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ADL Battles Internet Speech

By Rev Ted Pike
28 Nov 2007

Canadian hate laws are now hitting their intended target: Christianity.
On Oct. 26 a 21-year-old Canadian woman, Jessica Beaumont, was fined $1,500 for posting online two Bible verses critical of homosexuality. She was also required to pay $3,000 to professional complainer Richard Warman who brought charges against her. Her crime? She derisively called him "a Jew."
Jessica posted these verses, which, of course, could be found on any Bible website: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." (Lev.18:22) "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their heads." (Lev. 20:13)
The court ruled:

"Ms. Beaumont claimed, during her testimony, that she based this comment on her interpretation of a passage in the Bible, adding that she did not care if Jews would be offended by her ideas. However, irrespective of whether she 'cares' or not, s.13 of the Act dictates that the repeated communication via the internet of matter that is likely to expose targeted groups to hatred or contempt constitutes a discriminatory practice. Whether the person communicating the matter was in fact its author is immaterial. The mere act of communicating the material or causing its communication attracts liability under this Act." 1

Beaumont was ordered to never again post Scripture critical of homosexuals or any other specially protected group, including Jews. She faces prison if she disobeys.
Jessica claims Nazi sympathies. Yet that should not distract us from the fact that Bible verses caused her conviction. As the world moves toward hate crimes persecution, hate law enforcers usually select victims with extremist views. They know society will not help these people but will probably rejoice at their conviction! But the free speech rights of every person are diminished by the legal precedents meted against extremists.
Persecution of Biblically based "hate" (i.e., Christianity) is the ultimate goal of B’nai B’rith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress, creators of Canada's federal hate crime law in 1971. In Canada, these extensions of ADL possess a powerful tool: federal law banning internet criticism of Jews and homosexuals. Section 13.1 outlaws communications "likely" to incite hatred or contempt of members of a federally protected group. ADL possesses similar statutory tools banning "cyberhate" in most European countries.

Strategies to End Internet Freedom

But in the U.S., ADL faces stiff First Amendment opposition to censorship. Here they try other strategies to end free speech in America:

ADL puts pressure on search engines like Google to filter out websites
which criticize Zionism or homosexuality. So far, it has not succeeded. Recently, Google's Israeli representative, Meir Brand, flatly repulsed ADL requests to ban internet criticism of Zionism. (link to article) ADL has been similarly rebuffed in the United States. This means scores of videos critical of Zionism and homosexuality, including my four, still bring light via the internet into encroaching darkness.
Many teens using the internet are victims of online bullies. ADL wants
to create a false mental link between "cyber-bullying" and hate speech. Through its new program against online bullying, ADL feigns compassion for these young people. What ADL really wants is to link cyber-bullying with cyberhate and gain power to advise government on “protecting” vulnerable teens from criticism of Israel, Jewish control of media or the accuracy of the six-million figure of Holocaust dead.
Through privatizing the internet, cable and phone companies
sympathetic to ADL may be able to discriminate against, and ultimately help eliminate, “hate sites.” These companies include Verizon and Comcast, headed respectively by ADL/Zionist sympathizers Ivan Seidenburg and Brian Roberts. Jewish recipients of ADL/Wiesenthal "tolerance” awards, they could provide a form of censorship without legislation. (See, Threats to a Free Internet).
ADL wants to re-define internet free speech as "home-grown
terrorism." Already, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R.1955, designed to set up a federal commission to "eradicate" the "cyber-terrorism" which this bill alleges “streams” from the internet. This primarily alludes to anti-Zionist alternative internet talk radio. The federal commission, if approved by the Senate and the President, will construe politically incorrect speech on the internet as words that hurt, i.e., "verbal violence.” H.R. 1955 says this speech incites extremists to "radicalization," i.e., acts of violence. Ultimately, as in Canada, such expression, in order to be prosecuted, need only be thought "likely" to cause intimidation of members of federally protected groups. (See, In Search of 'Homegrown Terrorists')
ADL also considers massive propaganda against critics of Israel or
homosexuality as a weapon against “cyberhate.” Some ADL cyber-experts, such as Christopher Wolf, head of INACH (ADL's worldwide "Institute against Cyberhate"), believe education against homophobia and anti-Semitism is the best solution. We should remember that, as we are seeing in Canada, it is not skinheads and Nazis whom the ADL really deplores; it is evangelical Christians. ADL has already smeared Traditional Values Coalition as hateful and implies that other new right websites, such as Focus on the Family and Family Research Council, which "portray gays and lesbians as subhuman in the guise of promoting so-called 'family values' …” should be removed from the internet.

By far, ADL's greatest hope for ending free speech on the Internet is the federal hate crimes bill, now passed by both houses of Congress and awaiting approval or veto by Pres. Bush.
In Canada, ADL/B'nai B'rith persuaded Parliament to pass their hate bill in 1971. It was a small matter a few years later, with arrival of the internet, to also pass Section 13.1, extending it to internet control. The same will happen here if the hate bill becomes law.

Ray of Hope

With both Republicans and Democrats dissatisfied with the National Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 1585, to which the hate bill is attached, there is a growing inclination within Congress to reject this arms bill and create a new one after the first of the year. (See, article by Lou Chibbaro Jr.) Then the hate bill, either as an amendment or on its own, would probably have to be approved again by Congress.
Such approval is certain if new right leaders and the American people remain confident of a Presidential veto and do as little as they did to protest hate bill passage by the Senate on Sept. 27. (Watch Pike's Video Report Betrayed: How New Right Leaders Helped Pass the Hate Bill) Yet if we learn from our mistake and demand the arms and hate bill be voted down, we may yet redeem this second chance to save freedom.
It is unbelievable how close we are to losing liberty! The hate bill, as no other legislation in American history, will accomplish that. Since the arms bill may be overdue five months or longer, primarily through Democratic opposition, this will almost certainly require Pres. Bush, desperate to supply funds for the military, to cancel his promise to veto the hate bill. This means that right now we have no real hope of a Presidential veto.
It is up to you and me, not the President, to save freedom. Call your members of the Senate and House immediately saying: Please reject the National Defense Appropriations Act, HR 1585, with hate bill attached. Don’t vote for any hate crimes legislation.
And, of course, call to God. We face sinister and devious political maneuvers from Democratic leaders which could yet make possible hate bill passage. But God is ready and willing to help save America. That is, if enough Americans are ready and willing to turn from sin and trust in His mercies.


1 CRHT Decision: Warman vs. Beaumont, October 26, 2007, Para.68, cited in “Free Speech Monitor” from Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc., http://café, PH: (905) 274-3868.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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