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By Rev Ted Pike
26 Mar 2007

Few things impact us as powerfully and lastingly as the laws made by our government. Yet there has been a chronic lack of warning to the American people of bad legislation about to pass. This includes the 3 federal thought crimes bills in Congress, now threatening our personal freedom. (See, Truthteller's Action Plan)
But this silence is being filled.
In mid November, the National Prayer Network sounded the alarm that, with Democrats controlling Congress, the federal hate bill would surely be introduced and passed. The response was stunning. In just 3 days, more than 8000 visitors from linked to and printed our brochure, "Anti-Hate Laws Will Make You a Law Breaker!" These brochures dispersed like seeds in the wind to Congress and around the country. Many thousands more have since been printed and distributed.
This strong moral protest came primarily from "far right" listeners to alternative talk radio and the internet. Unfortunately, the vastly greater population of conservatives and Christian evangelicals remained virtually oblivious to the hate bill threat. In fact, in mid February, 6 weeks after the federal hate bill "David's Law," H.R. 254, had been introduced, our survey of 10 of the largest new right organizations revealed most had either no article warning of the hate bill or only modest statements, usually buried from public view. None dramatized the hate bill threat with enough urgency to rouse evangelicals into a fighting machine that could defeat this massive Democrat-sponsored legislation.

NPN's Agent behind Evangelical Lines

Enter Guy Adams, previous national deputy grassroots director and writer for Alan Keyes and his organization, Renew America.1 Adams, a former bodyguard for Barack Obama and Alan Keyes, is the friend or acquaintance of most new right leaders. About a year ago he visited and was electrified by our presentation of hate law dangers. In many conversations over the past year, I have helped educate him concerning hate law origins, theory, and consequences. Throughout this winter he emailed my hate laws flyer and other alerts to his 8000-member mailing list and worked overtime to awaken the new right. To everyone he recommends
Yet 6 weeks after H.R. 254 was introduced, it seemed like all Guy's behind-the-scene efforts were not producing much action. When NPN could find no hate bill alert on American Family Association's website, I told Guy, who knows Rev. Don Wildmon, that he must warn Wildmon immediately. Guy discovered that, just like leaders of most new right organizations, Wildmon and his son knew nothing of a hate bill in Congress! That quickly changed as AFA visited and emailed a powerful warning to their 3 million members. They inspired an estimated 2 million communications of protest to Congress.

Focus on the Family Warns of Conyers' Threat

Soon after, Guy and I held a 3-way discussion with Amanda Banks, legal analyst for Dr. James Dobson. She told us of Rep. Conyers' likely plan to use H.R. 254 as a "decoy" to absorb hate bill criticism. After it had served its purpose, she said, he would insert his longer stiffer version of the bill (H.R. 2662, which passed the House in the previous Congress) and shoot it forward to passage in the House.
Banks said Dr. Dobson was afraid if he immediately called for protest against H.R. 254 that when Conyers introduced his longer bill, protest from the religious right would be exhausted. I urged her that NOW was the time to join AFA and mount an attack. I reminded her that in the previous Congress the hate bill passed in only 45 minutes! Banks said she would convey my concern to Dr. Dobson. The next day Focus on the Family called for massive protest.
For the past month, lovers of freedom have watched the House Judiciary Committee intently to see if Conyers would reintroduce his Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (LLEHCPA, now H.R. 1592).
Last Tuesday the Anti-Defamation League, architect of hate laws worldwide, announced it had happened. On Wednesday my e-alert was sent to all major new right organizations. I also called Guy, who immediately contacted such groups as AFA and Renew America even before my e-alert arrived.
Within half a day, AFA again alerted its 3 million members. Within a few days, alerts against Conyers' bill appeared on the websites of Traditional Values Coalition, Renew America and Focus on the Family.

WorldNetDaily Alerts Nation

The quickness of these organizations to heed my call to action is largely a result, I believe, of credibility our efforts gained from CNS News Service and, even more, WorldNetDaily. In 3 recent articles WND quoted me extensively. Their most recent article heightened the national drama of Conyers' projected attempt to "pull a fast one" on the American people.
Their stories may also have influenced national Christian/conservative talk show host Janet Folger to invite me last Thursday to help explain the hate bill threat on her syndicated show Faith2Action. For a dynamic hour, Folger and I vivified the hate bill threat to a very large evangelical Christian audience. She broadcasts on 27 radio markets, plus internet, and features 1-minute commentary on 70 stations. (Listen to Ted Pike and Janet Folger.)
About a year ago I became aware of Folger when she debated the abortion issue at ultraliberal Reed College near us in Portland, Oregon. A group of college students from my congregation, including writer Harmony Grant, heard her and were very impressed by this attractive and formidable bearcat of a Christian/conservative apologist. They talked with her afterward and added her to our e-list. I was grateful when she told me on the air that she reads our e-alerts. She now links Faith2Action ( to, as we link to her.
Certainly, Folger is more passionate and unrelenting in opposition to the hate bill than any other new right leader. She features repeated dynamic broadcasts against hate laws that educate her audience and generate countless calls to Congress. She has produced several gripping infomercials featuring two of the grandmothers from the Philly 11, who tell of their imprisonment for preaching the Gospel. They warn that federal hate bill H.R. 1592 will bring persecution to America. Janet is in a fundraising drive to air these one-minute spots on Fox Television, a very expensive but worthy project, bringing criticism of the hate bill to millions. I urge you to contribute at

New Openness in Religious Right

Today, many are increasingly disenchanted with "born again" President Bush, mainstream Republican conservatism, and right wing "establishment" talk show hosts. These, for all their loquacity, seem helpless to stem the tide of evil against America. More and more evangelicals listen to the alternative Christian message of This includes my many broadcasts on talk radio, faithfully made possible by talk show hosts primarily of the Genesis and Republic radio networks. I have been promised repeated interviews with Pat Kiley's Follow the Money program (80 stations), largely on Christian Salem Radio. Charlie Butts of U.S.A. Radio recently interviewed me, requesting further updates. I am scheduled for a 1-to-2-hour discussion/debate of our duty to Israel on a nationally syndicated Christian radio show next month. Thanks to Christ's grace, the internet, and the moderate Biblically balanced message of NPN, the whole truth is increasingly being received by thousands of evangelicals.
And not a moment too soon! Despite millions of protests against the hate bill in Congress, Rep. Conyers and ADL will not let the hate bill die in committee. By moving it forward, they reveal confidence that they have the power to cajole, bribe, or blackmail enough votes to pass their hate bill. The danger remains very great.
Who will prevail? Biblical reality and national revival, or the forces of anti-Christ led by ADL and its freedom-crushing hate laws? Only God knows.
Now is the time for each of us to speak out to our elected representatives, our church, and our community as never before. If a sleeping city is surrounding by an approaching hostile army, it only takes one tiny terrier barking on the wall to rouse the city's leaders (and all the other sleeping watchdogs) and bring deliverance.
Today, that terrier is you and I.


1 Guy Adams is working hard to radically improve communications between new right organizations. He wants to create a non-obligating coalition of such groups, whose leaders will share vital warnings and concerns with each other. With such lines of communication always open, each organization will be free to deliver alerts to their constituents in their own language as they see fit. Christian/conservative leaders, join Guy's coalition! Go to or

Read Rep. Conyers’ new hate bill, H.R. 1592, (S. 1145) with commentary by Rev. Ted Pike at Learn how it will establish a “bias motivation” justice system for America and unite federal with local law enforcement, helping create a police state.
Take action NOW. Protest to your House member at 1-877-851-6437. Pelosi and Conyers’ could send this bill to a vote in the House as early as this week.
TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject! Call 503-631-3808.

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