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Hate Bills Top Democrat Agenda

By Rev Ted Pike
10 September 2007

Democrats have projected many frightening bills during this session of Congress. At least four have been defeated and several seem to be set aside as a result of public outcry. Yet, the two most dangerous, the federal hate crimes bill S.A. 2067 and ENDA, the Employment Non-discrimination Act of 2007 (H.R. 2015), top the list of Democratic "must pass" legislation.
On Sept. 5, a House of Representatives’ subcommittee held hearings on ENDA. Another subcommittee is diligently preparing it for an imminent vote.
Family Research Council says the bill:

would radically transform the workplace discrimination law by granting special rights to homosexuals and transsexuals - while ignoring those of employers... Although in its present form churches wouldn't be forced to hire homosexuals, any of their sponsored organizations, such as schools, nursing homes, adoption agencies, soup kitchens, and summer camps… could no longer refuse to hire homosexuals simply because the behavior violates the group's core doctrine. Instead, faith-based programs would have to publicly outline which "religious tenets" they consider significant, marking an unprecedented intrusion by the federal government to religious freedom. 1

In other words, it would be up to a judge to determine what aspects of the ministry would be protected from homosexuals' intrusion and which would not. Pray that your church will not be assigned a pro-homosexual judge! Your church might merit no protection from sodomites who demand to be hired, even as clergy!

Homosexuals Fight Harder than Pastors

Last fall, Oregon passed S.B. 2, virtually identical to ENDA. Oregon joins some 18 states which, to varying degrees, ban the "bias crime" of discriminating against homosexuals and trans-genders in hiring or firing. Oregon 's law would have forced churches to hire homosexuals in all "non-spiritual" positions, such as secretaries, janitors, bookstore employees, etc. Huge opposition from churches in Oregon, while not defeating S.B. 2, pressured liberal legislators to compromise. At the last moment churches were exempted from having to hire homosexual staff. A referendum campaign to overthrow S.B. 2 was launched, largely under the leadership of Oregon-based Renew America . Sadly, its director, David Crowe, reports that support of Oregon evangelicals for a referendum has largely collapsed. Some pastors actually discourage distribution of the recall petition in their churches as too controversial, possibly alienating visitors.
How well I understand such a man-fearing policy, having grieved under such restrictions in many Oregon churches I have attended over the past 54 years! Why so grieved? Because the Bible is directed of divine truth about the greatest issues of life -- issues which are primarily moral, not political. These include: "Who created life?" "When does human personhood begin?" "Why does God restrict marriage to one man and one woman?" Yet many evangelical pastors in Oregon forbid public advocacy in their congregations of the Biblical creationist perspective, or opposition to abortion or homosexuality. Rising far above their God-given authority, they prohibit any distribution of literature or petitions concerning these pivotal moral issues. They want a "positive, non-controversial" message which will offend no one. As a result of stifling discussion for fear of getting involved with "politics," church leadership have made their churches vulnerable to militant homosexuals who are not afraid of controversy and will fight for what they want. Now possessing a good chance of invading churches by legal decree in the years ahead, such defiling of the Christian sanctuary will be an ultimate Satanic triumph!
Oregon is not alone in revealing such spiritual cowardice and dereliction of duty from the pulpits. The history of the whole evangelical movement for the past half century is that of loving respectability and "positive thinking" more than God and His whole gospel, truth, and justice. Since they have not rebuked and resisted sin when it could still be held back, evil quickly fills the vacuum of authority, assuming ascendancy.
In the place of Christian moral leadership, unspeakable evil now threatens to take control. In Congress, liberals and homosexuals under the pro-homosexual direction of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith want a federal gay rights workplace bias crime law for the same reason they want a federal "anti-hate" law: because of its exponential powers to persecute and weaken Christianity nationwide. Defenders of freedom must protest these two bills because the future of Christian civilization depends on it!
To protest ENDA: call toll-free 1-877-851-6437 (toll: 202-225-3121) and tell your House member, "Please don't vote for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, H.R. 2015. It is I, not homosexuals, who have the right to determine whom I employ or rent my apartment to."
TO protest the hate crimes bill, call the same numbers and say, "Please don't vote for Senator Kennedy's hate crimes amendment, S.A. 2067. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and many European countries."
If massive opposition erupts against ENDA, there's a good possibility the President will veto ENDA just as he promised to veto the hate bill. Yes, many are apathetic. But there is very much cause for encouragement! In repeated victories on the federal level this year, persistent protest by a vocal minority of salty Christian/conservatives have proven that, with God's help, we can save freedom. From the time of Gideon to the Founding Fathers of our republic, and even in the case of evil revolutions, such as the Bolshevik in Russia in 1917, the record is clear: A tiny determined minority, not the indifferent masses, often determine the great events of history.
It is vital now that Republican House members hear from you in protest of ENDA. They must realize that, just as with the hate bill, you expect them to put up a fight in committees and on the floor of the House. If the protest is loud enough in Congress, even the White House will hear the roar!


1 Tony Perkins' Washington Update, "They're Baaaaaaaaack!" Sept. 5, 2007,


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watch dog organization.
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