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By Rev. Ted Pike
23 June 2005

Since its founding in 1913, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has enjoyed almost mythical powers of intimidation against public figures who might criticize it. Congressman John R. Rarrick wrote in the Congressional Record:

“…the world’s largest spy network, the ADL - the Anti-Defamation League - is either too powerful to be curbed by Congress or too well embedded to be mentioned (by Congress) or to come under scrutiny.”

Rarrick quotes Senator Jack B. Tenney of California, who said, “The CIA and FBI are tinker toys compared to the ADL.” “We are beginning to understand something of the magnitude of the ADL’s operations. We are beginning to appreciate the vast spy network sprawling over the nation and throughout the whole world. Our imagination is staggered by its apparent control of the avenues of communication.” “Their secret agents spy upon American citizens. Extensive files and dossiers are compiled on those with whom they disagree. Through their multitudinous controls of the media of communication, they are capable of destroying reputations and silencing all rebuttal.” (Congressional Record, Dec. 6, 1971)


The year 2004 was, undoubtedly, the year of greatest ADL threat to freedom and free speech in history.
While the religious/political far right was mesmerized by the Kerry-Bush debate, the dangers of the Patriot Act, and conspiracy theories about 9-11, the nation came within a breath of becoming an Orwellian anti-hate bureaucracy identical to Canada. A Big Brother “thought police” state, such as the ADL created north of us, would have ended our free speech and free speech talk radio. Would have, that is, if God had not intervened and caused the ADL to make a series of pivotal blunders.
During 2004, the ADL’s Orwellian federal anti-hate bill, “The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act,” enjoyed overwhelming support in Congress. On June 15th, the Senate voted 65 to 33 in favor of passage. On Sept. 28th, the House voted symbolically, via procedural motion, 213 to 186 in its favor.
Yet, as with the Spanish Armada that came against England in the 16th century, God caused the winds of fate to blow against the ADL, prompting it to make tactical blunders. These have impeded its goal to end free speech and hasten persecution of Christians.
ADL mistake # 1: In the spring of 2004, with a large majority in both Senate and House favoring the hate bill, the ADL should have boldly introduced it. It would almost certainly have passed. Nevertheless, dreading possible debate in the House and Senate, the ADL decided to play it safe. On June 15th, the hate bill was attached as an inconspicuous “rider,” Amendment 3183, buried in a huge federal arms bill, HR 4200.
This maneuver postponed passage until the fall, when the House, in conference with the Senate, would decide whether Amendment 3183 would be included as “pork” in the arms bill or be cut off.
As a result, I gained an extremely precious period of nearly four months to call personally more than 1300 talk radio stations and rouse an extensive radio talk show campaign against Amendment 3183.
Through the help of a small “Gideon’s band” of national talk show hosts, including Bill Brumbaugh, Pastor Ernie Sanders, and the late Dr. David Wolfe, we trumpeted the alarm via dozens of broadcasts across America. An oblivious church and public became moderately educated and protested loudly, strengthening the inclination of a minority of House Republican leaders against the hate bill. Amendment 3183 was cut off from the arms bill, defeated in conference on Oct. 8th.
ADL mistake # 2: Seething with anger at once more losing to the religious right, the ADL, through its national executive board member, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, lashed back. She arrested eleven Philadelphia Christians for the “hate crime” of singing and preaching peacefully at a gay pride event on Oct. 10th.
The Christians were charged with eight crimes, including violation of the ADL’s Pennsylvania “anti-hate” law - crimes carrying a maximum of 47 years in prison and $90,000.00 for each defendant. As a consequence of the resulting public outrage, I was able, on more than 50 talk shows, to focus the light of public scrutiny on the ADL and its hate laws agenda.
ADL mistake # 3: Although bloodied by public anger resulting from the Philadelphia public relations disaster, the ADL still had the audacity to re-introduce their hate bill, HR 259, into the House on Jan. 6th, 2005. Yet, fearing further exposure, they avoided all publicity.
This new threat provided me, again, with a powerful tailwind, which allowed me to be heard on many more national talk shows, dramatizing the dangers of federal anti-hate legislation and perpetuating the momentum of public outrage.
Instead of the easy passage the ADL had been confident of a year earlier, re-introduction of their hate bill turned out to be a wasted effort. It dead-ended in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime – a committee composed largely of Republican Congressmen of the same persuasion that defeated the hate bill on Oct. 8th.
ADL mistake # 4: Even though Congress has at last become mildly sensitized against hate crimes legislation, the ADL, is desperate to push forward. Their goal is ending free speech and persecuting Christians. On May 26th, they re-introduced their hate bill into the House in an even more radical form. One of the most incredible demands of this new bill, HR 2662, is that special federal protection be given to male female- impersonators as “women,” when they are verbally threatened by men!
I’ll admit, things had been getting a little slow since the Oct. 10th excitement – that is, until ADL has again served me, on a platter, an even more outrageous hate bill! A number of national talk show hosts, including Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller, Jerry Hughes, and Rick Adams, have already, as a result, given me extensive interviews. More bookings are filling up the next weeks.
Every one of these appearances prejudices tens of thousands more Americans against the ADL and the whole idea of hate crime laws.


It has been said, “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Truly, the winds of the gods are blowing against the ADL.
It is time for talk show hosts to catch this “divine wind” - the same wind that drove the Spanish Armada aground. Together, with God’s help, we can cause to founder an organization that Senator Tenney called “the world’s most powerfull gestapo.”
God has given us three major victories over the ADL during the past year. If we join together in pursuit of the ADL, like Gideon’s band after the Midianites, we can destroy its credibility. The world will view it with derision. We can make it more of a liability to Jewry than an asset.
In doing so, we can stop up its legislative sewage. This will go very far toward saving America.
It’s time for the ADL to go the way of Tyrannosaurus Rex.


The ADL is lobbying hard for passage of HR 2662 – legislation that will not only end free speech, but free speech talk radio. ADL still has tremendous power in Congress. All it might take is one outrageous hate crime, such as a homosexual being dragged to death behind a pickup, to ignite ADL-assisted national outrage, stampeding Congress into quickly passing HR 2662.
We must lay a foundation of education that will help resist storms of “anti-hate hysteria in the years ahead. The best way to do that is to read the articles against hate laws at and purchase online Rev. Ted Pike’s gripping video documentary, ”Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians” for $24.90.
Show this video everywhere you can, especially in your church.
This video is free to talk show hosts who request it.

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