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Examine Islam Only!

By Harmony Grant
26 June 2008

Right-leaning leaders and media fully know that America is in trouble. Our economy is vulnerable, our freedoms fragile. Our presidency is open. Conservative groups publish many concerns about America’s enemies. These mainly focus on “liberals” and especially on Islam. Alarm bells are sounded about militant Islam’s desire to tyrannize. Meanwhile, conservatives only coddle the activist group actually wearing the despot’s crown. America is rapidly losing our most precious freedoms because this tyrant can’t be named.
Conservative media continually warns that militant Muslims want to end western freedoms and erode Christian civilization. Writers freely examine the religious roots and doctrines that fuel Muslim antagonism of the West. They describe Muslim “supremacism” and the “jihad ideology.” No one supposes they pathologically hate all Muslims. We must criticize beliefs, religions, values, and forms of activism that threaten the delicate freedoms of our unique society. Fair enough.
But this balanced and wise tactic is only applied to Muslims. Another religious-ethnic group—Jews—is shielded from all criticism. This fact alone speaks volumes about social power in the West. You know your group has power when people cover their own mouths from speaking against you.
Canadian critics of Islam like Mark Steyn are censored by others. But Americans, who enjoy the globe’s greatest speech freedoms, censor themselves from speaking a word against Judaism's sacred and noxious texts. This should cause us to ask what kind of power Jews really enjoy. If we ask searchingly, we’ll discover that Jewish activists are the real creators of hate crime laws. Jewish power, not Muslims, truly gains from these censoring laws. Hate crime laws allow those in control to punish and silence critics of specified social groups.
If only Christian and conservative thinkers would look more closely at the landscape of American politics and power. If only they would research bravely enough to recognize the Jewish Anti-Defamation League already openly brags about creating hate speech laws. Jewish advocacy groups demonize defenders of traditional Christian culture. Jewish activists spearhead homosexual activism with its dangerous efforts to shred the fabric of society, the family. Jewish-owned big media consistently demonizes Christianity and has even begun producing theological attacks on Christian belief. (See, "Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish") Militant Jewish leftists are hugely over-represented in all the arenas of power—academia, media, politics and business. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s documented fact about our class structure.
Right now, conservatives are tracking the wrong predator. Deeply anxious about Muslim power, they ignore the teeth of an ethnic-religious group that has already bitten down hard on the neck of our once-free, once-Christian culture. So much would change if only we could apply the same investigative courage to Judaism that is already applied to Islam.
Why is there a double standard? Many evangelical Christians are afraid to criticize Judaism for religious reasons. They fear “cursing God’s chosen people.”
If we can describe Islam as a false and dangerous religion, we have no less cause to describe Talmudic Judaism that way. Talmudic Judaism today is further from true Biblical religion than any other major religion. It has defined itself by opposing the God of the Hebrews and God's incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Messiah. If we had the courage to read Judaism's “sacred” books and recognize their deep entrenched hostilities, we would know that. Until we face the truth, every critic of Judaism will remain an “anti-Semite” in our eyes. We will accept scathing truth against Islam but flinch with emotion when the same spotlight is applied to Judaism.
This double standard destroys our culture. The protectors of our society—thinkers, critics and analysts—focus on Muslims and Islam while handing a “Get out of Jail Free” card to every Jewish activist and advocacy group subverting traditional freedoms and Christian values.
A recent Human Events column by Robert Spencer is a perfect example of confronting Islam while completely ignoring the more powerful evil of Talmudic Judaism. Spencer talks about hate speech laws in Canada and how they steal freedom. So far, so good. He then discusses militant Muslims’ attempts to similarly end freedom of speech in the US, by outlawing criticism of Islam. Spencer talks about Mark Steyn, the Canadian author hauled before a tribunal for his criticism of Islam. He quotes a journalist stating that hate laws punish opinions and are “abominable.”
Spencer’s evaluation of the threat stuns with its inaccuracy. He’s right about the crime of stealing freedom but desperately wrong about the perpetrator. It is primarily the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and countless Jewish advocacy groups who created and pressed for the hate crime laws that now choke freedom.
Spencer also offers a solution that would work brilliantly to solve Jewish subversion but will never be required of Jews. With calm disgust, he describes an Islamic advocacy group that “hasn’t ever acknowledged the obvious fact that it could end “Islamophobia” right away by rejecting Islam’s doctrines of violence, supremacism and conquest and moving strongly against those Muslims who are acting upon those doctrines.”
What a good point. Ethnic-religious groups should look for real reasons for criticism of them. They should restrain group members who misrepresent their identity or act in destructive ways. They should shame group members whose bad behavior causes outsiders to be hostile. That’s pretty logical. Yet this logic is never applied to Jews. Gentiles now accept that “anti-Semitism” is their irrational disease; they falsely believe it has never been a reaction to Jewish misbehavior. ADL, of course, is never asked to do its part to end anti-Semitism by renouncing the Talmud and Zohar’s doctrines of violence, supremacism and conquest. (See, "Have You Read the Talmud Lately?")
Spencer concludes that, under the threat of hate crime laws, we will likely lose our freedom of speech. All it takes is for good men to do nothing. So we must do something! “We must tell our elected officials to stop this outrage," he urges, "resist OIC [Organization of the Islamic Conference] lobbying, and reaffirm in no uncertain terms our commitment to free speech -- particularly now, when so much depends on our being able to speak with honesty about the nature of the jihadist threat, and so many powerful entities want to make sure we do not do so.”
I love the spirit of that sentence. I only wish it were more accurate. Our elected officials must stop the outrage of “anti-hate” and bias legislation. They must resist the real lobbying culprits, ADL and Jewish activists. They must dismantle current ADL state-level “anti-hate” laws and reaffirm our American commitment to free speech —particularly now, when so much depends on our freedom to freely speak about the nature of the Jewish supremacist threat.
But they don't speak out. Why?
They fear a power much greater, more persuasive and vindictive than Islamic activists—a power so great in our society today that it can hardly be mentioned.



Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.

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