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Senate Best Bet For Hate Bill Defeat

By Rev Ted Pike
1 May 2007

I am gratified that many Christian/conservative organizations and tens of thousands of freedom-loving Americans are focusing their concern on the House of Representatives as it prepares to vote on the anti-hate bill H.R. 1592 this Thursday.
Yet let's face reality: Within the last 2 weeks, the Democrat majority of the Oregon legislature voted unwaveringly to mock the will of the people, passing pro-homosexual S.B. 2. Similarly, the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee scorned Republican concerns, approving H.R. 1592 last week. We may expect the same in the House this Thursday. Not only do pro-hate bill Democrats have 34 more votes than the Republicans, but at least several dozen Republicans are probably committed to vote for the hate bill. This means that in order to even have a tie in the House more than 55 members would have to cancel their pledge to vote for the hate bill. Not a good possibility.

Hope in the Senate

An extremely different reality exists in the Senate. The pro-hate bill forces may have as many as 65 votes, more than the 60 necessary to win. This includes about 14 Republicans; but if 6 Republicans are dissuaded from supporting the hate bill, S. 1105 will not pass. The federal hate bill would be destroyed, at least for this session of Congress.
Even though the hate bill S. 1105 is not scheduled for hearings this week, I was told by a pro-hate bill staffer that, according to the discretion of prime movers like Sens. Reid and Leahy, it could be moved forward very rapidly next week, with virtually no advance notice.
Do we wait until Thursday evening, after probable defeat in the House, before we turn our protest to the Senate? I think that could well be too late.
Since the Senate, not the House, is where our greatest hope lies, I believe it is necessary NOW to devote a sizable portion of our efforts to winning Senate Republicans back. There are 14 Senate Republicans still in office who voted for the hate bill in 2004. Here are 12 who might be persuaded to come back to reality:

• Alexander, Lamar (TN)
• Bennett, Robert (UT)
• Coleman, Norm (MN)
• Collins, Susan (ME)
• Ensign, John (NV)
• Gregg, Judd (NH)
• Lugar, Richard (IN)
• Murkowski, Lisa (AK)
• Snowe, Olympia (ME)
• Stevens, Ted (AK)
• Voinovich, George (OH)
• Warner, John (VA)

In addition, there are 17 Republican Senators whose stand is either unclear or unannounced. The pro-hate bill forces are working hard to persuade them to vote with the Democrats. Lovers of freedom must work even harder to keep them from succumbing. These possible "fence-straddlers" are:

• Allard, Wayne (CO)
• Bond, Christopher (MO)
• Bunning, Jim (KY)
• Burr, Richard (NC)
• Crapo, Michael (ID)
• Dole, Elizabeth (NC)
• Domenici, Pete (NM)
• Graham, Lindsey (SC)
• Hagel, Chuck (NE)
• Hutchison, Kay (TX)
• Martinez, Mel (FL)
• McCain, John (AZ)
• Roberts, Pat (KS)
• Sununu, John (NH)
• Thomas, Craig (WY)
• Thune, John (SD)
• Vitter, David (LA)

Call all of the above immediately. Don't be shy about calling again in the weeks ahead.
Toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call toll 1-202-225-3121.
If you are a constituent of any of the above, it is vitally important that you send them and their influential 8 to 10 legislative aides my powerful flyer Anti-Hate Laws Will Make YOU a Criminal. There is evidence that this flyer, sent to legislative aides, has powerfully motivated members of the House to action (although such may be too late).
I am not suggesting that we stop our offensive in the House. Call your House member immediately also. But, as every army must fight not only on the front but also protect its flanks and rear guard, so we must be proactive to carry the battle to the Senate now. How foolish we would feel if, having spent a full week concentrating on the House and being defeated, we were suddenly faced with an imminent vote in the Senate and had done little to persuade crucial Republicans. I believe that with the exception of Sen. Smith and Sen. Specter, Republicans who have strayed, if overwhelmed by the will of the people, can cancel their promises to ADL and the gay lobby in favor of those who have power to vote them out of office. Call each of the above 31 Senators and tell them:
Please don't vote for hate crime bill S. 1105. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and many European countries.
Add this stern warning to Senators from your state:
If you vote for hate laws, I and my friends will never vote for you again.
The above lists are posted at The legislative aides are listed with the Republican Senators also. Any Senator not listed opposes the hate bill already.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian /conservative watchdog organization.
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