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New Right De-Emphasizes Hate Bill

By Rev Ted Pike
25 September 2007

Confident that President Bush can be counted on to veto the federal "anti-hate" bill, most Christian/conservative leaders now give greatest emphasis to defeat of ENDA (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, H.R. 2015). On their websites, they attack ENDA as the primary enemy of freedom and Christian values. Consequently, millions of their Christian followers have stopped resisting Sen. Kennedy's hate crimes amendment, S.A. 2067, just as it is about to be voted on in the Senate!
Monday's NPN survey of 30 Republican Senators confirmed last week's findings: 11 said there were "quite a few" calls against the hate bill, 15 reported "a few," and 4 said not a single call opposed the hate bill.
Dr. James Dobson and Concerned Women for America now describe ENDA as a type of legislation more threatening than the hate bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. ENDA is indeed frightening. I have powerfully warned against it. (See, Hate Bills Top Democrat Agenda) It attacks our property and hiring or firing rights, as well as freedom of speech, especially within employment and churches. Yet the federal hate bill is a vastly greater threat, leading to a universal end of free speech in broadcasting, publishing, the internet, government, education, religion, and all aspects of our public and private life.
Last week, most Christian/conservative organizations finally came out with internet criticism of the hate bill. Yet such warnings were at least five days after Kennedy boldly tried to attach it to the arms bill -- a period in which the hate bill might have passed. Their statements, while sound in criticism of the hate bill, contained no compelling motivation to defeat it by will of the people rather than veto by the President. (See, Hate Bill Protest Very Small) Such a lackluster performance by conservative leaders is symptomatic of a policy decision to de-emphasize the hate bill issue and mobilize total resources to defeat ENDA. I feel as if I now fight alone in a ghost town that only months ago bustled with concerned proactive Americans!

Taking to the Airwaves

Instead of despairing, I was compelled by the Lord to again take to the airwaves. On five national broadcasts Monday afternoon, including Pat Kiley's "Follow the Money," which reaches approximately 600,000 on 130 affiliates, I described the imminent peril of hate bill passage and implored my listeners to call Tuesday morning.
I believe we have reason to hope. Already there is evidence of Divine providence in the fact that the Senate suddenly stopped considering the military appropriations bill and instead spent Monday debating the Water Resources and Development Act. But they will return to the arms bill on Tuesday morning. This gives us perhaps another precious day to inspire spirit and fight in Republican Senators.
Over 200 years ago, a faithful Continental Army of 13,000, ragged, unpaid, semi-starving, followed Gen. George Washington through heat and cold and many bloody conflicts for eight years. Thousands lost all to purchase our freedom. What you and I do, compared to what they endured, is very, very light. In fact, it is beneath comparison.
I am amazed that 99.5% of those who listen to me on the radio or read my e-alerts do not respond by calling Congress. Evidently, they find a telephone receiver, weighing less than a pound, too heavy to pick up as a tool to save freedom.
I hope, for the sake of your freedom and your childrens' -- as well as your conscience in the dark years ahead -- you are not among them.



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Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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