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Why Most Jews Support the Hate Bill

By Rev Ted Pike
21 June 2007

Many Christians and conservatives are baffled and dismayed that the bulk of organized American Jewry not only supports the federal anti-hate bill but is pressuring Pres. Bush not to veto it. Why are "God's chosen people," who claim to be co-inheritors of our "Judeo-Christian tradition," aligning themselves with a pro-homosexual, Christian-persecuting, liberal agenda?
Nahum Goldman, former president of the World Jewish Congress, answers the question. He said, "Jews are liberals." American Jews are so liberal that 87 percent of Jewish voters cast their ballot for the Democrats who now dominate the U.S. House of Representatives.1 Such overwhelming Jewish support for the liberal agenda continues a tradition begun in support of FDR's socialist policies in the 1930s.

The First Liberals

But Jewish support of liberalism goes much further back. The Zohar, or Mystical/revolutionary Kabbalah, encourages Jews to believe they are divinely chosen to "restore order" in a world brought into confusion by Gentiles and Christians. (See, The Jewish Kabbalah: Root of Midest Violence)
From the late medieval period to the mid-19th century, the Zohar, even more than the Talmud, was the central religious authority to most Jews of eastern Europe, especially in Poland.
During the "Enlightenment," the period of free thinking and rationalism surrounding the French Revolution in 1789, many Jewish Kabbalists took advantage of the new tolerance for Jews in Europe. Intent on intrigue, they penetrated the capitals and even palaces of western nations. These included Jewish charlatans such as St. Germain, Cagliostro, Frank, and Faulk as well as the Gentile founder of Illuminism, Weishaupt.
Such subversives, dedicated to overthrowing the existing order, were tremendously assisted by the popularity of the greatest Jew of the 18th century, Moses Mendelssohn. Illustrious German philosopher and founder of reform Judaism Mendelssohn imparted to the formerly despised and exiled race new dignity. Reform Judaism also reflected the Zohar's mandate to "repair" the world by moral, social, and political action. With onset of the 19th century, many Jewish activists, inheritors of both the subversive and philosophical influences of Kabbalah, believed that Jews had the obligation to become social revolutionaries. Just as Moses and Aaron delivered the Hebrews from Pharaoh's bondage, so Jews should help deliver the working masses (proletariat) from the oppressions of capitalism. Out of such eastern European Kabbalistic origins were born socialism, communism, and that politically vexatious phenomenon of our times, 20th century liberalism.

The Peddlers of Socialism

The Jewish Encyclopedias are proud that Jews played a predominant role in leadership of all European revolutions in the 19th century. They led the abortive 1905 revolution in Russia. Those Jews who escaped exile in Siberia fled to the United States, particularly New York City. There, for the next 11 years, they planned another attempt to bring down the czar. The Jewish Encyclopedia (“Socialism,” p. 420) tells us:

The Jewish exodus from Russia drafted to the United States large numbers of Socialists, mostly college and university students, who must be reckoned among the pioneers of the socialist parties in America. Their main field of activity was the ghetto. But the masses of Jewish workmen and tradesmen who were educated by this propaganda scattered throughout the country in pursuit of employment or business opportunities and became the ‘pedlars of socialism’ among their shop mates and neighbors.

Quoting from the Encyclopedia Judaica (“Communism,” p. 804):

It is estimated that in the 1920’s as much as 15% of the American Communist Party’s membership was Jewish, and the percentage of Jews among the Party leadership was undoubtedly higher. . . .During the Depression, Communist influence was again on the rise and could claim many sympathizers and ‘fellow travelers’ among the American Jewish academic youth and intelligentsia. . . . The list of Jews who played a prominent role in the leadership and factional infighting of the American Communist Party from its inception is a long one. . . . Many American Jewish authors and intellectuals, some of whom later publicly recanted, were active in editing Communist publications and spreading party propaganda in the 1920’s, 1930’s and even later. . . .

The Encyclopedia Judaica, in its article on Franklin D. Roosevelt, lauds Roosevelt for inviting a veritable flood of Jews into his administration. Roosevelt’s liberal policies

…endeared him to the Jewish community which shared with him the overriding commitment to the welfare state. . . .In fact, so pervasive was Jewish influence in Roosevelt’s experiment to socialize America that the pejorative epithet “Jew Deal” became popular among anti-Semitic elements.

The Old Left . . . And the New

Also clearly revealing the Jewish nature of the American communist party were the numerous and highly publicized trials of American communists following the Second World War and during the early 50’s. In 1949 the 11 top American communists comprising the virtual politburo of the party were arrested. Six were Jews.2 Next to Gerhardt Eisler, the highest ranking communist ever arrested in the United States, and a Jew, these 11 were the most powerful agents of the communist conspiracy in the western hemisphere. Subsequently, on June 21, 1951, the second-string politburo were indicted by the Justice Department. Of the 21 arrested, 14 were Jewish.3 As the Judaica elaborates in its article on the “New Left,” Jews have been active in radical and communist activities clear up to the present.

Jews have been active in the United States in all radical movements, Socialist and Communist, Old Left and New. While not particularly prominent among the founders of the S.D.S. (such as Tom Hayden, Carl Oglesby, and others), they became particularly prominent in later phases of the history of the New Left. Mark Rudd, Jerry Rubin, Abby Hoffman, and others who achieved national reputation may be mentioned; in addition, on almost every major campus in which the New Left was active, Jews were prominent in the leadership. Typically, they formed between a third to more than half of the leadership and members. . . .

In keeping with this admission, it is worth pointing out that most liberal "civil liberties" groups, including such enduring fountains of mischief as the ACLU, are found to contain a disproportionate number of Jews. Little wonder that the ACLU begins to foam at the mouth whenever it is reported that a school child has murmured the name of Jesus Christ in a classroom prayer or when a nativity scene is placed on public property. (See, ACLU Top Heavy with Jews)
In reply to the question of why they are primarily liberals, most Jews reply that, having suffered so long as victims of persecution, they instinctively give themselves to causes which uplift the downtrodden. One wonders, however, why it usually seems to be left wing causes in behalf of the “downtrodden” which Jews rally toward. These are the standard liberal causes such as the right of a woman to an abortion, the rights of Sodomites to teach in public schools, the right of atheists not to have to view a nativity scene, the rights of radical women, blacks, and Latinos for affirmative action, the right of elementary school children to the full details of sex education, and so on. Curiously, the liberal Jewish community seemingly lacks all conviction when it comes to a Christian’s right to pray in a public school, a student's right to have creation as well as evolution taught in public school, or even the most sacred right of a baby to be born unimpeded by the abortionist’s forceps. Instead, liberal Judaism predictably resists those Christian programs on behalf of the downtrodden which build up Christian society and champions those left-wing causes which, despite apparent high-mindedness, tear it down.

The Synagogue Produces Liberalism

That a conspiracy exists in Talmudism is indicated not only by Judaism’s most sacred writings, the Talmud and Zohar, but by the pivotal role Jews have played in the greatest conspiracy of all time, communism.(See, Jewish Activists Created Communism) This does not mean that Zinoviev or Kamenev or Jerry Rubin got his revolutionary vision directly from the Talmud or Kabbalah. Instead, countless Jewish activists for at least the past century have been propelled toward revolution as a result of attitudes prevailing in the Jewish community and synagogue. Those attitudes spring from Judaism's Kabbalistic roots.
Jewish social activism is goaded forward by the Kabbalah's pantheistic theology which teaches that "God," the "EnSof," is utterly remote and cannot be depended on to intervene on behalf of Israel. Instead, it is given to Jews, as semi-divine beings, to be the practical agents of change and redemption. It is not even necessary for the Jew to be religious in order to be a "good Jew." If he wants to be religious and call the Creator "God," he can; but if he is atheistic and wants to call Him matter or energy, he may as justifiably do so. What is important is that, whether he be an Orthodox rabbi or communist revolutionary, he is a Jew. The Zohar teaches that Jews are holy, intrinsically redeeming beings, regardless of affiliation. Like the nucleus of an atom, Jews and Israel are essential to the very existence of this world. According to Kabbalah, the Jew is infinitely more holy and precious than the countless millions of "goyim" who exist beneath him. The Talmud and Zohar perfectly embody the beliefs of the ancient rebels of Korah who tried to depose Moses, saying, "All the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the Lord is in their midst." (Num. 16:3) This is why hundreds of Jewish books and movies commemorate the death of an alleged six million Jews in WW2 while ignoring those of more than 150 million who died as a result of Jewish-inspired communism. Only Jewish life is really precious. Only Jewish suffering really matters.
Having been long convinced that "God" (if He exists) is not likely to intervene on behalf of Israel, Judaism instructs young Jews that unless the destiny of Israel is preserved through left-wing social action, Israel may not have a destiny at all. Such activism is considered part of Israel’s revolutionary prophetic tradition, which began with the prophets and social reformers of the Old Testament.
As a case in point, an influential Reform Jew, Jacob Shiff, and thousands of young Jewish revolutionaries saw the establishment of communism in Russia in 1917 as an integral part of this Jewish mission. Revolution, race, and religion freely mixed as they strove to create “a just world” – a world in which Jewish genius could enjoy the preeminence it deserves, free from persecution – and free from Christianity. Without even enunciating it as such, the liberal synagogue thus provides ample momentum for conspiracy. Idealistic young Jews, upon the best advice of their leaders, are encouraged to give themselves to the full spectrum of liberal causes. Tragically, as such idealists inevitably move further and further left they find that only the "revolutionary tradition" of Judaism continues to have meaning for them.
As a result, the ACLU activists who defend pornographers under the banner of "free speech" and the "atheist Jews" who have given communism to the world are not misfits to Judaism, alienated from the synagogue; they are largely the product of the synagogue. Thus, however we want to define "conspiracy," the fact remains that liberal Judaism continues its proven record of producing a much higher percentage of "left wingers" than any other religion.


1 In 2006, "Democrats received 87 percent of the national Jewish vote for the House of Representatives, compared to just 12 percent for the GOP, according to data collected by the National Election Pool, a consortium of the television networks and the Associated Press. That's up from similar polls in elections during the past 14 years, which put the Democratic vote in the 72-78 percent range and Republicans in the 21-26 point range, depending on the year."

2 Jacob Stachel, Gilbert Green (Greenberg), Carl Winter (Philip Carl Weisberg), Irving Potash, Gus Hall (Arvo Mike Halberg), John Gates (Israel Regenstreif).

3 Alexander Bittelman, Sidney Steinberg, Alexander Trachtenberg, Betty Gannet, Louis Weinstock, Marian Maxwel Abt., George B. Charney, Victory Jeremy Jerome, Jacob Mindel, Isidore Begun, Israel Amter, Fred Fine, William Wold Weinstone, William Norman Marron.

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