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Emergency Alert!!!

New Right Rallies Against Hate Bill

By Rev Ted Pike
5 Dec 2007

For the last two weeks the National Prayer Network has been publicizing a tremendous opportunity to defeat the federal hate crimes bill. On Nov. 15 a credible article in a homosexual website (See, article by Lou Chibbaro Jr.) reported that 180 House Republicans and 20 Democrats had declared they would not vote for the National Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 1585, with hate bill attached. Since then, NPN has been encouraging lovers of freedom to strengthen this revolt by calling House members.
Until yesterday, all evangelical watchdog websites were silent concerning this golden opportunity to defeat the hate bill - a second chance after failure in September.
On Monday, I sent out an emergency alert, informing them of Congressional Quarterly’s confirmation that such a revolt was a reality and that House Democratic leadership is now so fearful of this revolt they are considering stripping the hate bill off the arms bill!
Yesterday, between interviews on seven national talk shows, I called the major new right organizations, personally reminding them not to miss this heaven-sent opportunity. I discovered Family Research Council had sent out an alert that morning. Focus on the Family was about to do so, as was Traditional Values Coalition. Repent America and Americans for Freedom said they would do so immediately. Janet Folger, head of Faith 2 Action, put me on her radio program to alert activists in her network of 27 stations. Evidently, the credibility of Congressional Quarterly’s confirmation that a revolt existed emboldened New Right leaders to spring into action.

Democrats in Quandary

The Quarterly said House Democratic leaders would probably make a decision on Tuesday whether or not to strip the hate bill. As of Wednesday morning, they had not made up their mind. What a perfect opportunity to help change it for them! Call your House member and also House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Stenny Hoyer saying, “Please don’t vote for the National Defense Appropriation Act, H.R. 1585, with hate bill attached.”
At, virtually all House members are listed. Why not call 50 or 100 or more today? Using your redial feature, you can call about 40 an hour. What a wonderful opportunity we have today to change the course of history for ourselves and our children.
If we can pressure Democratic leaders to strip the hate bill, the hate bill could be destroyed in this session of Congress. Kennedy and Smith have the right to reattach it as an amendment to another bill or as stand-alone legislation. However, the odds are very high that even a pro-hate bill Congress will find itself too busy to indulge them again this term.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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