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Obama: High Priest
of the Religioius Left

By Harmony Grant
18 November 2008

Pundits rejoice that the reign of the “religious right” is over. The Bush administration is accused of using government to push religious dogmas—something Obama will never do, of course. Those who demand “church/state separation” especially exult, but a majority of Americans also celebrate Obama’s victory.
Yet Obama will enforce his own "religion" from the White House. Beliefs will still be pushed, metaphysical claims endorsed. Obama did not run on a platform of limited government, individual rights, and maximum individual freedom. No, his entire campaign exalts the idea of a progressive, multiracial nation sewn together by a government which will not tolerate hate or bias.
Whose hate or bias, you ask? Thanks for asking. That’s the problem. One man’s backwoods bias is another’s abomination. And if you haven’t read the Federalist Papers, I can assure you that the realm of beliefs is supposed to be a hands-off zone for lawmakers in DC.
If Barack Obama had run on a platform of restricted government and maximum individual freedom—an agenda created by none other than our Founding Fathers—then this truly would be a time of change. But it isn’t. His “progressive” agenda is just as faith-based, and far more dangerous, than anything of which our current President is accused.
Barack Obama’s “religion” is the religion of social elites who want to engineer a perfect society. Its main believers espouse the Jewish concept of “tikkun olam,” or “repairing the world.” They believe fundamental aspects of human nature can be manipulated to, among other things, equalize the genders, races, and nations—and that this should be done as soon as possible. To do this they must outlaw various beliefs and value statements that many people, especially traditionally religious people, firmly embrace. But that in itself is a value statement. It is a belief system.
This is where “anti-hate” laws come in. Ultimately, they don’t just create new categories of crime and crime victims. They are used to silence words even when a violent crime is not attached. That’s the precedent from Europe, Canada and Australia. Concocted by the same Jewish activists who leap on any Christian involvement in government, this is the ultimate witch’s brew of church/state mingling.
Determining proper moral beliefs about society and God is the role of priests and prophets. It is a religious endeavor that requires metaphysical claims and leaps of faith. Obama’s administration comes fully equipped with politically correct religious claims based on humanist faith and rejection of traditionalist religion. These claims are incredibly more popular than traditional “fundamentalism” with blue state and urbanized Americans. Thank you, powerful leftist media and culture. But humanist claims’ popularity doesn’t make them any more true or certain. Indeed, they may be far less true or certain than the traditional response to homosexuality, teen sex, nationalism, abortion, or other contentious topics. Either way, these are questions about which priests—not prosecutors—should make definitive statements. And no one, neither priest nor prophet, should be allowed to silence those who disagree.
The most dangerous comingling of church and state in our day doesn’t come from evangelicals. It comes from liberal elitists who believe their “secular” grip on reality is so certain it can’t be classified as religious. Elitists like our new President believe the dogmas of anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-sexism, anti-anti-Semitism, etc. are so certain that people should be made to observe them. Elites see these as non-religious necessities for a united, progressive society.
The most dangerous religion is the one that can convince people it’s something else. And that religion is about to move into the White House.



Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.

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