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Ted Pike Debates Zionists On Christian Radio

By Rev Ted Pike
4 June 2007

In two recent debates on Christian radio, I vehemently took issue with the prevailing evangelical policy of unconditional support of Israel. Last Friday I debated Thor Tolo, prominent Seattle talk show host, and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. This followed a debate I had some weeks ago with Markell and her pastor on her syndicated show, Understanding the Times. You can now listen to both of these debates at
Despite much obfuscation especially by Markell, at issue was a very simple, old-fashioned Biblical idea: God requires obedience before He will bless anyone, Gentile or Jew. Just as Christians cannot get into heaven without daily obedience and trust in God, so Scripture makes it abundantly clear that a nation of Jews cannot dwell in the Holy Land without the same faith. (See, Zionism: American Idol and the video Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance)
This Biblical truth, however, increasingly troubles pro-Zionist evangelicals, especially messianic Jews like Jan Markell. I knew I would be under intense fire and probably be called anti-Semitic for upholding such ethics. Why? Because the Biblical requirement of obedience has enormous religious and geopolitical consequences.
If God still requires obedience from the Jews in order to possess His holy land, then Christ-rejecting Zionist Jews returning in the 20th century cannot be under divine approval. Instead, they constitute the Biblically prophesied counterfeit return described in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Such a spiritually lawless return, Scripture reveals, will not establish the rule of Christ in Jerusalem, but anti-Christ. It will eventually result in Israel's "peace and safety" as she dominates the nations from Jerusalem. However, she is so wicked and profane, Ezekiel tells us, that God is "hiding his face" from her! The prophet says Gentile hordes led by anti-Christ will eventually expel the Jews from Palestine, plunging them into great tribulation. (Ezek. 39:23-29)
Such reversal will again fulfill God's timeless decree that without obedience Israel cannot long dwell in a land dedicated to holiness. Yet, Scripture is clear that a minority of repentant Jews at Christ's second coming will be brought back to Him to occupy the land during the millennium, but only on God's inflexible terms.
Listen to the Tolo-Markell debates. Discuss this issue in your church and on talk radio and the internet. Yes, you may have to endure degrading treatment and be called anti-Semitic, as I was on these broadcasts. But that's nothing new. Jeremiah was roughly treated and called an enemy of his people (an anti-Semite) for also requiring obedience.
What is important is that discussions of what the Bible really teaches about Israel begin all over the world. Such discussions of how God requires faith and obedience, not just of Jews but all of us, could help stimulate national repentance in America. They might also encourage respect for the Biblical truth that no one, not even evil Jewish activists and their leaders, is exempt from criticism.
Open criticism of such conspirators would go a long way toward saving America.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watch dog organization.
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