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Do New Right Leaders
Want Hate Bill Passed?

By Rev Ted Pike
27 September 2007

On Wednesday, Democrats still were unable to get a vote on passage of Sen. Kennedy's hate crimes bill. They seemed to have difficulty rounding up at least 60 pro-hate bill Senators on the floor at the same time. Sen. Reid says the vote will be taken Thursday morning.
Meanwhile, Sens. Kennedy, Smith, Reid, and other pro-hate bill Democrats have eagerly responded to the invitation for anyone to speak on any subject. They passionately promote the hate bill, calling for a vote. No Republican Senators, to my knowledge, have taken the same opportunity to criticize the same hate bill except Sen. Orrin Hatch late Wednesday.
Until Wednesday, the largest conservative watchdog groups continued their blackout of the current hate bill threat. (See, Hate Bill Ready for a Vote) They have written against ENDA but given no hint to their millions of internet constituents that there exists a hate bill crisis in the Senate.
When NPN checked Focus on the Family's website at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, there was no mention of any hate bill crisis in the Senate. Later in the day, just when so little time was left, predictably, FOTF and Traditional Family Values Coalition ended the week's silence by issuing alerts asking for massive calls to the Senate. FRC posted an alert sometime on Wednesday. But Sen. Reid promises voting as early as 10:15 a.m. Thursday. In order for these calls to have any effect, they would have to reach Senate offices by 9 a.m. , which means West coast callers will have to begin before 6 a.m.! Clearly, these Christian/conservative leaders are attempting to cover their tracks. But the fact remains that until Wednesday afternoon they willingly and calculatingly ignored on their websites the well-known crisis in the Senate that has been going on since at least Monday.
In previous alerts this week, I have bent over backwards to be understanding of the motivation of these conservative leaders to diminish the hate bill threat and magnify ENDA's. Presumably, they want to make the most of the calling effort of their diminishing supply of evangelical activists, weary after intense protest since January. Yet, my generosity has worn thin. Here is my hypothesis of the real dynamic behind the scenes.

Pass Hate Bill to Redeem Bush?

Opposition to the hate bill has mushroomed during the last nine months, while Bush's approval rating has plummeted. The future of Republican leadership in the White House and, with it, Christian/conservative enjoyment of executive favor are acutely challenged.
I suspect Bush and his Zionist neo-con advisors did not lightly promise a veto of the hate bill.1 They recognized in this burgeoning movement a very real and potentially helpful power bloc. On one hand, the hidden Zionist power brokers behind our “Skull and Bones” President want hate laws. Bush wants to regain stature with evangelicals and Republicans as a defender of Christian/conservative values and freedom. The promised veto gives both factions in the White House what they want.
The Zionists behind Bush also want national opposition to the hate bill dissipated. It is now clear that the best way to do so was by promise of a Presidential veto. The "let George W. do it" mentality has now evaporated most protest against hate laws, especially the federal hate bill.
But there is a second great objective, one held by Bush, Republican leaders, and also leaders of the religious right: Bush must be exalted as the great deliverer of freedom. To do this, the hate bill must be passed. Only through veto of the hate bill can Bush portray himself as true to his word and the champion of free speech, repulsing liberals who would destroy our First Amendment rights. With such exaltation of Bush, all things Republican and Christian/conservative are also elevated. George W., ascendant upon a white horse and in favor with heartland America, could cause the Republican fortunes to rise dramatically. This is necessary in the coming Presidential race against pro-hate bill candidates like Hillary.
Yes, by veto, the Zionists around Bush lose immediate gratification of passing the hate bill, but they won't have long to wait. If the hate bill passes the Senate, it will be dignified as legislation ratified by both houses of the Congress of the United States . It will be fairly easy in little more than a year to reintroduce and pass it with the full support of an incumbent pro-hate bill administration.
So, you see, behind the scenes, everyone benefits except the American people and our future freedom. Bush finishes his legacy as defender of our freedoms, not what he really is, a supplanter of those freedoms. The Republican Party bolsters its strength in the next bid for the White House. The new right increases its chances of being invited to the White House. And the evil Jewish leaders at Bush's elbow are empowered to take away free speech soon, as their Canadian brethren have done across the border. (Watch, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians)
These conservative leaders may naively believe that the present evil of passing the hate bill in the Senate will lead to a greater good. That good is continuation of the Republican Reagan revolution and empowerment to defeat hate laws in the future. In all probability, they and most Republican members of the Senate are being used by crafty manipulators behind the Bush administration. Like Esau, who sold his birthright impulsively for a mess of lentils, all the players in this deception deserve the contempt of the American people.

What Shall We Do Now?

Some might suggest we no longer call our Republican Senators since they clearly are following another agenda, unresponsive to the wishes of most of their constituents. No, we should call them, especially at this late hour, but with a new message!
Say: "It's shameful that Sen. _____does not speak out against the hate bill on the floor of the Senate. The Senator should stand up like Sen. Hatch and fight for freedom today!"
This is a last ditch effort. Make your calls very early Thursday morning. Remember, Sen. Reid says a final vote may be taken at that time. However, there have been 14 days of delays since the military appropriations bill was introduced and the hate bill crisis began. Reid’s proposed vote tomorrow morning could again be delayed. Keep calling to all Republican members of the Senate until conclusive proof is available that the hate bill has passed or been defeated. These Senators can be found here at
And pray as never before for Divine intervention! God is our Deliverer. He has already delivered a number of times, causing delay and confusion among the hate bill forces. He is willing to save us again, tomorrow, but only if we turn from sin and humble ourselves before Him.


1 Michael Collins Piper in his books including The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America abundantly documents the profusion of Jews occupying the highest levels of influence in the Bush administration. (Order from Also see, Why Most Jews Support the Hate Bill.



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