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By Harmony Grant
18 Jan 2007

In a nation of broken taboos—where a Brooklyn artist can display a crucifix in urine and Madonna can rock out while hanging from a cross—only one religion, Judaism, enjoys virtual immunity from criticism. Those who dare break the silence are punished with social and political ruin, tarred as “anti-Semites,” sinners of the worst stripe.
Think I exaggerate? Just take a moment to sample the scorching critiques leveled by national public figures against Islam and especially Christianity. For starters, listen to Anti-Defamation League head Abe Foxman. If you think Jews aren’t uniquely sheltered, imagine if he were talking about them.
“They are a well-funded, well-organized facet,” he intoned, “engaged in an aggressive campaign to transform America into a theocracy ruled by their warped view of biblical law.”
Foxman was talking about Christians or, in his words, “Christian Supremacists.” This was a warm-up for his lecture on Muslim extremists, another group of scary, religious radicals Foxman said also seek global dominion. The ADL head bragged that in 2006 more than 21 books or national articles were written about the threat of politically active Christians. First on his list was Michelle Goldberg’s Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, which accuses Christians of “dominion theology.”
. . .Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition says, “there are more of these books for sale at your local large book store warning against the perils of fervent Christianity than those warning against the perils of fervent Islam.” (“A Rabbi’s Warning to US Christians,” January 13, 2007) He comments that a recent Andrew Goldberg documentary, "Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence," did more bashing of Christians than defending of Jews. Lapin, with Rabbi Weiss of Neturei Karta, represents an important minority of Talmudic Jews who do not share the aggressive anti-Christianity of ADL and Abe Foxman.
The many Christophobic books and articles to which Rabbi Lapin referred were led by the trumpet blasts of Foxman himself. In a 2005 speech in NYC, Foxman charged mainstream Christian groups like Focus on the Family with assaulting American values of diversity and church-state separation.
"Today we face a better financed, more sophisticated, coordinated, unified, energized and organized coalition of groups in opposition to our policy positions on church-state separation than ever before,” said Foxman. “Their goal is to implement their Christian worldview. To Christianize America. To save us!"
I thought conspiracy theories got you in trouble as a hatemonger or something. (Mel Gibson sure thinks so.)
But that rule only protects some people. If Foxman wants to sound off against Christians in politics, lambasting religious “dominionists” who dare to make stem cell research, abortion, and gay marriage into politically important issues, that’s fine. What does Foxman get for ranting about a Christian conspiracy? He gets to run a powerful empire with an annual budget of $50 million, racking up points as one of Forward’s fifty most powerful American Jews.
Foxman isn’t the only Jew going public (uncensured) with his fear and loathing of Christians. In Haaretz, columnist Bradley Burston said Messianic Jews are outright “evil,” and headed for “a special place in hell” reserved just for them. “Proselytizing,” he writes, “is persecution…stay the hell away from us.” (“Why ‘Jews for Jesus’ is Evil,” Haaretz, May 28, 2006)
This December, popular Jewish blog jewschool and other Jewish sites ran an American Apparel ad featuring a provocatively dressed young woman lying in tousled sheets, wearing a Star of David. The ad said, “December 25 is now Jewish Shopping Day. Christmas sucks if you’re Jewish.” (So, does Hanukkah suck if you’re Christian?)
These examples are actually light reading compared to the legislative and lobbyist efforts of activist Jews who want to make Christian expression illegal in public. The ADL’s “anti-hate” legislation has destroyed freedom of speech in Canada, Australia, and most of Europe to protect the feelings of certain privileged groups—especially Jews and homosexuals.
It was Foxman himself, along with Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, who led the recent campaign to legally bar military chaplains from public prayers “in Jesus’ name.” Foxman complained about the Air Force Academy allowing a football coach to say “Jesus is Savior” to his students. He said when chaplains pray in Jesus’ name they violate “accepted parameters” because “the role of the chaplain is to minister to all.” Foxman doesn’t seem to appreciate that the way a Christian ministers is by offering Christ—to all!
As a result of Jewish activists’ attack on Christian expression in the military, Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt (who dared to pray to Christ in public) lost his career and a million-dollar pension and found his family homeless.
This is just one example of organized world Jewry's religious agenda to silence Christianity, a faith it hates. Unfortunately, most Christians do not even realize the identity and motivations of those who seek to silence them. This is because the Talmud, Kabbalah, Jewish racism, and Jewish hatred of Christianity are never exposed or openly discussed. While Christianity and Christian political goals are attacked (and, I’d say, libeled) by major opinionmakers, Judaism is cloaked in reverential silence.

Muslims Feel the Heat, Too

It’s also open hunting season on Islam. In that October speech, Foxman’s reminders about Christian supremacism were just a warm-up; his real target this year was “Islamic extremists.” Foxman read a video message from a Hamas website which boasts of drinking Jewish blood.
“This threat is especially dangerous,” he said, “because its roots are in religion, thus there is no way to reason with it.”
The head of ADL isn’t the only one intent on exposing an “Islamofascist” agenda. Dozens of political commentators don’t hesitate to criticize radical Muslim ambitions, demonize “terrorists,” and expose the Q’uran’s vitriol against “infidels.” They continually define, describe, and address this agenda through articles, books, and films—including Anti-Christ: Islam’s Awaited Messiah, Islam Unveiled, Islamic Imperialism, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, and scores of others. Nobel Prize winner Elias Cannetti publicly describes Islam as "a religion of war – literally a killer belief.” FOX, CNN and others have promoted a new documentary from Jewish director Wayne Kopping, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, that choruses the now widely accepted premise that Islam itself is the cause of dangerous fanaticism.
Nobody seems to have a problem with this, just like nobody really has a problem with Foxman slamming Christians.
But there’s one religion that you aren’t allowed to criticize, one sacred book whose hatred you can’t reveal, and one group of people whose political agenda can’t even be recognized—and I think you know who I mean.

Hands off Judaism!

The Talmud and Kabbalah—Judaism’s most sacred and venerated texts—contain the same hatred of Christian “infidels” as the Q’uran, sometimes worse (See, "The Talmud: Scalpel that Bleeds the Mideast" and "Was the Talmud Behind NBC's 'Book of Daniel'?"). Radical Zionist Judaism poses the single greatest threat today to Christian values and to American freedom. There’s a reason the Red Cross is not allowed to display their famous emblem in Israel and Israeli school kids can’t use the plus sign in their math books. Talmudic Judaism is a wellspring of hatred for Christianity, producing ardent and powerful advocates of a progressive, liberal and Zionist agenda that is doing exponential harm to our nation.
Through neoconservatism, Zionist Jews have advanced Israel’s interests in the US government at the cost of American interests, even driving us to war (and now, in Iran, more war). Jewish activists like Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, and Richard Perle have risen to immense power in our government (See, "America in No-Win War for Israel"). The power of the Zionist political lobby has also been documented (See, "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy"). Ethnic and religious Jewish activists work persuasively as media elite to subvert Christian, American values via entertainment and journalism. Jews own most major media and underwrite and publicize the films and books that repeatedly mock, slander, and attack Christ, Christians, and the New Testament (See, "Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish" and to "Who's Behind NBC's 'Book of Daniel'?")
Yet there is virtually unbroken silence from American leaders about the reality of subversive Jewish and Zionist activism. Only a handful dare speak the most obvious facts about injustice in the nation of Israel. Even fewer leaders—in fact, virtually no one—will criticize domestic Jewish activism in American media and government.
Christian conservative leaders have many reasons for their silence, including fear of political and social ruin as “anti-Semites.” Some simply don’t understand why we need to identify Jewish activists. They object, “There are plenty of liberal non-Jews advancing a progressive, anti-Christian agenda! Why point out when these activists are Jewish? Why not just fight the agenda?”
At we identify Jewish radicals as a threat to Christian America for the same reason conservatives identify Muslim radicals as a threat. You have to know your enemy. The public must be educated about the aims and dangers of those who would subvert our society. Exposure of bad or evil ideas or motivations weakens their power over those who might otherwise be influenced. It’s not enough to say, “There’s a bunch of people who want to enforce sharia law and take away our civil liberties and make women wear burkas.” We must uncover the religious and ethnic motivations that drive the radical Islamic (or Jewish!) agenda.
When a person’s ethnicity or religion is the source of their intolerance, we are fools to ignore that motivation. Common sense demands we ask whether an individual is a friend to American, Christian values or an enemy. Liberal Jewish activists act and vote for the sake of a foreign nation, Israel (where all American Jews have automatic citizenship and some serve in the IDF). They act from religious Talmudic motivation in direct attack on the Christian values held by a majority of Americans.
Such radicals do not, of course, speak for all Jews. Some of Zionism’s most powerful critics are brave Jewish Americans like Norman Finkelstein and Alfred Lilienthal. But an overwhelming majority of Jews do support Israel and the actions of liberal Jewish organizations like ADL, AIPAC, World Zionist Congress, and others. Our leaders do us no favors by acting as if this dual loyalty does not exist.
The tireless industry of Holocaust films and literature has convinced most Americans that “anti-Semitism” is the greatest possible sin of the modern age. We bear heavy media-instilled shame and horror over the Holocaust. Nearly 200 masterful, tear-jerker movies (not to mention books, museums and memorials) were crafted for the sole purpose of evoking grief, racial guilt, and the belief that Jewish suffering is so uniquely horrific that it excuses all Jews from criticism today. Thus burdened, most flee investigation of the Jewish identity of Zionist lawmakers, liberal filmmakers, journalists, lobbyists, and litigants.
If an individual can get over his own guilt about Jewish suffering, he still may not be able to face the social stigma of being libeled an “anti-Semite.” Anyone who dares to criticize Jews, Judaism, or the nation of Israel is guaranteed this ruinous charge.
But it’s not anti-Semitic or racist to identify a Jewish religious and ethnic agenda any more than it’s racist for conservatives to point out that radical Muslims have a subversive agenda—or for liberals to point out that evangelical Christians have pointed political goals. These are truths about our world. Some of them are ugly truths.

Freedom of Criticism for All

My aim in this article is not to comment on the validity of Foxman’s criticism of Christianity or conservatives’ criticism of Islam. My point is simply that these criticisms are allowed, while examination of Judaism is verboten. And that’s wrong. Maybe more people would have the guts to examine and expose Judaism’s dark side if they recognized that Judaism is the only religion and movement being protected from such criticism.
If Mel Gibson had drunkenly yelled, “Christians are responsible for all the evil in the world!” the response would have been minimal. Actually, he might’ve gotten a book deal out of it.
Foxman would want an autographed copy.


Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group. Read more of her work at Contact her at
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