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Are You On the ADL's `Hit List'?

By Rev. Ted Pike
3 March 2005

In 1993, the San Francisco District Attorney revealed that the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith illegally possessed more than 10,000 names and confidential information concerning right-wing Christians, conservatives and Moslems in America.
The ADL had used spies to penetrate secret police files, as well as creating their own lists of Christians. These Christians may have done nothing more than write a letter to the editor expressing a Christian, conservative viewpoint, or have criticized Israel.
Why had the ADL been keeping such secret files? What possible reason did they have for compiling the most detailed information on Christians and conservatives?
Long before Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, or Castro slaughtered and imprisoned millions of Christians in Russia, China, and Cuba, they compiled exhaustive lists of potential adversaries. When revolution finally came, they went down these lists, killing and imprisoning all opposition.
As the world saw so shockingly on Oct. 10th in Philadelphia, the ADL, acting through their national executive board member, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, descended in wrath upon 11 Christians, arresting and imprisoning them for "hate crimes" – crimes for which the ADL intended penalties of 47 years in prison and $90,000.00 fines each.
How many more of us are on the ADL "hit list" – possibly vulnerable to similar persecution?
My name was found among the 10,000 the police discovered when they raided the ADL's San Francisco and Los Angeles offices.
Yours may be there, too.
In fact, your name may also be in Mossad headquarters in Israel. ADL spy Tom Gerard said that while he was collecting police records on unsuspecting Americans, Mossad agents were in close contact with him. Michael Gurvitz, researcher for the Los Angeles ADL office, also testified in trial that Mossad agents frequently passed through ADL headquarters, taking secret information to Israel.
Why do the ADL and Mossad work together so closely? It is because they are one. The ADL is the American arm of Mossad. ADL is the unregistered agent of a foreign power, Israel. All are part of B'Nai B'Rith International, the religious, educational, and fraternal parent of the ADL.
It is thanks to B'Nai B'Rith that anti-hate laws are now beginning to strangle free speech throughout the western world. ADL hate laws, now in place in 46 states, will continue to be made use of, as they were recently in Philadelphia, to persecute Christians. Those who love freedom must demand that they be repealed.
For more information on the threat of "anti-hate" laws, visit
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