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America's Biggest Threat

By Harmony Grant
12 July 2007

“Our greatest foes, and those we must chiefly combat, are within,” says Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. Keep that in mind as the continued drumbeats of the “War on Terror” urge fear of militant Islam. Yes, Muslim extremists threaten violence to American lives. But far more dangerous are those who destroy from within the legal and moral foundation of our nation. They terrorize with words not weapons, with influence not explosions.
A European Police Office report on 2006 terrorist attacks in 11 European nations recorded 498 incidents with only two deaths. Just one of the attacks was carried out by Muslims, and no one died.1 Muslim terrorism does threaten the United States. In 2006, Muslims were behind at least a dozen terrorist attacks worldwide. But while Islamic terrorists are painted as the greatest global threat to western civilization, a hidden group of extremists pose a far greater danger. They truly hate the Christian American way but the threat they pose cannot be spoken. “Islamofascism” is routinely discussed by all media; even Christian political ambitions are attacked by leftist opinionmakers. But the influence and ambitions of one still more powerful ethnic/religious group are not even mentioned.
I am speaking of organized world Jewry, a politically powerful and aggressive minority of Jews worldwide. Today, even discussing Jewish power is called “anti-Semitic.” But extraordinary Jewish writer Philip Weiss dares to tell the truth: “Anyone who seeks to describe the sociology of American leadership and can't talk about this is being intellectually dishonest. It's like talking about the history of football without talking about blacks.” (MondoWeiss, 2006)
Few dare identify the impact of Jewish influence in our society. If such power can’t even be acknowledged, we certainly can’t discuss the shape it takes or the Talmudic racism and anti-Christianity that characterize it. In deafening silence, Jewish/Zionist activists—established in the powerful Anti-Defamation League, organs of the Israel lobby and media elite—have done more than any Muslim to unsettle the foundation of American liberty and values.

Islam: Phobia and Fact

The turn of the last century found Mideast Muslims largely at peace with Christianity and the western powers. Arabs admired America, France and Britain and raged mostly against their fellow Muslims, the oppressive Ottoman Turks. During WW1, the western powers promised freedom and national autonomies to the Arab tribes in exchange for help in defeating the Turks. Their reward was to include an independent state for Arabs in Palestine, who had lived at peace with Palestinian Christians and Jews for centuries.
But in the first decade of the 20th century, Zionists moved in. Britain broke its promise to the Arabs, stole most of Palestine from the farmers and merchants who had lived there for more than 700 years and gave it to European Jews. The new state of Israel seized roughly 90 percent of Arab property in 1948. By terrorism, bloodshed, and threat of massacre, Zionists expelled hundreds of thousands of Arabs, including many Christians. These Palestinians were exiled into virtual concentration camps where hundreds of thousands still wretchedly survive today.
From this massive injustice, modern Islamic terrorism was born. It was created by a century of Israeli abuse and is today stoked by Israel’s continued oppression in Gaza and the occupied territories.
Is Islamofascism a major threat in the world today? Yes. But a greater threat comes from its primary cause: Judeofascism. Zionism provoked the backlash of Arab terrorism, and the Zionist neoconservatives’ proposed solution (a global “war on terror”) has been as helpful as fire hoses filled with gasoline. 2
“Al Qaeda is a more dangerous enemy today than it has ever been before,” reports Foreign Affairs in the May/June 2007 issue. “It has suffered some setbacks since September 11, 2001…But thanks largely to Washington's eagerness to go into Iraq rather than concentrate on hunting down al Qaeda's leaders, the organization now has a solid base of operations in the badlands of Pakistan and an effective franchise in western Iraq.” Meanwhile, the war solidified Israeli control in the region by shattering Iraq and confirming America’s lapdog support of the Jewish state. To the extent that Muslim terrorism is a substantive threat to US security, it has only been increased by the neocons’ overreaching and ideologically driven military adventures in the Mideast. Americans’ repudiation of the Bush administration at midterm elections reveals our frustration.

Fighting Abroad, Losing at Home

As FOX News and others still headline the danger of militant Islam, our land is already in the grip of a foreign power. History shows an inarguable but silenced record of Jewish ethnic activism for the state of Israel (embodied by AIPAC) undermining US interests in the legislative halls of Washington. We are embroiled in a Mideast war with no end in sight, for the sake of Israel. 3 It is a war premised on lies, a war in which the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts have hammered at our civil liberties; executive power has been unconstitutionally expanded. A recent bill declared Bush a dictator in case of emergency. It is a war in which our foreign policy has grown even more interventionist, to the point that many patriotic Americans falsely believe it’s the American way to impose “democracy” on sovereign states. We jeopardize our own security and shave away at our civil liberties for the dubious “freedom” of those who did not request our help. 4
Given this record, I’m more concerned about the dangers in Washington than the dangers in Tehran. Yes, some Muslim extremists long for American blood. But Jewish activists within the halls of Congress already quietly bleed our nation’s life strength into the sands of the Mideast and onto the hard deathbed of a progressive new world order.

Danger That Cannot Be Named

The drive to this future nightmare can be accurately described as “Judeofascist.” It is spearheaded by an elite minority of militant, politically progressive Jewish activists and supported by another minority of Gentiles. It is promoted by dozens of organizations forming the Zionist lobby and by Jewish advocacy groups like the Anti-Defamation League, whose anti-freedom legislation poses an enormous threat to the very foundation of the United States.
This threat is more dangerous than Muslim terrorism because it is already on our shores, within our legislative chambers—and because discussion of it is taboo. Incisive criticism of domestic Jewish activism is kept to the fringe. Those who dare speak the barest truth about Israeli racism or the treachery of the US Israel lobby are pilloried with the label “anti-Semite.”
If you doubt US support of the Jewish state, check out the ’08 race and learn who owns America’s Mideast foreign policy. When it comes to Israel, the only difference between red and blue candidates is who can place the limits of their support for the Jewish state farthest out into the galaxy. Given that the USA is the world’s greatest superpower, there is little reason to hope Israel will be held back from further inflaming the Arab world.
Israel is not our certain ally (see “The Israel Lobby”). While conservatives and Christians speak shrilly about Islamofascists, Israel bristles with nukes, spies on us, continues to perpetrate massive injustice against Palestinians and Arab neighbors, and pursues interests we manifestly do not (should not) share, like expanding “greater Israel” to the entire Promised Land including Jordan, Iraq and Syria. Evangelicals especially should be leery of supporting a political system that denies believing Israelis or tourists the freedom to fulfill a basic Christian obligation, evangelism!
Jewish activists also disinform and corrupt America through their domination of TV, film, and print media. Such control is undeniable; it is only the saying of it that is controversial. Philip Weiss, who was raised in “a very close-knit scientific family that had a sense of Jewish superiority,” broke away from the New York Observer to establish his own blog, MondoWeiss, after the Observer’s practicing Jewish, Zionist owners censored his increasingly anti-Zionist views. Weiss recounts a conversation with his Observer editor about the unchallenged dominance of pro-Israel Jewish journalists and the void of mainstream dissent. He told his editor, “I don’t think America is dangerous for Jews, and I’m critical of Israel. And there’s no room for me here. There’s no room.”
Weiss is a dissenter who writes openly about Zionism’s inherent demand for dual loyalty from Jews living outside Israel. He believes Jewish “journalists [demonstrate] bad faith in our democracy when they decline to talk about real issues surrounding the power structure—say the Israel lobby or the predominance of Jewish money in Democratic Party giving—out of fear that their group would suffer.”
Even if journalists share Weiss’ love of America and criticism of Israel and knee-jerk Zionism, Jewish owners of big media stifle their dissent.

ADL: Granddaddy of Hate

In Washington, chillingly Stalinist legislation is regularly introduced by Jewish American politicians who champion an anti-freedom definition of church/state separation and laws like the horrifying federal “anti-hate” bill. (See the video Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians) Such legislation enjoys increased chance of passage due to the high percentage of Democrat and Jewish politicians in our government. These Stalinist laws include, foremost, “hate crime” laws which should better be called thought crime laws.
Jewish ethnic/religious activists in the USA take their lead from the Anti-Defamation League, the hate organization responsible for “anti-hate” laws that make it dangerous (and sometimes criminal) to express Christian moral truth in Canada, Australia, and most of Europe. ADL is also entirely responsible for convincing 45 American states to pass hate laws. As a portent of the nation’s future, California recently passed a law making it illegal in the public schools for anyone to say anything that might disparage homosexuality or warn children about its risks and consequences. Along with other Jewish progressive groups, ADL tars Christian judgment of homosexuality as a pathology. Their hate laws will make it a crime to express such “bias.” Under present Canadian hate laws, pastors and broadcasters are barred from speaking some of the simplest truths about Christian sexual morality.
The ADL and other Jewish advocacy groups preach that Christians have another pathology, too: anti-Semitism, from our “hateful” New Testament. It was the World Jewish Congress which “was instrumental in the issuance of the Vatican’s 1965 “Nostra Aetate” declaration,” recanting the Bible’s historical record that Jewish leaders were responsible for Jesus’ death and that the Jewish crowd called down His blood guilt on themselves and their children. ADL today describes those who accept the gospels’ straightforward account of Jesus’ death as “virulently anti-Semitic.” Hate crime laws are a legal weapon to silence these beliefs in public, persecuting Christians. They kill free speech. If the freedom of one group is denied, the freedom of the rest is lost as well.
If free speech dies, America dies. We are the last western democracy without a federal speech law hobbling the pursuit of truth. ADL/B'nai B'rith seeks to ultimately unite the whole world under a global "anti-hate" bureaucracy. A present example is its 56-member-state hate crimes Gestapo in Europe called the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The OSCE recently held their latest "Conference on Combating Discrimination and Promoting Mutual Respect and Understanding" in Bucharest. International attendees focused on hate crimes and especially anti-Semitism. They heard from Elie Wiesel in a video message: "Anti-Semitism is the oldest form of hatred in history and is the only one of the serious illnesses of the 20th century which has survived and is still around, with communism and Nazism mostly gone now." Anti-Semitism is the ONLY serious illness of the 20th century to still plague us? Where is this man living? He’s living in a world where this kind of statement is credible because the WW2 Jewish holocaust is upheld as a unique incomparable tragedy—the only holocaust so sacred that its revisionist historians are thrown into prison. Critical thought about Israel and Jewish activism is suppressed by the emotional bludgeon of the holocaust industry and by the very real social and economic costs of being called an “anti-Semite.” This form of “racial hatred” is currently cast as the most horrendous social sin a person can commit.
The US ambassador to the OSCE, Julie Finley, clearly agreed with Wiesel; she went so far as to issue an “imperative call” to members: “Let’s focus only on anti-Semitism. The others will take care of themselves.” Members of the conference agreed that criticism of Israel is most often anti-Semitic and that European leaders should figure out how to improve Israel’s reputation. This PR campaign will not include ending the Israeli oppression and mistreatment that fuels Arab resentment, balancing America’s biased foreign policy, or examining honestly the ambitions of activist Jews in American government. Controversial Jewish writer Tony Judt explains, “All Jews are silenced by the requirement to be supportive of Israel, and all non-Jews are silenced by the fear of being thought anti-Semitic, and there is no conversation on the subject.”
What is more likely? That Muslim radicals will terrorize American women into burkas or that Jewish ethnic/religious activists will succeed in passing “hate crime” and other anti-freedom laws, goad us into invading Iran 5, and continue to drug our nation with disinformation about everything from America’s Christian heritage and proper foreign policy to the fruits of homosexuality and abortion? This question is not hard to answer. Only one in four Americans can name even one of the five rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. Our chances of standing together against Arabs are far better than our chances of even recognizing the major legislative attacks on our freedom, or why they matter.
The subversive power of Jewish ethnic/religious activism is a fact that cannot be spoken. That makes it far more dangerous than the threat of militant Islam trumpeted from cable news every night. The horrible charge of “anti-Semitism” prevents most from even considering these questions or perceiving the reality of the danger to our republic. We fear, “It may be anti-Semitic,” and so fail to ever ask, “Is it true?” And while we shrink from truth, mesmerized by the bluster of an enemy across the sea, protected Judaic elites destroy us at home.


1 Supporters of the Bush administration say the lack of Islamic terrorism is a direct result of administration policy. That’s good propaganda. But in 2006, John Judis of the New Republic summarized reality: “George W. Bush['s]…strategy toward Israel has seen the escalation of the second intifada…the eclipse of Arafat's Fatah by the more radical Hamas, and now a two-front war in Gaza and southern Lebanon that is unlikely to achieve the results that the United States and Israel have hoped for… Bush's "new Middle East" has begun to look even less hospitable than the old.”

2 NeoConned Again: Hypocrisy, Lawlessness and the Rape of Iraq (Light in the Darkness Publications, 2007) includes an excellent interview (Chapt. 19, “The ‘War on Terror’: Ingenious or Incoherent?”) with Prof. Jeffrey Record, “a respected professional in the US military academic community” who received a doctorate from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Int. Studies. He analyzes the problem of conflating the Iraq conflict with the “war on terror,” as well as the misdefinition of what is a “terrorist.” Record points out that the whole concept of a “war on terror” is misconceived. Among other problems with this propagandizing concept—how do you fight a “method of violence?” In addition, the administration’s treatment of “terrorism” ignores the fact that this kind of violence is often the only recourse of the politically and militarily helpless and disenfranchised. Record says, “Condemning all terrorism as unconditionally evil strips it of political context and ignores its inherent attraction to the militarily helpless. This is not to condone terrorism; it is simply to recognize that it can reflect rational policy choice.” (p318) Besides, “Even if all terrorism is evil, most terrorist organizations do not threaten the United States.” (p325)

3 Again, please see NeoConned Again: Hypocrisy, Lawlessness and the Rape of Iraq (Light in the Darkness Publications, 2007), eds. O’Huallachain and Sharpe. Its numerous contributors speak from across the political spectrum with inarguable reasons why the Iraq war was not in American interests. One essayist quotes Philip Zelikow’s candid admission that the war was for Israel’s sake. Zelikow chaired the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and was then nominated to the Commission of Inquiry into 9/11. In 2002, Zelikow told a panel of foreign policy experts, “I’ll tell you what I think the real threat is, and actually has been since 1990—it is the threat to Israel. And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans do not care deeply about that threat, I tell you frankly. And the American government does not want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.”

In April 2007, Philip Weiss blogged on a 1979 “neocon mission statement” from Norman Podhoretz: “There was, to be sure, one thing that many of even the most passionately committed American Zionists were reluctant to do, and that was to face up to the fact that continued American support for Israel depended upon continued American involvement in international affairs-- from which it followed that an American withdrawal into the kind of isolationist mood that prevailed most recently between the two world wars, and that now looked as though it might soon prevail again, represented a direct threat to the security of Israel.” (emphasis added)

4 Among other disastrous results, Amnesty International’s annual report shows serious human rights abuses by Israel, whose injustices have been further empowered by shattering Iraq, the latest real threat to her regional supremacy. Grave abuses result also from the “war on terror” and discriminatory “counter-terrorism” policies. Another obvious result of this war, says Amnesty, is that Muslims and non-Muslims have been driven even further apart by “anti-terrorism” policies and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

"The politics of fear,” says Amnesty chief Irene Kahn, “is fueling a downward spiral of human rights abuse in which no right is sacrosanct and no person safe.”

This is not the America our forefathers—who warned against “foreign entanglements” and the constant pressure tyranny exerts against freedom—died to establish.

Yes, there are people who’d like to kill Americans. Some present real threats. Some do not. This is why our military and police exist and should be kept strong.

But who will protect us from insidious ideas, from broad suppression of truth, from evil laws? Who will be the watchman on the walls peering into our city? On 9/11, Americans proved our ability to rally against violent assault. What we failed to demonstrate was the wisdom to think clearly and critically, discern the best course of defense, and avoid a jingoistic rush into a sweeping “war on terror” in which we have lost troops, morale, money, and support for conservatism, not to mention civil liberties and restraint on executive power.

5 Influential Jewish neoconservative Norman Podhoretz prayed for America to bomb Iran, in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. Read Gary Leupp’s review of the column in Counterpunch.


Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.
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