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Hate Bill Protest Very Small

By Rev Ted Pike
22 September 2007

The Senate adjourned Friday afternoon without considering Sen. Kennedy's hate crimes amendment to the military appropriations bill. But they will resume consideration of the bill on Monday. Freedom of speech in America is at the greatest risk in the history of our country. Yet, alarmingly, an NPN survey Friday revealed that relatively few calls of protest went in to Senate offices last week.
This is true although for two weeks I have been on total alert, warning that unless lovers of freedom protest loudly the hate bill could well slip through. On 15 radio interviews and I addressed close to a million patriotic Americans, yet during this period I was disturbed at how little feedback came in at
This lack of concern is largely a result of widespread agreement among many Christian/conservative leaders that Pres. Bush, by his promise to veto the hate bill, has neutralized its threat. Last week, my friend Guy Adams, who knows scores of new right leaders, found that most now consider the hate bill no longer an imminent danger. Their strategy is to praise and support Pres. Bush, confident that he will respond to their loyalty by remaining true to his veto promise. It seems as if, regardless of his intentions, the President's promise has effectively destroyed most organized opposition to the hate bill.
On Friday, Sept. 14, Sen. Kennedy audaciously tried to attach his hate bill to the military appropriations bill, calling for a unanimous consent agreement from the Senate, omitting debate. Sen. McCain blocked Kennedy on Friday, but it is sobering that five days passed before any timely internet warnings came out from most of the largest leaders of the evangelical right -- a period which might have seen victory for the hate bill.
Yet, why should people exert themselves to save free speech when the President has promised to save it for us? These organizations, while describing how threatening to freedom is the hate bill, do not give an answer to that question. It is not surprising, then, that instead of a protest of millions, only the tiniest minority seem to have responded.

New Tactic against the Hate Bill

Gravely concerned at this deadly threat to freedom, I recently tried something new. I clearly defined to my e-alert readers the two main reasons why we, the people, not Pres. Bush, must defeat the hate bill in this Congress.
First, if the hate bill succeeds, it will acquire great prestige as legislation passed by both houses of the Congress of the United States . Even if the President vetoes it, it will still win: This accomplishment will make it very easy in little more than a year for the Democratic Congress and the next, probably pro-hate bill President to approve it. In contrast, if the hate bill is defeated in the Senate now, it will continue into the next administration crippled, as it has been since 1998, by its reputation as legislation that is hard to pass, failing after five attempts. 1
Secondly, busy distracted Republican Senators need a groundswell of encouragement to do battle against the hate bill as soon as it comes before the Senate. They, too, have probably been infected with the "let the President do it" mentality.
These two simple ideas seem at last to have gotten through to many Americans. Immediately after they were posted in an article published at, thousands of people came to for the names of 37 Senators whom we consider best bets for persuading against the hate bill. (See, Liberty to be Uncivil)

Challenge to New Right Leaders

New right leaders, we may yet have a very brief period of opportunity to powerfully impact Senators to oppose the hate bill. But to do that, your constituents must know why it is necessary that the people, not the President, defeat the hate bill:

1. Defeat of the hate bill in the Senate now will weaken its chances in the next Congress with a potentially pro-hate bill President.

2. Senators need encouragement from the American public to fight hard this week to save free speech.

Send out an immediate alert calling as passionately as you can for massive protest! Everyone must know that, even if the President vetoes the hate bill, this devastating legislation will win big time if approved by Congress. It will have an even bigger win when a Hillary or Rudy move into the White House.
But the loss for free speech and Christianity will be incalculable.


1 Focus on the Family has done much to remind Senators of the people's wishes by delivering to them more than 100,000 names on a "Hate Crimes and ENDA" petition.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watch dog organization.
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