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Watch Out For Hate Bill
Approval Next Week!

By Rev Ted Pike
29 Nov 2007

The Conference-approved version of the National Defense Appropriations Bill, H.R. 1585, with hate bill attached, could be passed by the U.S. House and Senate when Congress reconvenes on Monday. There is an increasing chance the President, desperate for military funding, may approve these two incongruous bills. However, if rejected by increasingly dissatisfied Democrats and Republicans in Congress, it would guarantee that Sen. Kennedy's hate crimes bill would have to be voted on again. The hate bill could be defeated.
If a new arms bill were created, Democratic leaders would probably include the hate bill in the arms bill, not as an amendment but as part of its language. Since this would constitute new legislation, it would be subject to amendment from Republicans who oppose it. They could demand the hate bill be stripped from the new arms bill. If removed, the hate bill would have to be resubmitted, either as an amendment to another bill or as stand-alone legislation.
There is mounting opposition in Congress to voting more money for war in Iraq. Allegedly, as many as 20 House Democrats and 180 Republicans vow not to vote for the arms bill, for widely divergent reasons. (See, We Can Still Kill the Hate Bill) Also, the Senate recently repulsed Pres. Bush's request for $50 billion in extra military aid. Influential Democrats say they will not even consider another request for arms bill passage before the first of the year. Yet, we would be unwise to wait that long before pressuring members of Congress to vote against H.R. 1585. Here's why:
The Zionist/ADL lobby dominating Congress wants the hate bill desperately -- so they can outlaw, as anti-semitism, criticism of Israel and Zionist control. Their hate bill, approved by both House and Senate, is designed to ultimately empower such censorship. They don't want to take any chances of losing their hard-won congressional victories.
There may exist a rebellion among some Democrats against passage of H.R. 1585, but the Zionist masters of Congress could squelch it-because it jeopardizes their hate bill. Instead, they may continue their same devious agenda. Through the Democratic leadership which Zionists control, they have for the past four months delayed passage of the vitally needed war funding, provided by H.R. 1585. The purpose of this delay is to wear out the President's patience and force him to go back on his promise to veto the hate bill. Democrats now threaten months of future delays for war funding. But now they may feel the brief session of Congress next week is a perfect time to call for a House and Senate vote on the final conference version of H.R. 1585. Pres. Bush, wearied over the prospect of months of emerging contention over the arms/hate bill, may just capitulate.
It is a relatively small concession for the Democrats to give Bush all the money he needs for Iraq. After 9/11, they voted war funding that launched us into war in the Middle East. They made no real protest last summer to the possibility of more funding for war with Iran. In reality, Democrats may posture as anti-war, but they are really nothing more than lackeys of Zionist Jews who control and fund the Democratic Party. Such Jews emphatically want America in the Middle East, making the region safe for Israel.
The powers that be know that war in the Middle East will go forward very nicely, even with Democrats (including Jews in Congress) militantly opposing it. Far from being motivated by conscience, the main purpose of liberal chameleons in opposing the war is to create dissatisfaction with Republican leadership; dissatisfaction that could propel a Democrat into the White House.
Be prepared then for the possibility of a vote by House and Senate on the arms/hate bill next week. Call your House and Senate members NOW, both liberal and conservative, saying: Please don't vote for the National Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 1585. Don't vote for any hate crimes legislation.
Also call the President at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 saying: Please veto the federal hate crimes bill H.R. 1585.
In war, those who survive do not wait for attack but take action to prevent it!


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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