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Star of David Rising

By Harmony Grant
15 Aug 2007

“They won’t allow Bibles in schools but if it was a Koran or anything else, it’d be fine,” a repairman named Chris recently complained to me. In my leftwing city, I regularly encounter other conservatives who are eager to vent about the dominant liberalism in education, media, and culture.
Disgusted, Chris retold how a 23-year-old university student faces prison time for flushing a Koran down a toilet. The student could be jailed for his “hate crime.” Meanwhile, artists win praise for suspending a crucifix in urine or displaying a naked, anatomically correct Jesus made of chocolate. How did we get here? How did our culture plummet from public school primers of wholesome Bible stories to a society that purges crosses, Ten Commandment plaques and Christian evangelism from public view?
For 60 years, militant advocacy groups worked to establish the myth that “separation of church and state” is a Constitutional guarantee of freedom from religion. Jewish activists especially prevail in movements and organizations that strip Christianity from public life.
But as Judaism and Zionism both gain political and social power, a huge double standard emerges. As Chris the repairman pointed out, not all religions are treated like bird flu--some are given special legal protection and social power that rises as Christian influence declines.
In countries including Canada, England and Australia, hate crime laws are used to silence critics of Islam and Judaism. Socially as well as legally, public criticism of Judaism is forbidden as "anti-Semitism" under hate crimes bureaucracies. In contrast, Christ and His followers are routinely held up to mockery and virulent criticism--with no protection.
The US Supreme Court, in its 1980 landmark ruling, established that an 18-foot Jewish menorah displayed at a downtown Pittsburgh county courthouse did not violate church/state separation, while a nativity scene did. The menorah was permitted, while the Christian symbol was removed. (County of Allegheny vs. ACLU, Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, 1989) Like so many times before, the Jewish-dominated American Civil Liberties Union had prevailed. (See, ACLU Top Heavy with Jews)
The state of California recently provided another example of the Jewish star overshadowing the cross.

Separation of Synagogue and State?

California, one of our bluest and most radical states, has long censored Christian expression. In May, a court ordered San Diego to remove the white cross rising from Mt. Soledad, another victory for the American Civil Liberties Union.
A California government employee was told he couldn’t pray with clients and needed to hide his Bible in a drawer. His appeal was rejected by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. His attorney pointed out the double standard: "There are government employees who are flagrantly demonstrative in regards to their sexual orientation. It's inequality to say employees of faith don't have that same right to exhibit who they are as a Christian." In Oakland, CA two Christian women were recently censored for the “hate speech” of promoting the “natural family” in their workplace, in response to homosexual activism.
Given California’s history of ardent secularism, citizens of Palo Alto were outraged to hear that Jewish residents wanted to use public space to create an eruv, a sacred Sabbath space for Orthodox Jews. Since 1999, Palo Alto citizens successfully blocked construction.
Last month, city bureaucrats approved the eruv without holding any more public hearings. The Jewish daily Forward says “Many of the eruv’s old opponents didn’t know it was an issue again until local newspapers reported it as a done deal.”
Forward comments, “The situation in Palo Alto is illuminating because it’s taking place in one of America’s most famous university communities, with all the secular and sometimes anti-religious sentiments that come with it.” Of course, the Jewish daily says nothing about the conclusions we can draw from this illumination!
The Palo Alto event is evidence of a counter-intuitive and unspoken truth: Christians outnumber Jews in the United States, but Jewish influence far outstrips Christian influence in the opinion and even policy-making sectors (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish). Jewish activists have used the currency of Holocaust blame to advance an ultra-liberal agenda with which most Americans strongly disagree. Shielded from criticism, they work to purge Christian religion from public life; the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith seeks to actually criminalize Christian “hate speech” through a federal hate crimes law (Watch, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians). In fact, no one mixes "synagogue" and "state" as thoroughly as ADL. As the "civil liberties" branch of a Jewish religious organization, B'nai B'rith International, ADL wields federal authority to teach its twisted definitions of hate and hate crimes to the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and all police in America.

Remove the Cross, Put up the Star

Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, a Jewish activist and the Navy’s chief ethical consultant, recently established new anti-Christian rules for the Navy. The Navy subsequently disgraced and discharged a Christian chaplain, Gordon Klingenschmitt, for praying “in Jesus’ name” at a public ceremony.
Just two years before, an $8 million, three-story Jewish chapel and learning center was built on naval grounds (public property), the first US military building ever adorned with a Jewish star on its outer walls. A 12-foot-high Star of David illuminates the interior.
If a privately funded $8 million Christian chapel and learning center were built on a Navy base, you can imagine the protest! Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments were stripped from the courthouse walls, primarily as a result of a suit by the ACLU and another Jewish "civil liberties" organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Yet, a Star of David is plastered proudly on this building on tax-supported property. Liberal Jews attacked the Christian chaplain’s use of government property to honor Jesus' name, but they offered no church/state objection about Jewish religious use of public property. Concerning the Jewish chapel, the president of Friends of the Jewish Chapel unabashedly told the Washington Post, ''This is a national shrine. To us it is the end of the beginning."
Beginning of what? Jews compose just 1.5% of the American population and until the 1980s only 1% of the naval academy. Yet this tiny minority commands the social power to erect a “national shrine.” The new Navy chapel is vividly symbolic of the Christ-displacing rise of Zionist Judaism in our national culture, legal system and foreign policy.

The Real Estate God Wants: Your Heart

Inside the new Jewish chapel, a marble stone states God’s ancient command: "Let them make me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them."
Ultimately, religious temples and buildings are only meant to point us to the spiritual. True religion isn’t about building monuments or taking them down. It’s about becoming, yourself, a dwelling place for God. Jesus Christ came to purify those who would trust in Him, so that the hearts of Jewish (and then Gentile) believers could become God’s true temples on earth.
For nearly two hundred years, the United States has been a uniquely Christian nation where this good news has been freely and proudly preached. Even today, Americans are far more concerned with serving God than people of any other wealthy nation. Almost twice as many Americans (59%) as Canadians (30%) say religion is very important in their lives. The CIA World Factbook says 78% of Americans believe in Jesus Christ—a staggering majority.
So why is this staggering majority so slow to protect Christ’s name and the right to preach His miraculous gospel in public? Part of the reason is because evangelical leadership won't preach the Bible's warnings about unbelieving Jews. This deprives the church of the spiritual power and authority to confront Jewish activist groups such as ADL and SPLC. Consequently, Jewish power rises as Christians’ public influence and freedom of evangelism fade. Like the deadly squeeze of a python, the unbiblical unhealthy relationship between Zionist Jews and Christian Americans tightens.
Christians know that all the mega-churches in the world matter less to God than the hearts of trusting people who love Him more than personal and social cost. Speaking the truth about Jewish and Zionist activism does have a price tag today. But for us as believers, the name of our Savior must be worth any price. The precious light of His spiritual message will only grow scarcer in this nation, unless American Christian leaders and laymen are willing to boldly identify with everything Christ said and stood for. This includes His no-nonsense warnings against the Jewish leadership that is now banishing Christian values from public life.


Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.
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