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What's Happened To The Hate Bill?

By Rev Ted Pike
13 June 2007

After overwhelming passage of the federal anti-hate bill in the House on May 3, 2007, it seemed the Senate version, S. 1105, would as quickly move forward to a vote. Yet S. 1105 has been held back in the Senate Judiciary Committee by other legislative priorities, including difficult issues of immigration, war in Iraq, etc. Very probably, the delay is also due to the need of organized national Jewry to mobilize pressure on President Bush not to veto it. (See, Jews Pressure Bush to Sign Hate Bill)
What’s next? Yesterday I put that question to staffers of Senators Kennedy and Smith, the bill’s sponsors.
Kennedy’s office told me they intend to move the hate bill out of Judiciary and onto the floor of the Senate as soon as possible. Their spokesperson claimed they have the necessary 60 votes for passage. Smith’s office agreed that, although the bill is under the cloud of a threatened Presidential veto, it is straightforward legislation that is not being held back by that threat but will move forward rapidly as soon as space in the docket allows.
Smith’s spokesperson indicated that criticism of the bill as a threat to free speech has been severe but that such objections have been neutralized by an amendment to it which stipulates that nothing in the hate bill could ever threaten guarantees of free speech. This source indicated that a filibuster from the Republicans is expected but voiced the hope that the pro-hate bill majority could invoke cloture. This would limit further debate and pass the bill with only the 51 votes necessary under the cloture rule.
I was also informed that hate bill leaders do not want Judiciary hearings, claiming that hearings in previous sessions of Congress adequately explored and dismissed possible dangers of the hate bill. Clearly, the pro-hate bill forces are afraid of a repeat of the drama and polarization which happened in the House Judiciary Committee earlier.
What if the hate bill passes in the Senate, yet is vetoed by President Bush? These spokesmen told me emphatically that the hate bill would be immediately referred back to the House and Senate and a concerted effort made to pass it by a two-thirds majority, overcoming the Presidential veto. If that fails, I was told, overtures by Smith, Kennedy, and others to the President will be proposed in an effort to craft a compromised hate bill. Senator Smith’s staffer was very familiar with Pres. Bush’s first-term promise to pass a “modified” hate bill. In case of veto, this is a light at the end of the tunnel for the pro-hate bill forces.
My conversations with these staffers indicate that the federal hate bill could spring to life at any time and move forward very rapidly, perhaps as a rider to larger "must pass" legislation. Be assured that when it comes out of Judiciary, headed for a vote in the Senate, it will only be because its backers are confident they have the votes to pass it. When that happens, lovers of truth and free speech must be just as instant to bombard members of the Senate with protests more intense than ever. The National Prayer Network will remain on guard and alert you as soon as this need arises.
Until that time, it is an excellent use of your time to keep calling, first the members of the Senate from your district and state but also all Senators who might possibly be dissuaded from support of the hate bill. These are listed at here at
The issue of immigration amnesty has inspired an avalanche of protest from heartland America, protest which seems to have resulted in another victory for America. Yet, we must not forget the hate bill threat. Let your senators know that you are deeply concerned and that if they vote for it you and your friends will never vote for them again and will do everything in your power to make sure they never return to Congress.
When the people get angry enough, politicians will learn there's a new kind of survivor on Capitol Hill, not one who cuts backroom deals with pressure groups like ADL but one who listens to the will of the constituents and does what they say.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watch dog organization.
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