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By Rev Ted Pike
9 Mar 2007

.Good news from Congress! Onerous Sec. 220 of the Senate’s Lobby Reform bill, defeated by the providence of God and the political and religious right in January, has been omitted from Pelosi’s new House version. This does not exclude possible Democratic attempts to reattach it in some form during the upcoming conference between the House and Senate. Yet, Sec. 220, with its ambition to impose crushing paperwork requirements on small Christian/conservative activists (on penalty of $100,000 fine) seems defeated -- at least for this session of Congress.

New Threat Emerges

But how does liberal Jewish activism, epitomized by senators Carl Levin and Joe Lieberman, sponsors of Sec. 220, respond to the amputation of this arm of their Orwellian “thought crimes” agenda? Like the starfish, they grow another! Fellow Jewish activist Rep. Henry Waxman has now introduced similar legislation, just as sinister, to take its place in the Lobby Reform bill. Waxman’s “Executive Branch Reform Act," H.R. 984, would bring the democratic process to a crawl, not just on the grassroots level but at its furthest extreme, among more than 9,000 employees of the executive branch of government. Waxman contends every American is a “citizen lobbyist,” whose pointed comments or suggestions to the federal government should be carefully recorded and then made public. In Waxman’s brave new world, Joe Q. Citizen is no longer viewed as a welcome source of input to the federal government. Rather, only Waxman and select colleagues, primarily in Congress, the intelligence community, and the military, are allowed to communicate freely with one another. The common American is viewed as a potential source of unhealthy opinions (i.e., grassroots lobbying efforts).
Because of such potential "corruption" of federal officials by heartland America, H.R. 984 will require all members of the executive branch to keep records of every call from concerned citizens. Such federal employees must even keep records of conversations during work or at a bar after work or even from their spouses in bed -- input which might be construed as desiring to influence national policy. These records must include names, date, and detailed information about the content of each conversation.
Every quarter those federal employees must file a mountain of documentation with the government. Failure to report accurately and on time means, at minimum, loss of their job. It can also mean a $50,000 fine.
The federal government will then take this data and publish it for the world to see. This, Waxman contends, is “openness in government.” H.R. 984 means the government, which should be responsive to free petition, comment and criticism from the American people, will find its paperwork obligations so burdensome that the only way to govern will be by isolation from the public. This sinister legislation demolishes free exchange between citizens and those who govern, helping create a “big brother” police state. The government will know everything about us while we would be afraid to raise our heads in comment or protest for fear of even greater federal control over our lives.

Preparing for Takeover

In early January when I sounded the first alarms on radio and internet against Sec. 220, I warned that, if passed, the bill’s promoters would ask for even more than crushing paperwork requirements on all grassroots organizations: They would demand registration of everyone who petitions Congress. H.R. 984 comes pretty close to that. (For a much fuller discussion of the absurd and yet frightening implications of this bill, go to the National Right to Life Committee’s excellent article at
Some might reply, “It’s high time the federal government began to suffer under overwhelming paperwork obligations just like they have imposed on us!” Yet this legislation will do nothing to humble government or create equality in the public process. Instead, it will dramatically hasten federal involvement in our daily lives at every level.
In the years preceding the communist revolutions in Russia, China and Cuba, revolutionaries quietly gathered the names and detailed personal information on every potential opponent. When revolution finally came, they knew exactly whom to liquidate. Over a 150 million were slaughtered. The Anti-Defamation League has a long and tawdry history of secretly and illegally gathering the names of tens of thousands of its political opponents, including Christian /conservatives, pro-lifers and Muslims. Levin, Lieberman, Waxman, and a host of other activist Jews in Congress are all part of ADL’s inner circle. There can be no doubt that legislation which intends to identify every potential opponent has only one object in mind: to empower elimination of those opponents when such Jewish activists take over, as they did in Russia in 1917.

Stop Waxman Before It's Too Late

Nancy Pelosi wants to pass her new lobby reform bill, including H.R. 984, immediately. It is vital NOW to call the House member from your district, plus as many other House members as possible (names available at Give them the following message: “Please do not pass Rep. Waxman’s bill H.R. 984, which requires executive branch officials to report all their conversations with concerned Americans. This violates our First Amendment rights as well as the right of petition.” The toll free number is 1-877-851-6437. (Toll is 1-202-224-3121.)
Massive protest defeated Levin and Lieberman’s Sec. 220. Now, intense protest can kill its replacement. H.R. 984 has already passed Waxman’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform by a vote of 20-0! If it is inserted quietly in the House version of the Lobby Reform bill and passed by the House and Senate to become law, I will hold to my prediction: Jewish activists in Congress will legislate for yet another cinch of the noose -- requiring that everyone who proposes to call Congress even once must register as a “citizen lobbyist.” Failure to comply: $50,000 fine. Penalty for repeated offenses: prison.


The incredible story of how ADL accumulates extensive lists of tens of thousands of Americans who might oppose them is detailed in Rev. Ted Pike’s video, “Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians,” which can be viewed free of charge at It is also available in VHS or DVD at, for $24.90, postpaid. It can be ordered by credit card at 971-645-6751.
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