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By Rev. Ted Pike
21 Feb 2006

On February 20, 2006 historian David Irving was convicted by an Austrian court for the thought crime of questioning the six million figure of the Holocaust. He also "recanted" his previous skepticism that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill millions of Jews. Sentence: three years in prison.
Irving's humiliation is reminiscent of how Galileo, another great seeker of the truth, in order to escape torture and imprisonment, was forced to deny what he knew to be fact -- that the earth revolved around the sun.
Who is behind this new thought crime medievalism that is descending upon the world? Who are the inquisitors that are opening the doors of this arctic clamp-down on free speech?
They are descendants of the same Jews who financed and masterminded the conquest of Russia in 1917.1 Such made it a speech crime, punishable by death, for a Russian to identify as Jewish any of the 4,000 Jewish revolutionaries ruling Russia.
It meant a death sentence in 1918 to question "Soviet reality" by suggesting that it was primarily Jews, not the people of Russia, who deposed the czar. Similarly, after World War II, the forces of ADL/B'nai B'rith descended on Germany and Austria and made it a crime punishable by imprisonment to deny "Holocaust reality" -- that six million Jews were killed upon Hitler's orders, very largely through gas chambers.
The Zionist "new medievalism" since that time has created hate crimes bureaucracies throughout the western world. In Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., these new Torquemadas enforce incredibly severe penalties against those who criticize federally protected groups, particularly homosexuals and Jews. Questioning the six million figure of the Holocaust is considered defamation of the Jewish dead. It is a hate crime tantamount to pushing over gravestones in a cemetery or spray-painting them with swastikas.

Many Victims of ADL Hate Laws

David Irving, while now feeling the crushing weight of the thought crimes jackboot, is actually only the most famous of many whose lives have been devastated under indictment by ADL/B'nai B'rith thought crimes laws worldwide.
Here are some of the victims, past and present:

• Doug Collins, B.C. columnist, spent $200,000 before his death defending himself against the charge of questioning the Holocaust figures.

• Malcolm Ross, New Brunswick teacher and evangelical Christian, was financially and professionally devastated for alleging a "Zionist conspiracy."

• Scott Brockie, Ontario printer and evangelical Christian, was bankrupted after spending over $170,000 defending himself against the hate crime of refusing to print pro-homosexual literature.

• Hugh Owens, Saskatchewan evangelical Christian, was fined over $6,000 for printing in the local newspaper several Bible verses critical of homosexuality.

• Germar Rudolph, German scientist, was recently deported from America to a German prison for the thought crime of questioning the figures and methods of the Holocaust.

• Rev. Ake Green, Swedish evangelical pastor, was convicted and sentenced to a month in prison for the hate crime of reading Scriptures critical of homosexuality in his church. His conviction was overturned largely as a result of world outrage.

• Rev. Anthony Grigor-Scott, Australian evangelical pastor (, is now under indictment for the hate crime of alleging a Zionist conspiracy.

• Rev. Steven Boissin, Canadian evangelical pastor, is now threatened with thousands of dollars of fines for the hate crime of criticizing homosexuality. • Bill Whatcott, Canadian evangelical Christian, is under two indictments for criticizing homosexuality. He faces potential fines of more than $35,000.

• The "Philadelphia 11," evangelical Christians, were arrested on October 10, 2004 for eight charges including the hate crime of witnessing to homosexuals. Their acquittal freed them from prison time of up to 47 years and fines of $80,000 each.

New Federal Bill Hate Bill Looming

In the United States, ADL's Orwellian anti-hate bill could be reintroduced in Congress at any time. It has been narrowly defeated in years past but enjoys overwhelming support among members of Congress. The Jewish newspaper Forward warns its readers against mounting evangelical opposition to the hate bill. Yet it is optimistic: "...the hate crimes bill stands its best chance of passage in a half-decade..." 2

The Coming Storm

The conviction of David Irving is a chilling wake-up call that hate crimes laws and international enforcement of them are not going to go away. They are vital to the ADL/B'nai B'rith master plan for eventual triumph over Christian civilization.
Proponents of hate laws say they protect all ethnic groups and religions equally. Actually, in Canada, the record shows that over the last 35 years such laws have left Christians undefended against bias crimes. In contrast, they have vigorously protected homosexuals and Jews.
ADL hate laws are responsible for the imprisonment of David Irving today.
They intend the same for you and me tomorrow.

End Notes:

1 This is fully documented in my 345-page book Israel: Our Duty…Our Dilemma, available at or by calling 503-631-3808.

2 . Forward, January 6, 2006, "Right Fights a Hate-crimes Measure."


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