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Attention to Hate Laws,
At Last!


By Harmony Grant
26 May 2009

In the past month, unprecedented attention has been given to hate crime laws—it’s about time! Conservatives and, surprisingly, some liberals have railed against hate laws in general and the “Pedophile Protection Act” in particular. They’re a wee bit late—the bill already passed the House but the breaking of this epically under-reported story is worth a roll call.
Four of the eight members of the US Civil Rights Commission have publicly urged Congress in an open letter not to pass the hate crimes bill. Their letter makes the well-known complaint about “the broad federalization of crime as a menace to civil liberties.” The commissioners also point out a less-known threat: This bill violates “double jeopardy” protections (which say a person can’t be tried twice for the same crime). The hate bill allows “federal authorities to re-prosecute a broad category of defendants who have already been acquitted by state juries—as in the Rodney King and Crown Heights cases more than a decade ago.” The retroactive nature of this bill is certainly a scary implication.
Jewish civil liberties defender Nat Hentoff also brought up double jeopardy in an article against hate crime laws for the Cato Institute. He explained in this 6-minute Cato video that this “dreadful legislation” is “really dangerous stuff” that violates the Constitution’s First Amendment (free speech), Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection of all), and double jeopardy.
Hentoff says he has covered hate crime laws for about twelve years and that they should truly be described as “thought crime” laws. “People can get more time in prison for what somebody said they said that might be taken as evidence,” Hentoff explains, also describing how a person’s past statements or consumption of certain books or newspapers will be used as evidence against them—bringing their thought lives into court. “We are on the edge again of having a thought crimes bill turned into law which will now go to the Supreme Court I hope, and if I can say this, I pray that the First Amendment will be restored.”
One of the most surprising critics of S. 909, the Senate version of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, is homosexual political commentator Andrew Sullivan. Ranked by Forbes as one of “25 Most Influential Liberals in Media,” Sullivan was described as viewing “virtually everything through a “gay” prism.” Nevertheless, Sullivan came out in The Atlantic to oppose the hate crimes bill. He proclaims it’s absolutely unnecessary for criminal justice and is a “money-making tool” for homosexual activists.
Others say worse. A hearty Washington Times editorial says plainly that hate laws “punish people for what they think.” House Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, told their editors the hate crimes bill makes him “want to throw up.” The Boston Globe also ran a column against hate crime laws. Economist and prominent columnist Paul Craig Roberts wrote incisively about how this legislation will be expanded to shatter freedom of speech. He says, “An eventual likely outcome will be that speaking against members of specially protected classes will itself become a violent act of inciting violence.” Townhall.com and Human Events published a sage column about hate crime laws by David Limbaugh. He is the author of Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War against Christianity. Limbaugh writes so truly, “Far too many people, including certain well-meaning Christians laboring under the belief that Christians must eschew politics, are failing to stand up to this intimidation. This failure could eventually lead to the unintended consequence of their loss of the very freedom to evangelize.” Actor and conservative activist Chuck Norris also wrote about the hate laws’ dangers.
There is the negative press as well, which demonstrates how loud this protest has become. Politifact.com—a Pulitzer Prize-winning site of the St. Petersburg Times—drew attention to the “Pedophile Protection Act” by calling that characterization a “Pants on Fire” lie. Crooks and Liars also tried to call out Sean Hannity for his opposition to the bill, calling him (what else?) a liar for repeating that the bill would protect pedophiles. Hannity isn’t the only one. Many public figures have shared this truth—that hate laws protect deviants while exposing Christians to prosecution for speech.
In a sober video message, Dr. James Dobson warns, “I'm convinced that if God's people do not seek His blessing and mercy, the Church will be tested severely, as if by fire, over the coming weeks and years.” He then describes the hate crimes bill and its non-protections of Christians. He even fleetingly mentioned the Anti-Defamation League and “various Jewish groups” who welcomed denial of Rep. Steve King's amendment to exclude pedophiles!
How many people have the courage to actually detail the ADL’s role as creator of this evil legislation? Very few. Evolutionary psychologist Prof. Kevin MacDonald was one. And, of course, the ADL itself.
On May 13, ADL joined the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP and others to demand that the federal government interfere in the prosecution of a 2008 murder of an immigrant. At their press conference, ADL also urged passage of S. 909. While conservatives shipped boxes of identical form letters to Washington to protest the bill, ADL and others showed up in person to demand its passage.
Opponents to the hate bill may feel swamped and over-taxed by various assaults on liberty and conservative values flooding from the Democrat majority. But they should be assured: No other issue is as pressing. Without freedom of speech, we can’t fight any other battles.
It’s a good thing the hate bill story has broken out. But we also need far more decisive calls to action. If you love freedom, then pick up your phone and call the Senate.
Call all Senators, 1-877-851-6437 toll free and 1-202-225-3121, available on the action page of www.truthtellers.org. Especially call the 19 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Give this message: "Please don't vote for the pedophile-protecting hate bill S. 909. If the Senator does, my friends and I will never forgive or forget!"
Also, encourage staffers to watch the alarming 9-minute video on the home page of www.truthtellers.org, "Stop the Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill!"





Harmony Grant is a writer for National Prayer Network. To greater understand the illogic behind hate laws, read her article “Top Eleven Reasons You Should Fight Hate Laws.” At www.truthtellers.org you can also find two 10-minute videos which powerfully explain these most recent hate crime bills.

Watch the dynamic 10-minute educational videos, "Stop the Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill!, at www.truthtellers.org which explains how the hate bill, S. 909, ends freedom. Also at www.truthtellers.org, watch our gripping 82-minute documentary "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians."
Call all members of the Senate and demand hearings on S. 909, 1-877-851-6437 toll free and 1-202-225-3121. Call repeatedly (every other day), especially call the 19 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The names are available on the Action Page at www.truthtellers.org. Tell the Senator: "Please hold hearings on the pedophile-protecting hate bill S. 909. If the Senator votes for this bill, or allows its sponsors to sneak it through the Senate as a rider to a bill, my friends and I will never forgive or forget."

Let the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this topic. Call (503) 631-3808.

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America First Books Editor's Note

For those new to this controversy, please check the latest articles in our Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant archive to see where protests should be directed to be the most effective. Sometimes the "action" is in the House, and other times it is in the Senate or in the Executive Office. Sometimes it involves arresting a bill before it gets through a committee, or it at other times it may have already slipped through and now faces either a floor vote or the possibility of getting snuck through as a rider to another bill. Also, please link to the following articles:

Fox News Rips "Pedophile-Protecting" Hate Bill:

...[Fox News anchor Megyn] Kelly interviewed Rep. Steve King, who attempted to amend the hate bill in Judiciary last week to explicitly exclude pedophiles. King reported how Rep. Alcee Hastings, a pro-hate bill Democrat, proudly claimed practitioners of 547 paraphilias listed by the American Psychiatric Association can "live without fear" once the hate bill is passed.
Ms. Kelly also expressed indignation that, while the Democrats acted to protect pedophiles, they rejected Republican efforts to obtain similar special protection for war veterans. Especially in times of unpopular wars, these are common victims of "hate crimes," spit upon or attacked because of who they are -- military defenders of America's freedom...

Alert to Congress Regarding Hate Bills and the False Flag Attack Threat by America First Books publisher William B. Fox. Two-thirds down the web page please find the essay "The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons."
Also, earlier on this same page I comment:

Although Rev Ted Pike is completely independent from Captain May and myself in terms of his political and religious views, the threats we address all stem from the same corrupt power elite. I mention in my concluding remarks below that this elite “would mobilize us into domestic tyranny and foreign wars, while distracting us from economic depression and the groups that brought it about.”
This is the real problem, not the lack of more “hate crime” laws. If anything, we need even more freedom of speech to speak truth to power, sort out our problems, and develop peaceful strategies to handle high level malefactors. This is why we urgently need for members of Congress to not only take a principled stand and stop all hate crime legislative initiatives, but to also roll back all the existing hate crime laws currently on the books.

Hate crime laws actually pose a major national security threat. They condition Americans to feel that certain types of thought are inherently immoral or illegal, even if they do not result in any form of violence or infringement on the rights of others.
In our articles related to false flag attacks, Capt. Eric H. May and I have discussed strong evidence that Mossad-CIA was behind 9-11, the mere "thought" of which would some day be outlawed once hate crime oversight bureaucracies become firmly implanted in America. We can expect government hate crime overwatch entities to experience the usual cancerous growth and abuse of power that libertarian writer and Presidential candidate Harry Browne described in his classic book Why Government Doesn't Work.
Please find out more about the hate crime issue in the Rev Ted Pike archive.

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