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Alone Against the
"Peace Department" Bill

By Rev Ted Pike
10 April 2007

Four weeks ago, I sounded the alarm against the “Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act,” H.R. 808, now preoccupying four committees of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Like Oregon’s pro-homosexual S.B.2, to be voted on Tuesday, H.R. 808 authorizes a national “anti-bias” educational program to prevent school children from falling victim to Christian “prejudice” against homosexuality. Funded by 8.4 billion of your tax dollars annually, the U.S. Department of Peace aspires to achieve “peaceful coexistence” between Christians and homosexuals – not by repentance of sodomites but by abandonment of Christian “judgmental” values.
To my knowledge, no national Christian/conservative organization has joined me in warning against H.R. 808. Is it because they cannot really believe that legislation promoting “peace” can be so bad? They should read their Bibles and be reminded that anti-Christ will conquer the whole world through a similar global “peace” offensive (Daniel 8:25).
With the House of Representatives back in session, Speaker Pelosi can call for a vote on H.R. 808 immediately. She and other prominent Democrats have spoken in favor of it on the House floor. The bill enjoys 62 co-sponsors.
If this Orwellian legislation should pass the Democrat-controlled House without a whimper from the religious right, how foolish we would feel!
It is very late to begin opposition to H.R. 808, but still not too late. We must take action NOW.

Here’s what you can do:

Read my article Department of Peace Does Violence to Christian Values. (See, 'Department of Peace' Does Violence to Christian Values) Post it widely on the internet.

By phone, email, or fax strongly protest H.R. 808 and the other “thought crimes” bills, H.R. 1592 and H.R. 984, to your member of the House of Representatives. Send my powerful flyer against H.R. 808 to your House member and their 8 to 10 legislative aides. (available at

With peace sentiment prevailing among the Democrat-controlled House, and little opposition from the right, this evil bill could pass. But if we speak out TODAY we still have a chance to prevent it from making our children into sodomites tomorrow.


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