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House Will Vote on Hate Bill Soon!

By Rev Ted Pike
18 April 2007

On April 17, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime heard testimony for and against the federal anti-hate bill, H.R. 1592. Today, I was a guest on Janet Folger's radio program ( with Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute ( Dacus testified at length in Judiciary against this legislation. He told us he encountered "hostility" from members of the subcommittee. They argued that the federal hate bill would not erode free speech but merely empower the government to put down violent physical hate crimes.
Although, as of today, more hearings are not officially scheduled for the beginning of next week, Dacus will remain in the capitol to testify in hearings he is sure will come. He and Folger, along with a recent WorldNetDaily article, contend that the hate bill is now on fast track to a vote in the House as early as the latter part of next week.
Clearly, a double-pronged attack on freedom is in high gear in both House and Senate. Lovers of freedom must protest NOW to the Senator and House member from your district. Call 1-877-851-6437 or 202-225-3121.
No hate bill has been in the Senate until last Thursday. As a result, the Senate is undereducated concerning the hate bill threat. It is vital to call all members of the Senate, especially those who are not the most hardened liberals. Send my powerful flyer Anti-Hate Laws Will Make You a Criminal to your Senator and their 8-10 influential legislative aides (available at
Pro-hate bill forces in the Senate seem to have the necessary 60 votes to pass S. 1105. We must remember, however, that 9 Republicans have joined them -- Republicans who, under relentless pressure from their constituents this week, might come back to the Republican fold. If only 2 succumb to our protest, fearing failure to be re-elected, the hate bill will be destroyed in both House and Senate for this term of Congress.
Keep phoning and sending emails or faxes! Call repeatedly. The fate of freedom and our republic depends upon what you do before next week.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian /conservative watchdog organization.
Go to to watch Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, Rev. Pike's expose of how the Anti-Defamation League has fomented Christian-persecuting hate laws worldwide.
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