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Should 'Replacement Theology'
Replace Christian Zionism?

By Rev Ted Pike
28 June 2007

Many Christians are beginning to realize that international Zionist control is a monster. They have mistakenly nurtured it, believing it was the will of God. Increasing numbers of Christians are attracted to a new alternative: “replacement theology.” It says God is now and forever done with any national Jewish agenda. Quoting St. Paul, this doctrine asserts, “Those who are of faith . . . are the sons of Abraham” (Gal. 3:7).
Replacement theology contends that virtually all Biblical prophecy was fulfilled spiritually during the life of Jesus or through the terrible judgments upon the Jews during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. It says the Christian world is no more obligated to assist Jews and Israel than is anyone else.
Has God really washed His hands of His experiment called Israel? Were the Bible’s abundant and specific prophecies of judgment on the nations and national redemption for Israel fulfilled 2,000 years ago?

Storyline of Prophecy

If we read prophetic Scriptures without preconception, an unmistakable storyline of future events emerges. Here are the high points:

Christ said Jerusalem and its temple would be leveled. This was fulfilled by
  the Romans under Titus in 70 A.D.
  Christ and St. Paul also predicted, by inference, that the Jews would return
  and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. Such would be necessary in order for the Anti-Christ to profane its sanctuary (abomination of desolation) and to proclaim himself god in the temple (Matt. 24:15, II Thess. 2:4). Ezekiel also prophesied that Israel would return, as they have during the past century, in unbelief. He describes Israel of tomorrow as dominating the world, in wickedness, with no one able to resist her (Ez. 39:26). We are now experiencing the latter stages of fulfillment of these prophetic descriptions of Israel’s ascent to global power.
  Daniel prophesied that Israel would make a “covenant” with her false
  messiah, Anti-Christ (Dan. 11:25). Christ also confirmed Israel's national acceptance of Anti-Christ (John 5:43). St. John saw Jerusalem subsequently riding the Beast in dominion of the nations she has corrupted (Rev. 17). Israel, the archetypal “Great Harlot,” is drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus (Rev. 17:1).
  Christ said three events will precede His Second Coming:
    a. Jerusalem is surrounded by armies (Luke 21:20).
b. The coming Jewish temple is desecrated by Anti-Christ (Matt. 24:15).
c. The Jews are again exiled to the nations (Luke 21:24).

In Revelation 18 the Beast, rearing on his haunches, throws Israel to the ground. His invading armies sack Jerusalem (but don’t level it) (Rev. 18:18). Anti-Christ, in insult to Judaism, defiles the temple, erecting there an image of himself (Rev. 13:14). Sitting in the temple, he proclaims himself god, commanding the entire world to worship him and his robotic image.
  The invading forces of the Gentiles slaughter two thirds of Jews in Jerusalem
    and exile the remainder to the nations (Ez. 5:12, Zech. 13:8). There they endure “great tribulation” for about three and a half years (Matt. 24:22). The invading Gentiles (including vengeful Arabs) are ecstatic. Israel had her “time” to dominate the nations. Now it's the “time of the Gentiles," a time to exalt in victory, mercilessly exacting revenge upon the Jews and treading Jerusalem underfoot (Luke 21:24). Although plagued by the prophetic “two witnesses” (Rev. 11), the evil inhabitants of the world give themselves to rejoicing as in the days before the Flood. At last they have thrown off the cruel oppressions of international Jewish control!
  Christ returns in glory. All believers (including the bodies of the righteous
  dead) ascend to meet Him in the sky (I Thess. 4:14-17).
  A beleaguered Jewish “remnant” repents at Christ’s coming (Zech. 12:10).
  He protects them but for 45 days rains judgment (plagues and vials of wrath) on their oppressors, both globally and in the battle of Armageddon in Israel (Rev. 15, 16, Dan. 12:11, 12).
  Coming with His resurrected saints, Christ touches down on the Mount of
  Olives, splitting it north and south, creating a huge valley (Zech. 14:4,5).
  Christ spiritually washes, “sprinkles,” the Jewish remnant as He leads them
  back to Israel (Ez. 36:25). This is the third and only divinely sanctioned return to Palestine since Ezra and Nehemiah. It is legitimate because, unlike the present return, it fulfills God’s unchanging requirement of obedience.
  Christ brings peace to earth and rules for 1000 years.

Does History Fit the Replacement Model?

Could most of the above have occurred while Christ was on earth or during the destruction of Jerusalem? Armies did surround Jerusalem and the Jews were exiled. But that’s all that might be construed as fulfillment. Nothing really resembling “the abomination that makes desolate” happened in 70 A.D. Scripture portrays the abomination of desolation as a deliberate act by Anti-Christ to desecrate all things Jewish in the temple at Jerusalem (perhaps by offering a swine on the temple altar). Unlike Anti-Christ, Titus respected the Jewish faith and temple and gave strict orders that it be preserved. Unfortunately, a Roman torch accidentally ignited the temple curtain, destroying the temple as the result of an accident, not a deliberate act of desecration.
Accommodating the many specific requirements of prophecy into events of the first century is clearly impossible. Bible prophecy, far from being fulfilled, was created to warn and orient the church of the last days - a church which Christ said would be subject to overwhelming deception. Sounds like the church today!

Replacement Theology Boasts Against Israel

You may ask: “Even if prophecy was not literally fulfilled in the first century, what’s wrong with believing that God’s original covenants of blessing and adoption are spiritually fulfilled by the church, without need of national Israel?”
The Bible forbids us to make such a boast. There is no greater vaunt against the Jewish people than that God has abandoned His promise of national restoration and instead given such blessing and fulfillment to the Gentiles. Paul warned against such “arrogance” (Rom. 11:18 – NAS) and “conceit” (Rom. 11:20), yet such is precisely the claim made by replacement theology!
Paul argues that Judaism still carries with it a heritage of “adoption as sons and the glory and the covenant and the giving of the law and the temple services and the promises” (Rom. 9:4). Granted, these Jewish vessels, which were once filled with the inspirational “oil” of the Holy Spirit, are now empty. The house of Israel, which the Spirit of Christ once inhabited, is now “desolate” (Matt. 23:38). But Scripture contends that those empty skeletal forms and vessels still exist in theological reality, awaiting infilling by Christ. Then a Jewish remnant will repent out of great tribulation and be grafted back in. Christ had come and gone when Paul wrote the above verses in Romans. Yet in the clearest language possible he assures both Gentiles and Jews that national redemption will come to Israel. Quoting Isaiah 59:20 he says, “all Israel will be saved, just as it is written, "The Deliverer will come from Zion. He will remove ungodliness from Jacob."
Conversion of the remnant out of a people whose bitterness against Christ is unparalleled will, except for the miracle of His atonement, be the greatest, most astonishing manifestation of divine love, forbearance, and grace in human history. Yet replacement theology boasts that God no longer has any such intention. Instead, He lavishes such grace only on the church. This robs Christ of this great accomplishment and the glory and honor due Him.

Offending Evangelicals

Many advocates of replacement theology insist that such doctrine is necessary to strip Zionists of their extremely dangerous and corrupting power over evangelicals and Christian-oriented nations. Actually, evangelicals can be more effectively separated from Zionism by proving, upon authority of the Holy Scriptures, that Jews who revile Christ are not His chosen people and that Zionism, seizing Palestine in unbelief, cannot be doing so under divine approval.
Replacement theology, because it assaults the idea of God’s continuing destiny for Israel (a Biblical idea very dear to evangelicals), actually offends many more evangelicals than it converts. Such evangelicals (75,000,000 of them) could become a very powerful voice of restraint against Jewish supremacism – if they were activated with Biblical truth and perspective, as well as the whole truth about Judaism. Those advocating replacement theology usually possess a wealth of new truth and perspectives on the dangers of Talmudic Judaism. Yet by throwing out the Biblical teaching of God’s continuing destiny for Israel, such anti-Zionists effectually destroy the only bridge they might have to carry new truth to the evangelicals. Result: The already vast chasm between evangelicals and truth about the Jews only becomes wider.
In contrast to replacement theology, the National Prayer Network ( strives to build a bridge of new Biblical truth to evangelicals. The timbers of this bridge are massive, firmly established upon the ageless foundational ethics of Scripture – ethics which proceed from the love, holiness, and justice of God.
Evangelicalism during the 20th century has been led by the Zionists onto a sleazy substratum of Pharisaic ethics – a belief that obedience and faith in Christ no longer define a true Jew and that God no longer requires obedience from the Jewish people before they can inhabit His holy land. The bridge provided by the National Prayer Network extends out into the Zionist-created evangelical quicksand, providing a means by which many can find their way back to Biblical terra firma.

Return to Biblical Reality

Biblical reality. It’s under such assault from so many quarters in Christendom today! Liberal Christianity wants to take its scissors and cut out the many Biblical warnings against homosexuality. Theistic evolutionists want to negate God’s description of Himself as fiat Creator of all things. Replacement theology wants to remove the Bible’s insistence on God’s right to have national righteousness from the Jews. Zionist Christians want to vaporize God’s demand that Jews be obedient in order to be His people and reenter His holy land as a nation.
Underneath such error and even heresy, the Bible, like bedrock, remains solid and unmoveable. Finding the Biblically balanced middle way is the great requirement and challenge facing the church. Yet because of our own self-will and fear of man (as well as saturation-level Zionist propaganda), it’s incredibly difficult to attain. It’s time, as never before, to humble ourselves before God and the Bible, listen to what it really teaches, and do what it says.
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