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Whores in the Holy City

By Harmony Grant
16 October 2007

The career of megastar “Madonna” has produced as much pornography as pop tracks. Her on-stage performances have included simulated masturbation, homosexual and S&M scenes, and endlessly lurid exploitation of the female body. She has also exploited the church. In her 2006 world tour the Material Girl hung from a cross, crowned with thorns. In a 1989 video, Madonna dances provocatively in front of burning crosses and shares an erotic kiss with a Christ figure.
Madonna was raised Roman Catholic. Today, unrepentant after decades of self-prostitution and corruption, what religion makes Madonna feel comfortable? She is in love with Judaism.
Since the late nineties, Madonna has been a devotee of the Kabbalah Centre, worn a red string bracelet and donated millions to a Kabbalah school for kids. She sparked a Kabbalism trend throughout Hollywood, stopped performing Friday nights at the start of the Jewish Sabbath, and helped popularize a thriving kosher restaurant in Manhattan.
Madonna might not embrace Judaism so eagerly had she realized the true content of its “sacred” literature. The Zohar is the most important text of Kabbalah. Written in medieval times, it is supposedly the commentary of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on the Torah (five books of Moses). Bar Yochai remains powerfully influential today. A yearly celebration at his burial site in Meron is the “single largest annual Jewish gathering of the entire year,” drawing 200,000. Such Kabbalists believe Bar Yochai’s Zohar is the "soul of the Bible."
This book describes God as the En Sof (That Which is Without Limit), as unknowable and inaccessible. Since He is not a personal Being whose will can be known, Kabbalism is not about ethics. It’s about the status of the Jewish people as the visible, physical manifestation of God in the world. Evidently, Madonna does not realize that the Zohar describes her—like all Gentiles—as a beast who must be subdued before proper Judaic “order” can be restored in the world. (See, The Jewish Kabbalah: Root of Mideast Violence)
Kabbalistic rabbis are willing to spread the myth that Kabbalism is so flexible anyone can apply it. Gentile devotees misguidedly call it their "blueprint for life,” and see it as a flexible eastern-style spirituality. Jerusalem Post calls the Kabbalah Center one of the two most statistically influential Jewish outreach organizations (along with Chabad Lubavitcher).
Madonna herself studies the Zohar with a private tutor and is discipled by Kabbalah Centre head Rabbi Philip Berg. She calls herself “an ambassador for Judaism.” She recently rang in the Jewish New Year in Jerusalem with Israeli President Shimon Peres. Local reporters said Madonna gave Peres a copy of The Book of Splendour, a guiding text of Kabbalah, while Peres presented her with a special volume of the Old Testament. Madonna was in the “ Holy City ” for a Kabbalah conference, along with film (read: porn) star Demi Moore and lesbian celebrity Rosie O’Donnell.
Don’t Israel-supporting evangelicals see the irony? Madonna—who has defiled every well-known symbol of our faith—is an ambassador of Judaism, and the president of the Jewish state welcomes her to say this.
Tragically, this is all too appropriate. Israel today is fittingly symbolized by this apostate, corrupt sex symbol sell-out—as her government and most of her citizens continue to reject Christ and oppress their Arab neighbors. The prophet Isaiah foresaw this day. He mourned, “See how the faithful city has become a harlot! She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her— but now murderers!” Isaiah was not talking about Tehran or even Washington D.C. He was describing Jerusalem —in our time. John the Revelator also foresaw Jerusalem as the “mother of harlots” and “ Sodom and Egypt ” (Rev. 11) because of Israel 's violent disobedience. Like the ancient Kabbalists, John prophesied that Jerusalem will someday rule the world. But she will not do it in righteousness or justice. (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast)

Christians’ Blind Support

Today, Christian evangelicals are certainly the largest American support bloc of the Jewish state. They vastly outnumber American Jews, and many average churchgoers are more committed to Israel than average, left-leaning Jews. “We have to bless Israel ,” they say, “if we want to be blessed by God.” This simple and compelling idea drives millions to support—with both words and millions in cash—an increasingly powerful spiritual and political whore.
Christians must recognize the profound conflict between modern Judaism, which believes that a Christ-hating and -rejecting book (Kabbalah) is the Bible's soul, and their own deepest belief in Jesus Christ as the true Word and the message of Scripture.
Modern Judaism treats Christ as an imposter and Christians as idolaters. If the Zohar is truth, then Christians like me are idolaters. We worship an evil genius who somehow spoke and embodied the most profound moral truth heard on our planet.
Many Jews in Christ’s time, and today, refused to recognize their true Messiah, Jesus, because they hoped for a powerful political rebel to "repair the world" by overthrowing Gentiles and exalting religious Jews to social control. But Christ said, "My kingdom is not of this world." His kingdom is one of spiritual holiness, repentance from sin, and self-sacrificing love. The religious Jews, whose kingdom was very much of this world, couldn't stand His authority and His very spiritual message. Their religion was built on rituals, corruption of Scripture, human authority, and even black magic gotten from their 1600-year stay in Babylon, the occult center of the ancient world. (Watch The Other Israel)
Today, the Pharisees’ descendents still wait for the messiah. Madonna reportedly plans to buy a home near Safed, the “world center of Jewish mysticism,” where the Jewish messiah is expected to arrive.
In Israel today, Christ is referred to as a bastard, a magician, and a fraud. The Jewish Talmud says he is currently suffering in hell, writhing in boiling excrement. Religious Jews spit when they pass Christian churches. (See, Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species) Evangelicals, under the leadership of fanatics like John Hagee, fund a nation that continues to crucify the memory of Christ.
Modern Kabbalist Rav Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre, says, "As goes Israel so goes the world." He is increasingly correct. Madonna’s Hollywood Kabbalah craze may be just another Tinseltown trend. But the power of the Israel lobby to drive us to war, the increasing and unbiblical Zionism of the American church, and the powerful grip of Jewish elites on American media—these are not fads. They indicate the prophesied power of world Judaism to eventually dominate Gentiles and fulfill Judaism’s own dark literature of vengeance and supremacism. (See, Coming Jewish 'Utopia' Ruled by Noahide Laws)


Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.
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