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The World's Most Powerful Gestapo

By Rev. Ted Pike

. . .Lynne Abraham, District Attorney for Philadelphia and national executive board member of the Anti-Defamation League, felt supremely confident on Oct. 10th, 2004. She knew that she could arrest and imprison, indict and convict eleven Christians for witnessing at "Outfest," a city-funded homosexual rally.
. . .And virtually no one would know.
. . Why was she so confident? As a member of the inner circle of the ADL, she knew that the ADL, by its nearly absolute power of control over the media, is fully capable of blocking out any story, now matter how sensational, from attention of the American public.
. . .Congressman John Rarrick wrote in the Congressional Record:

"…the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith … has become the world's most powerful Gestapo; the brain center of a vast spy network arm of the intelligence unit of a myriad of Jewish organizations.

"The CIA and FBI are tinker toys compared to the ADL."

"We are beginning to understand something of the magnitude of the ADL's operations. We are beginning to appreciate its vast spy network sprawling across the nation and throughout the world. Our imagination is staggered by its apparent control of the avenues of communication."

. . . . . .. . .
Congressional Record: vol. 117, No. 189, Dec. 6th, 1971

. . .Lynne Abraham knew that the ADL's power to enforce a national press blackout would make it possible to convict the Christians, establishing a powerful legal precedent toward ending free speech. That precedent would also legitimize persecution of Christians. Media blackout of further "hate crimes" arrests could then be enforced across the country again and again. Eventually, persecution of Christianity would be gotten into high gear with no one to slow it down.
. . .What did Lynne Abraham know that the average American does not?
. . .Here's a few openers:
. ..The most authoritative reference source for matters Jewish is the Encyclopedia Judaica, written primarily by and for Jews.
. . .In its article on "Motion Pictures," p. 499, it states that: "Thus all the large Hollywood companies, with the exception of United Artists…were founded and controlled by Jews."
. . . In separate articles, it describes how Jews founded and controlled the Big Three Radio and Television networks: David Sarnoff founded NBC in 1926; William S. Paley founded CBS in 1928; and Leonard Goldenson founded ABC as an outgrowth of NBC. In its articles on publishing, it lists dozens of the largest publishing houses and major newspapers owned by Jews.
. . . Today, Jewish control of the media has continued to proliferate with pro-homosexual Jews, such as Michael Eisner controlling Disney and ABC News, and Sumner Redstone controlling CBS and VIACOM, one of the very largest creators of television programs and world's largest cable TV provider.
. . .This is the barest introduction to the labyrinthine subject of Jewish control of the media. Such includes dominance of television, movies, and the entertainment industry, the major news magazines and newspapers, and a predominance of the largest book publishers and book and magazine distributors.
. . . Suffice it to say that, when Lynne Abraham and the ADL decided to arrest, indict, and even imprison eleven Christians, they knew they would have ironclad cooperation in their conspiracy of silence from all important news sources in America.
. . . And that silence continues to this moment.
. . . Last week, a group of dolphins stranded on a beach in Florida. For two days, the TV networks gave lavish exposure to the dilemma. Yet for more than four months, 5 Christians, including a 17 year old girl, were stranded in the Philadelphia court system, facing 47 years in prison and $90,000.00 each in fines for preaching the gospel. Yet there has been virtually no mention by any major TV network, news magazine, or concerning this astonishing outrage.
. . . Such control over the spigot of information to the American public is mind-boggling. It means that the ADL-elite have power to make us love or hate – pay close attention – or be distracted, even go to war and die for them as they choose. Billy Graham marveled over such control in his taped conversation with Richard Nixon in the White House:

"This (Jewish) stranglehold (on the media) has got to be broken or this country's going down the drain," Graham said, agreeing with Nixon's comments earlier in the conversation. "You believe that?" Nixon says in response. "Yes, sir," says Graham. "Oh! boy, so do I," Nixon agrees, then says: "I can't ever say that, but I believe it."
. . .. Associated Press (2002). Billy Graham Apologizes for '72 Remarks

. . .Yet, it was not just 5 Christians who will have experienced the isolation of such media power. If you, like them, have a weakness for original, truthful thought or action, then, sooner or later, the ADL and their "thought police" may come for you.
. . .And the world may never know.


. . . Rev. Ted Pike is an authority on hate crimes laws. He has described their threat to free speech on nearly a hundred talk shows in the past six months, including Point of View, Derry Brownfield, Alex Jones and Joyce Riley.
. . .For an interview with Ted Pike call 503-631-3808. Ted Pike's gripping 82-min video documentary, "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians" is free to talk show hosts.
. .For much more information on hate laws visit
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