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Passage of Hate Bill Rigged!

By Rev Ted Pike
28 September 2007

Will Bush betray his promise to veto the hate bill? Sen. Kennedy thinks so, but I don’t. I believe conservative leaders and Senators let the hate bill pass so Bush can be exalted as the defender of freedom, redeem his sagging ratings, and give new life to the Republican bid for the White House in 2008.
The evidence is overwhelming.
At midday , Tuesday, Sept. 25, Kennedy demanded a vote on the hate bill. This should have electrified at least 30 million evangelicals and their leaders. Yet the websites of the largest new right organizations remained barren, for at least 24 hours, of any postings describing this alarming development. (See, Hate Bill Ready for a Vote and Do New Right Leaders Want Hate Bill Passed?) Conservative leaders warned the previous Wednesday and Thursday that the defense authorization bill was now in the Senate and Kennedy might try to attach his hate bill. (See, New Right De-Emphasizes Hate Bill)
Yet, when that actually happened last Tuesday, there was silence. At least six of the largest new right watchdog groups did not take advantage of this last-minute opportunity to bring in perhaps three million calls to the Senate.1 Instead, the same trickle of the previous week was documented on Tuesday and Wednesday by our staff. On Wednesday, the day before passage of the hate bill, we polled 38 Republican Senators’ offices. We found most receiving from 5-50 calls a day against the hate bill, with several receiving none. Instead of thunder from the new right, an unbelievable silence continued for at least a day after Kennedy demanded a vote.
All these organizations receive my e-alerts describing the imminent vote and pleading for action. None responded, at least with internet warnings. That is, until Wednesday afternoon when it became highly probable that the hate bill would be voted on Thursday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, when Senate offices were closing on the East Coast and it was virtually too late, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council and Traditional Values Coalition had sprung into action, calling for massive protests. Yet, even if such protest was made Thursday morning, Senators were already on the floor of the Senate, ready to deliberate and vote.
Although Sens. Cornyn, Sessions, and McConnell briefly criticized the hate bill, all were weak, in my opinion, except Sen. Orrin Hatch. They did not equal the fervor and argumentation of speeches by at least 11 Republicans against the hate bill this May in the House. This relatively anemic response by most Republican Senators was consistent with the fact that, all day Tuesday and Wednesday, no Senators except Hatch took opportunity to address the Senate against the hate bill. Pro-hate bill Democrats made powerful use of that time.
This conspiracy of silence was not accidental, either on the part of religious/conservative leaders or most Republican Senators. It was calculated, undoubtedly from the White House, that through passage of the hate bill, the President would have a stage on which he can now ride his white horse, slaying the hate bill dragon against great odds -- the champion of free speech and Christian/Republican values!
The American people, and especially the supporters of the new right, have been treated very poorly through this deception. Be assured, new right leaders are going to make the most out of the President’s “heroism” as the savior of free speech. They are going to pretend there was nothing more they could have done to defeat the hate bill. Already this morning, Family Research Council claims to have stood in the gap against the hate bill passage and asks donors to contribute $1.2 million to help fight hate laws.
Unless you and I speak out now, the “spin masters” of both the left and right will quickly sweep this conspiracy under the rug, forgotten in the new effusion of patriotism it is meant to create. By every means possible, send this article everywhere. Let’s not let them get away with this!


1. These are Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America , American Family Association, Traditional Values Coalition, Faith 2 Action, and Family Research Council.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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