This removes the veil of secrecy behind which an attack gains power. It also incites more moderate Jews to pressure their brethren to pull back. Pro-homosexual, pro-hate laws, and Christian-bashing bigotry only stimulate anti-Semitism and hurts the Jewish people just as much as Christians. ADL may thrive financially, soliciting huge donations to fight the very hatred of Jews they stimulate. But many Jews, such as Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Rabbis Yisrael Weiss and Daniel Lapin, resent and decry ADL’s incitement of Gentile hostility.
Evangelical/conservative leaders still cling to the opposite of NPN’s approach. They face militant Jewish supremacism in the media and liberal civil liberties groups. But they give no clues to their tens of millions of trusting followers about the true identities of those who ravage Christ and Christendom - obliquely referring to their attackers as "liberals," "secular humanists," etc. As a result, such anti-Christian assaults, especially on public display of Christian symbols, have only intensified in recent years.

Explosion of Christ-Bashing

Our nation saw the first overt flexing of anti-Christian media power in 1988 with Jewish MCA’s desecration of Jesus through The Last Temptation of Christ. In 2003, Jewish-dominated ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center won a legal victory over Judge Roy Moore’s determination to display the Ten Commandments in his courthouse. In December 2005, Jewish-owned CBS produced its one-hour special “The Mystery of Christmas” asking: Was Christ really a bastard, the illegitimate son of Mary, an adulterous hairdresser? (See, The Jews Behind Da Vinci Code) “The Book of Daniel” followed that winter, created by predominantly Jewish writers, authorized by Jewish head of NBC Television, Jeff Zukor. It portrayed Christ as a half-witted mumbling fool. (See, Who's Behind NBC's 'Book of Daniel'?) The Da Vinci Code suggested Christ had sex with Mary Magdalene. Although not written by a Jew, it was heavily promoted and profited from by Jews. The Jewish heads of Sony of America, through their Columbia Pictures, produced the movie version. Jewish publishing houses monopolized staggering book sales. (See, The Jews Behind Da Vinci Code) Jews also dominated National Geographic’s promotion of the “Book of Judas” and “Gnostic Gospels” magazine and TV promotions, suggesting Judas Iscariot was a hero for betraying Jesus. (See, Judas: Historic Jewish Hero) In August 2007, Jewish actors, producers, and Jewish-owned City Lights Pictures created The Ten, a movie that portrayed Jesus H. Christ deflowering a young librarian during her vacation in Mexico. (See, Jews Behind 'The Ten')

Taking Away Christian Rights

The years 2004-07 also saw intense Jewish attacks on the rights and values of Christians in America. Through Abraham Foxman’s book Never Again: the Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, ADL charged Christianity with creating the anti-Semitism that made Jewish existence a "living hell" for 1900 years and culminated in an actual hell on earth: the Holocaust. (For the past quarter century the ADL-initiated, tax-supported Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC has made virtually the same charge before tens of millions of unwary visitors.)
ADL also charged that Christian evangelism of Jews is the essence of anti-Semitism: an attempt to destroy Jews culturally and spiritually, as Hitler attempted physically. (See, ADL's Foxman: New Testament is Anti-Semitic) ADL and other Jewish leaders also said “Christian supremacists”—evangelicals attempting to influence the political process –violate the separation of church and state and threaten our democracy. (See, Is Dr. Kennedy a 'Christian Supremacist?')
ADL nervousness over the power of the Christian right to influence the government (and defeat their cherished hate laws) led directly to “grassroots lobbyist” legislation introduced this last year in Congress by Jewish activists, Sens. Levin and Lieberman. Their Sec. 220 of the Lobbyist Reform Bill and Jewish activist Rep. Henry Waxman’s “Executive-Branch Reform Act” were blatant attempts to cripple the power of grassroots Christian/conservative and pro-life organizations in their attempt to influence our government.
In 2006, freedom of speech at the Air Force Academy came under attack when Jewish activist Mikey Weinstein filed suit against the academy for allowing cadets and staff to witness for Christ or use Christ's name in public prayer. Weinstein said such First Amendment rights discriminate against Jewish cadets. Weinstein successfully altered Academy policy because, at the highest level of Air Force policy-making, Chief Ethical Consultant Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff upheld Weinstein’s claims. Resnicoff was also responsible for criminalizing public use of Jesus’ name by chaplains in the Navy, a dictum that resulted in the court martial of Navy chaplain, Gordon Klingenschmitt. (See, Correction: Speech at Air Force Academy Not Free)
This year the Jewish-dominated ACLU finally seems to be thwarted in their 18-year effort to remove the giant war memorial cross on Mt. Soledad in California. However, last Christmas, ultra-Orthodox Jews of Seattle demanded that, unless an 8-foot lighted Menorah was displayed alongside Christmas trees at SeaTac Airport, the airport would face an immediate federal lawsuit. Despite not being granted rights to display their menorah, these Jews won long-term. They achieved Jewish activism’s secularist objectives: No religious symbols or observances were allowed this Christmas at SeaTac.

Pro-active at Christmastime

Expecting more of the same this holiday Christmas, I fired a warning shot over ADL's bow in early December with my article, "ADL’s December Dilemma." I quoted ADL as advocating replacement of crosses in public Christmas observances with the Jewish menorah. I let liberal Jewry know that if they defamed Christ again this Christmas, as always, the National Prayer Network would broadcast it far and wide, complete with full details of the identities of Jewish attackers.
Instead, for the first time in years, Jewish activists this Christmas seemed as silent as the snow that has blanketed much of heartland America. This brief hiatus from Jewish moralizing against the Christian majority has greatly added to the pristine sanctity of this time of honor and worship of our Savior.
Have critics of Jewish anti-Christianity made a difference? I think so. ADL has been badly tarnished on a number of fronts in 2007. They have proceeded forward too fast, too recklessly. Attempting to strip us of our sacred traditions and free speech, they wildly smear those who oppose them as “anti-Semitic.” (See, ADL's War Games with Coulter)
I believe the silence of Jewish big media this Christmas may hold within it a prophecy of good things to come. It may indicate hope even if evangelical conservative leaders never find it safe or respectable enough to publicly expose their attackers. As long as speech remains free, a tiny minority of truth-tellers may be able to apply just enough restraint to delay full realization of Jewish supremacism’s global ambitions.
Yes, we are witnessing establishment of a new world order, dominated by Babylon the Great, the Jewish Harlot of the Old and New Testaments, fated to eventually overwhelm all opposition. (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast) Yet, for the moment, the forces of righteousness are significantly delaying its ascent. Recent defeat of ADL’s federal hate bill continues to set ADL back at least 10 years in its desire to take away free speech in America. Also brightly illuminating our horizon is the emergence of non-establishment conservative candidates for President, presenting the real possibility that if the American people speak out loudly enough, we might put someone in the White House who will devote his energies to furtherance of the interests of the Christian majority rather than a Zionist minority.

Time of Hope

This Christmas has been a season of hope, a hope that increases because of the astonishing power of the whole truth. What if multitudes in the next year turn their backs on the unbiblical superstitions protecting Zionism - untruths which have paralyzed evangelical opposition to Jewish anti-Christianity for more than a century? Just think what a barrier that would present against the powers of darkness and the synagogue of Satan!
As we enter a new year, let’s make a life- and nation-changing resolution: We will not fear the smear term "anti-Semitic." Instead, we will fear God alone and tell the whole truth about Zionism as if our lives and freedom depend on it. It does.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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