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By Rev Ted Pike
12 Mar 2007

.An extremely important new flyer is available at! It exposes Rep. Henry Waxman’s ominous speech control bill, H.R. 984. Already passed by his Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Waxman’s bill may be inserted into the new House version of the Lobby Reform bill and passed by Democrats within days.
Do you love your freedom? Protest now to the members of Congress from your district, plus any more members you can possibly call. Also send my flyer to the 8-10 influential legislative aides of your House member. (All members and aides are available at
If we can move faster than Pelosi and the Democrats, we can kill H.R. 984. Public scrutiny and derision can defeat this bill, just as it destroyed Levin and Lieberman’s Sec. 220 of the Lobby Reform Bill.
But unless we act now, the House will pass H.R. 984. Members of Congress, like Waxman’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, will pass insane legislation if left to themselves.
Come to for everything you need to deliver another sledgehammer blow against the new world order!

Preview of Flyer against Lobby Reform Bill:

Download Printable Version Here

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