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Hate Laws Should Still Top Headlines

By Harmony Grant
15 Jan 2008

Hate crime laws haven’t gone away. There’s no more dangerous threat to America's freedom. In this busy election year we may not hear much, but this battle is far from over. Just ask Ezra Levant—the defiant Canadian publisher who printed cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.
A Muslim imam filed a compliant with a Canadian human rights tribunal and Levant was forced before a government agent for interrogation. He was told not to record the meeting but did so anyway. Watch Levant’s interrogation by a Commission officer on YouTube. It’s an astonishing film. In a quiet office across a desk—as if this were a civilized act—the government agent asks Levant his intentions behind publishing the cartoon. Levant asked whether a certain intent would be illegal. The agent was evasive.
You have to love Levant ’s response. He said he published the cartoon to exercise his inalienable right “as a freeborn Albertan to publish whatever the h--l we want no matter what the h--l you think…The only thing I have to say to the government about why I published it is cuz it’s my bloody right to do so,” Levant said, “And it’s my right to do so for reasonable intentions and it’s my right to do so for extremely unreasonable purposes.”
Levant refuses to concede that his political beliefs affect the legality of an action. It’s “hunting for a thought crime.” He’s right.
Levant ’s firm, eloquent response is worth watching. “I reserve the right to publish it for whatever offensive reasons I want,” he said. “I’m not a racist. I’m not anti-Muslim. But I have the right to publish cartoons even if I am informed by racist sentiments…That is my right. And I will not minimize my reasons so that they’re palatable.” It’s a manly performance.
Many Westerners naively believe they enjoy an inalienable right to free speech. Inalienable means it can’t be taken away. But freedom of speech can very well be taken away. It’s a liberty fragile as eggshells. It’s a miracle we’ve enjoyed it this long as a nation. Freedom of speech is currently under assault by (primarily Jewish) thought police like the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, architect of hate crime laws. The cases of speech silencing just keep stacking up.
We’re not talking about Stalinist Russia or Saudi Arabia . We’re talking Canada, England, Pennsylvania! Fierce attempts to silence politically incorrect beliefs—especially those of conservative religious believers, most importantly Christians—are finding scary success.

Government: “I’ll Tell You What to Feel”

In the Vancouver Sun, Douglas Todd pens an article ridiculously titled “An Object Lesson in free speech and democracy”. His article describes a controversy over a statement—“I hate homosexuality”—by a prominent Sikh religious leader. People called for the Sikh to be prosecuted for a hate crime. No, Todd says calmly. The leader could only be prosecuted if he said, “I hate homosexuals.” Oh, thanks for the clarity. It’s good to know what emotions you’re allowed.
Todd says the leader’s honesty about his hatred is helpful—now we can fight Sikh “homophobia” and the stupid moralism of immigrants who might make Canada more conservative. Todd closes by saying it’s false that traditional conservative immigrants could “be causing British Columbians to lose their reputation as laid-back, freedom-loving liberals.” Wake up, dude. You Canadians aren’t losing your image as “laid-back, freedom-loving liberals” because of the morals of your immigrants. It’s the Big Brother policies of your government!
National Review published a great piece by law professor David Bernstein about these Big Brother statutes. He reports, “The Canadian supreme court recently turned down an appeal by a Christian minister convicted of inciting hatred against Muslims. An Ontario appellate court had found that the minister did not intentionally incite hatred but was properly convicted for being willfully blind to the effects of his actions…”
Bernstein quotes a Canadian professor of law who observes, " Canada now is a totalitarian theocracy. I see this as a country ruled today by what I would describe as a secular state religion [of political correctness]. Anything that is regarded as heresy or blasphemy is not tolerated."
They’re having the same trouble in England. The Catholic News Service reports the defeat of a bill to protect freedom of speech for British Christians. The lawmaker who proposed the bill said he could name "many occasions on which leading church people have been visited, telephoned or placed under scrutiny by the police for sermons that they have given in their churches."
Americans! Christians! We are not doing enough!
Convincing the public of the danger of hate and speech crime laws should be a top educational priority for every Christian organization. It is not enough to howl in the last week before a hate bill gets passed. The Christian community has displayed astounding dullness in her response to hate crime and speech crime legislation over the last decades. For that reason, most states now have hate crime laws on their books. And the federal government—both House and Senate—passed the federal hate bill last year. It was defeated only by the purest grace of God. (See, Who Defeated the Hate Bill?)

Fleeing the Pharisees Again

Why is there so much silence? Why isn’t this issue a screaming headline for Christians in the West? It has something to do with who’s behind hate crime laws.
The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith—a purely Jewish organization—designed these laws, which are supported and spearheaded by Jewish groups. Jewish leaders don’t even deny this. New Jersey just passed hate crime legislation and the New Jersey Jewish News says unabashedly that it was passed after support from key Jewish leaders.
Evangelical Christians are in love with Jews, Judaism, and Israel —and in bondage to them. Full of guilty pathos over imagined failure to prevent persecution of Jews during WW2 and fueled by false definitions of how to “bless God’s chosen people,” most evangelicals are more likely to win the lottery than to think straight about Israel.
I believe Christians also fail to effectively resist because they have allowed themselves to be put on the defensive. Big media relentlessly portrays Jewish and ultra-liberal “civil liberties” groups as defending a “free America ” and basic democracy. Religious groups—particularly fundamentalist Christians—are portrayed as threats, not safeguards, to American freedoms. (That would be news to the Bible-believing Founding Fathers who said American liberty depends on Christian faith.)
Christians increasingly face an intellectual battlefield loaded against them because they don’t battle Jewish/leftist supremacism but “secularism.” That’s the problem. Religious Jews who want to shut up Christians and get every cross out of public view aren’t admitting their motives. They masquerade as secularists defending a “free and open society.” Because evangelicals are unwilling to even glance at the true religious motivations and beliefs of religious Jews, they can’t defeat this false premise. Christians refuse to examine their fantastically idealized view of Jews as “God’s chosen people,” full of benign intentions to live peacefully in the “ Holy Land .” They refuse to think clearly about Talmudic Judaism, which continues to be self-defined by opposition to Christ.
Believers have lost so much political ground and moral courage—how do we expect to go on the offense against speech restrictions? We don’t even proudly use the freedom we have. When Ann Coulter said Jews should be perfected by accepting Christ, she was stating a kindergarten level premise of Christianity. Every warm body in a church pew knows this—we all, Jew and gentile, must become spiritually perfected through self-denying faith in Christ. But it was hard to find any Christians willing to firmly defend Coulter’s right to state that truth. The few spirited defenses were from renegade Jews who oppose their community’s attack on Christian speech. Christians were silent, frozen by fear of offending Jews.
This is probably the most ancient form of Christ-denial: It started from the very moment Jewish leaders first tried to kill Jesus. People deserted Him. In the Garden, the disciples fled the jack-booted Pharisees with their Roman soldiers. The first Christians were Jews. The first Christian-killers were also Jews. That’s history. Gentile believers must now decide which Jews to follow—the Son of David, Son of God, Jesus Christ, and the self-denying followers who paid with their blood for His gift of life? Or the unbelieving Jews whose kingdom was of this world, who killed their Creator before they would give up their own power and religious control for His sake?
Evangelicals will pay a social and political price if they speak the truth about hate speech laws and their Jewish creators. They will pay a price if they boldly preach the exclusive message of Jesus’ salvation. But with the way things are going, they may end up in jail cells either way. Long-term, Christians have relatively little to lose and everything to gain by replacing fantasy about the Jews with truth.


Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.
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