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By Harmony Grant
7 March 2007

Last Easter, NBC gave air time to freemason and Christ-basher Michael Baigent, whose work helped inspire The Da Vinci Code. This year, elite media fires another Lenten missile at Christians at the start of the 40-day period before the resurrection of our Lord.
On Sunday, the Discovery Channel aired “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” followed by a roundtable discussion led by no less than Ted Koppel. The “documentary” was also shown on Channel 8 in Israel. Created by a religious Jew, Simcha Jacobivici, it argues for the Talmud’s vengeful myth that Christ was not bodily resurrected and that he had a sex partner and a child.
The film’s attack on the Christian faith has been denounced by serious scholars and archeologists including professor Amos Kloner, who oversaw the tomb’s original 1980 dig and says the supposed “new evidence” that the tomb was Christ’s is “not serious” (see Brent Bozell, “What Bones of Jesus?” Feb 28). The work was called a “publicity stunt” by one of America’s foremost archeologists, William Dever (WA Post, Feb 28).
Despite this, the film got a glowing review from NBC’s Today Show, which also oohed and ahhed over The Da Vinci Code last year (another anti-Christ film and book heavily promoted by Jews (See, "The Jews Behind Da Vinci Code"). Jewish New York Times writer Laurie Goodstein wrote, “In recent years, audiences have demonstrated a voracious appetite for books, movies and magazines that reassess the life and times of Jesus, and there is already a book timed to coincide with this documentary...” (Feb 27)
Is it really audiences who demonstrate this voracious appetite—or Jewish media elite? Martin Scorcese, who directed the blasphemous Last Temptation of Christ (produced by Jewish-owned MCA), just won an Academy Award. NBC promoted the Christophobic “Book of Daniel” but had to cancel; I guess their audience didn’t share their appetite! (See, "Who's Behind NBC's 'Book of Daniel'?") Compare the reception of Jacobivici’s attack on Christianity with the recent book of another Jew, Ariel Toaff, about the blood libel in the Middle Ages. Toaff’s book, which suggested medieval Jews might not always have been guileless victims, was so hotly attacked it was recalled within a week. Jewish elite refused to even consider the historical evidence in Toaff’s work. But a production that damages Jesus’ reputation? In that case, facts are petty details! The NY Times TV review of Lost Tomb hailed its laughable evidence as so earthshaking it “could someday lead the Discovery Channel to wish it had left the Talpiot tomb unfound.”
Lost Tomb’s director, Jacobivici, is an Orthodox Jew born in Israel. He previously created the highly questionable “Exodus Decoded” in 2006 and the Discovery Channel’s 2002 documentary “Ossuary of James,” which was declared a forgery the next year.
You’d think an individual with such disregard for truth and such a hardened agenda to attack Christianity would not be mainstream in a “religion of tolerance,” as Judaism is declared to be. But Forward says he “made a name for himself as a Jewish leader in Canada” as a student activist and later as president of the International Congress of the World Union of Jewish Students (Rebecca Spence, March 2).

Canada Censors Christians but Airs Christ-Bashers

It’s notable that Jacobivici, though born in Israel, calls Canada home.
Sec. 319 of Canada’s federal hate law, the Human Rights Act, makes it a crime to “publicly incite hatred” or “willfully promote hatred” of any identifiable group. Sec. 13.1 bans communication (including online) of messages that “are likely to expose a person to hatred or contempt on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, etc.”
Under hate laws, Canadian Christians have been heavily fined for publicly quoting Scripture against homosexuality and refusing to cooperate with the militant gay agenda. In May 2002, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) found Dr. Laura Schlessinger guilty of “abusive discrimination” for her censuring words against homosexuality and demanded that she be taken off the air in Canada. Stations which continued to air Dr. Laura would be brought before the CBSC and potentially lose their broadcast licenses.
Dr. James Dobson has been repeatedly censured and warned by CBSC. In a ruling several years ago, CBSC said Dobson was sufficiently rehabilitated to be allowed to continue broadcasting in Canada. But Focus on the Family Canada must carefully screen each Dobson program to see if it contains criticism of homosexuality. If so, it is replaced with a prior “hate-free” program.
Is Jacobivici’s shameless attack on Christian orthodoxy also censored in Canada for inspiring contempt for an identifiable group: Christians? Vision TV aired Lost Tomb in Canada on March 6. The Canadian Jewish Congress and federal "thought police" were not offended.
Only some people and viewpoints enjoy the attack-dog protection of the Anti-Defamation League, their “anti-hate” laws, or Jewish-dominated Western media. Traditionalists who present a conservative, Biblical stance on homosexuality—or who express criticism of things Jewish—are shunned, censored, and ultimately made criminals in Canada, Australia, and much of Europe. Any pastor in these countries who forcefully reads from Scripture and teaches that the Jewish leaders had Christ crucified is in danger of indictment for inciting "hatred and contempt" against Jews. The same is true for anyone who publicly reveals the hidden anti-Christian, anti-Gentile teachings of modern Judaism's most sacred literature, the Talmud and Kabbalah.
Canada’s massive Jewish-owned conglomerate of radio, TV, newspapers and publishing, CanWest Global, boldly forbids any criticism of the state of Israel or matters Jewish. Meanwhile, through western media, Christianity is exposed to a glut of scathing books and debunking films, and Christians are supposed to just take it. Lost Tomb is hardly news. It’s just the latest minor skirmish in a millennia-old battle between the Judaic spirit and Jesus Christ—a battle whose beginning was recorded in the book of Acts when Jewish leaders did their very best to stamp out Christianity at its dawn.
When He returned to heaven, Christ left behind His Spirit, Who binds people of all races who submit themselves to God and worship Christ as Savior with willing trust. Rather than establishing a physical military kingdom on earth, Jesus shattered political walls and ancient barriers by uniting Jews and Gentiles into a global spiritual church.
The Jewish leaders responsible for the crucifixion hated Christ’s challenge to their authority, an authority built on dead religious rituals, black magic, and Jewish supremacism.
.Today, the Pharisees’ legacy remains. Judaism throughout the last 2,000 years has struggled against St. Paul’s revelation—the spiritual unity of Jews and Gentiles in Christ. Today, the state of Israel is the prime symbol and concentration of the Judaic spirit in the world. It is filled with ruthless racism, empty religious rituals (the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem are even now seeking to reinstate animal sacrifices), and love of Kabbalah and black magic. This is the legacy of Judaism's 1600-year sojourn in Babylon, the occult center of antiquity.
In the United States, Jewish media elite routinely produce and publicize books and films glorifying the Talmudic mythologies of Jesus’ non-resurrection or sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. Jewish activists also advance the evil work of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, which works aggressively to bind the USA with the same “anti-hate” laws that censor Christianity in Canada, while allowing the malignant screeds of men like Jacobivici.
Unless the American church recognizes what is going on, we will soon attack Iran and further deliver the Middle East into Israel’s hands, enabling the global ascendancy of those who deeply hate Jesus (See, "America in No-Win War for Israel"). Christians who ignore the Judaic source of works like the Lost Tomb and “anti-hate” laws are willing sacrifices, loosening their own collar before the butcher’s knife. We may not feel the consequences ourselves, especially if we don’t speak up. But our children will suffer. Many Arab Christians are already in pain, thanks to our unbiblical policy of unconditional support of Israel. And we will suffer someday, when we stand before Christ—whose Spirit we are not defending against His present-day attackers.

Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group. Read more of her work at Contact her at
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