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Israel's Most Dangerous Christian

By Harmony Grant
30 Aug 2007

“I want to tell those who say I am a traitor, I suffered here 18 years because I am a Christian.”
In 2004, a brave, sober-eyed Jew named Mordechai emerged from almost two decades in a Mideastern hell of a prison. Why was he in prison? After 9 years employed at Israel’s top-secret nuclear installation, Dimona, Mordechai went public with the fact of "tiny" Israel’s stockpile of 150 to 200 nuclear weapons and its development of a hydrogen bomb, which can kill millions of human beings. He spoke as an eyewitness at a time when the nation denied it even possesses nukes.
For speaking the truth, Mordechai was abducted from Italy, drugged and gagged, and imprisoned. His first two years were spent in a small room where a light and a surveillance camera were trained on him 24 hours a day. He spent his first 11-1/2 years in solitary confinement. Amnesty International described his treatment as “cruel, inhuman, and degrading.”
Our friendly “democratic ally” imprisoned Mordechai Vanunu for exposing the nuclear power it concealed from the world (including us!). Israel has now sentenced Vanunu to six more months in prison for speaking to foreign press.
The whistleblower--now 49, unmarried, unemployed, forbidden to leave Israel--has no secrets left. What he has to say is that he suffered as a Christian in a state that is not free, not humane, and punished him for accepting Christ as well as for speaking a truth that matters to the future of the human race.
Vanunu’s story and his testimony for Christ are virtually unknown to the millions of American Christians who support and even fund the very prisons, ultra-orthodox settlements, and anti-Christian government that oppresses Christians in Israel. (See, Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species) Pastor John Hagee's website brags that he has visited Israel 22 times and "given more than $8.5 million to bring Soviet Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel." In all these visits, Hagee has apparently never seen the harsh reality of Israel's institutionalized hatred of Christ. Maybe Mordechai could give him just one tour.
“I was baptized into Christianity,” says Vanunu, who changed his name to the Christian name John Carson in 2005 to reflect his total identification with Christ, not his Jewish ancestors. “If I was a Jewish [believer in Judaism], I would not have had all this suffering, isolation, only because I am a Christian.” During his 11 years of isolation, Mordechai resisted his captors’ commands by reading the New Testament loudly in English. Upon his release from Ashkelon Prison in 2004, Vanunu took refuge in St. George's Cathedral. It was stormed by 30 armed Israeli police that November, to question him about speaking to foreign media.
Today “I am still free,” Vanunu tells supporters through his website. He plans a September appeal of his sentence of six more months in prison. Vanunu told Democracy Now! that his press interviews were about “freedom of speech, freedom of movement, [my] human being, human rights.” He explained, “And all what I have to say is my political view. And I have the right to speak them if Israel is a real democracy. And I hope you in the United States will support me, and support my right to freedom of speech.”
He said, “I don't think they will be stupid [enough] to arrest me or to question. But. . . they can do anything - it is Israel. Israel, all of the world knows, they're [able] to do anything.” He's right. This isn’t the US. It’s Israel, and Vanunu faces the real possibility of life locked up again. He has lost the strong years of his youth. He longs to escape Israel, to find a wife and a job in the freedom of the United States. Instead he remains trapped, a prisoner in the "Promised Land."

Am I my Brother’s Captor?

To American evangelicals, the dusky desert hills and rolling valleys of Israel represent the land where Christ walked--a romanticized nation, precious with history. Evangelicals believe it is where God's "Chosen People" must prosper before the eventual return of Christ brings their conversion.
Israeli Christians like Vanunu worship the same Jesus Christ adored by evangelicals. They, too, treasure the Son of God who once walked on the Sea of Galilee and hung from that lonely cross at Golgotha. But to most of them, the land of modern Israel is becoming a prison, not a spiritual paradise. They experience the real Israel, where Christ cannot be spoken of to minors, where modern-day Pharisees base laws on the evil Babylonian Talmud, where truthtellers like Vanunu are locked away and spit upon--like Christ!
In 1997 President Ezer Weizman had this to say about Vanunu: "He was a spy who gave away secrets, and the fact that he did so for conviction rather than for money makes no difference. He was a traitor to his country."
Vanunu is also a "traitor" because of his acceptance of Christ. Just as Jesus opposed the Judaism of his day, Vanunu betrayed the Judaism of his. It is the religion that undergirds Zionism, an increasing danger to the world, amassing powerful weapons of mass destruction and resting on an Orthodox fundamentalism that grows only more anti-Gentile and anti-Christ. Vanunu has exposed more than his nation's nuclear secret; his story shows the "secret" of their national identity – that Israel is no friend of Christianity.
Christians in the US must realize the enormous antagonism of Talmudic Judaism (the official religious position of the State of Israel) toward Christianity. The idealized Judaism of evangelicals’ imagination does not exist in Israel. Vanunu suffered at the hands of this religious state, and he still suffers today. Christ also suffered and was crucified.
Christians are called to resist—not with violence or weapons, but with truth spoken in love. Instead, the church today funds the state of Israel and its atrocities against the Palestinians and believers who work for justice and peace.
If it weren’t for American Christians’ unbiblical support of Israel, this tiny Mideast nation would not even possess nuclear weapons. It would not have prisons in which to torture Palestinians or lock men like Vanunu away from human touch.
The state of Israel was founded and settled and is now run primarily by European Jews and their children who flocked to the “Promised Land.” Despite their idealism, the result has become a Judeofascist anti-Arab state. It is a society based on the worship of Talmudic Pharisaic religion and very real racism against Gentiles.
American evangelicals will have to answer for supporting the captors of this gentle Israeli Christian.


Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.
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