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By Rev Ted Pike
1 Mar 2007

My last e-alert suggested federal hate bill H.R. 254, now in House Judiciary, might be a decoy meant to absorb opposition from the right before being replaced with The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (LLEHCPA), an even worse hate bill.
LLEHCPA, to be introduced by House Judiciary chairman Rep. John Conyers, passed the House in 2005. Buttressed by a host of co-sponsors and virtually untainted by criticism, it could be sped forward to passage by a gullible House (See, "Conyers May Introduce New Hate Bill in Congress").
.H.R. 254, The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act, certainly could act as a decoy, but I don't think it was first intended that way. It's a carefully worded, streamlined version of LLEHCPA. I think its author, the Anti-Defamation League, fully intended and would still like to pass it, but has been largely frustrated by outraged protest from millions of Americans.
Only 4 pages long, H.R. 254 is a trim fighting machine. Although missing some aspects of LLEHCPA, 1 H.R. 254 would be enough to make ADL's sinister dream come true; it would establish a bias-oriented (not fact-oriented) justice system in America and unite federal and local law enforcement into one giant police state from Oregon to Maine.
Though briefer, this bill also contains a very frightening provision for federal involvement in states' prevention of hate crimes (sec. 7). This clause isn't part of Conyers’ legislation.
If passed, H.R. 254 would give ADL unlimited privilege to educate, supervise and command state law enforcement, backed by federal authority. Such clout would far exceed even their present influence. (ADL already enjoys federal, state, and local educational and statistic-gathering privileges within law enforcement.)

We Forced a Change!

As early as 6 weeks ago, callers to members of the House Judiciary were told protest to H.R. 254 was heavy. Some staffers even expressed doubt that, considering the drubbing H.R. 254 was taking, it would even get out of Judiciary.
In my opinion, H.R. 254 was indeed "plan A." But it soon became so damaged by calls and flyers (primarily from listeners to far right talk radio and readers of that its backers had to develop new strategy. Focus on the Family recently intercepted Conyers' private "dear colleague" letter to select liberals in the House. Along with my recent alert, this exposure deprived Conyers of the secrecy necessary to plan B. If he perseveres, Conyers will have to subvert millions of American's wishes under the watch of many eyes -- clearly not the preferable course of action.
Still, mainstream media is virtually silent on this issue. The vast majority of Americans remain oblivious to the existence of the hate bill in Congress, or how it dangles like the blade of a guillotine over our precious and vulnerable liberty. The House remains dominated by Democrats who need only a simple majority to pass any legislation. Danger remains very great.
.With Democrats in control of Congress for the next 2 years, Conyers and Pelosi might wait until the storm dies down. In fact, they could wait 6 months or even more and then take rapid action.
Now more than ever, "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." These are the terms of warfare today, as organized world Jewry, through ADL and also the Democratic party, is in a final offensive to end free speech and, with it, all opposition to its worldwide control. It is throwing all its weapons against traditional Christian civilization: filthy movies and TV, promotion of homosexuality and pornography, attack on the symbols, values, and beliefs of Christianity, encouragement of unrestrained immigration, and, not least, exhaustion of America in Mideast wars that benefit only Israel. More boldly than ever, Jewish activists introduce incredibly perverse and restrictive legislative attacks on freedom. Their goal is world control -- soon.
.And while Jewish activists are urging each other to contact Congress and support the hate bill, its protestors seem weary. Disappointingly, protest of hate crimes legislation has slowed to a trickle.
If lovers of freedom do not continue to call, fax, email, or write their elected representatives and members of the House Judiciary, pro-hate bill sentiment could yet prevail.
We must now invest, long-term, in the education of Congress and America against hate laws. Make sure the influential legislative aides of your Senators and member of the House have received my flyer, available at, "Anti-hate Laws Will Make You a Criminal." Please send this flyer to your friends, family, church, and acquaintances. Write to your local paper. Write to the Washington Post! We need to make "anti-hate law" known as the oxymoron that it is. This legislation should be a dirty word in America, considering its proven freedom-stealing results around the world!
.We have already powerfully impacted Congress, especially the House Judiciary members. We should be encouraged -- but not relax our vigilance and activism. NPN will keep a close watch to see if H.R. 254 has been approved in House Judiciary, or if Conyers has introduced LLEHCPA. Pelosi could soon introduce LLEHCPA into the House, bypassing Judiciary. When any of the above happens, we will sound the alarm.
America's response to Congress must be instant and overwhelming. We can still save freedom, but it’s going to take a new breed of freedom fighter to make it happen.
In 1776 such were called “the minute men.”


1 LLEHCPA allows the government to intervene in state hate crimes trials if the government does not like the proceedings or verdict (Sec. 7 (a)B(2)[5]). It gives the federal government the unprecedented right to prosecute any crime of violence or a felony in the states, even crimes unrelated to bias (Sec. 4 (a)(1)(A, B)). It also gives the government the outlandish privilege of sentencing life imprisonment to a straight male who, biased against women, attempts to rape a transvestite he mistakes for a woman (Sec. 7[2]a-II). H.R. 254 was designed without these extreme requests, which might have complicated its passage.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
Call any member of Congress toll free at 1-877-851-6437.
Get a quick education on the hate law threat, come to to watch Rev. Ted Pike’s “Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians.” This gripping documentary is available at in DVD or VHS for $24.90 postpaid.
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