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Senate May Vote On Hate Bill Week This Week

By Rev Ted Pike
8 May 2007

With breathtaking speed, the federal hate crime bill S. 1105 is moving out of the Senate Judiciary Committee to a possible floor vote in the Senate this week. The Senate website says the bill "may receive floor action this week." The offices of co-sponsors Sen. Gordon Smith and Sen. Edward Kennedy confirm that reality.
Even though the hate bill did not pass the Senate Judiciary Committee in the last session of Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is omitting formal hearings or testimony in Judiciary. Pro-hate bill leaders are clearly nervous about the possibility that contentious Republicans in Judiciary, like presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback, will dramatize troubling objections, as did 11 Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee two weeks ago. They are also nervous about mounting opposition to the hate bill within grassroots Christian/conservative America, an opposition with which Pres. Bush has allied himself, threatening to veto the hate bill.
Reid, Smith, and Kennedy do not want high-drama hearings in Judiciary because such will inspirit Republican senators to unite in opposition, possibly leading to a Republican filibuster. I was told by Kennedy's office that this would be disastrous to the Democrats, an action they probably could not overcome.
So much for "due process" by the Democrats and respect for the wishes of heartland America! Now it's your turn to let the Senate know how you feel about the fast one the pro-hate bill Democrats are pulling.

What You Can Do Today!

Let's smash the hate bill in the Senate! Come to for the 14 Republican Senators who voted for the hate bill in 2004 and 17 Republican Senators who are not declaring themselves. Call them NOW toll free at 1-877-851-6437. Tell them, "Please do not vote for the hate crime bill S. 1105. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and much of Europe."
Once you have called these Republicans and the senators from your state, call Democrats, especially these 10 who are not co-sponsors of this legislation:

* Max Baucus (MT)
* Robert Byrd (WV)
* Herb Kohl (WI)
* Thomas Carper (DE)
* Kent Conrad (ND)
* Byron Dorgan (ND)
* Russell Feingold (WI)
* Mark Pryor (AR)
* John Tester (MT)
* Jim Webb (VA)

No fewer than 14 Democrats saw the light and voted with Republicans against the hate bill last week.
There may also be time to email or fax my powerful brochure Anti-Hate Laws Will Make You a Criminal to the senator from your district.
Don’t neglect to call the White House at 1-202-456-1111. Leave this message: “Thank you, Mr. President, for promising to veto the hate bill. I expect you to also reject any modified hate crime legislation.”
Clearly, the Democrats are panicking. They want to vote before the American people (now contemptuously regarded as suspect "citizen lobbyists") can influence our senators against the most dangerous legislation ever to come before Congress.
But I don't think the American people are going to be pushed aside, not this time. Our response to Democrat high-handedness can be even faster -- as quick as a call, email, or fax.
Take action! Save freedom now!


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watch dog organization.
Let the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians:
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