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By Harmony Grant
26 Oct 2006

Apparently the only sense the French have was used on staying out of Iraq. In the last few weeks, they’ve set up a national Jewish court and awarded ADL head Abe Foxman with the French Legion of Honor, their highest civilian and military tribute, for his lifetime “battle against anti-Semitism.”
French president Jacques Chirac praised Foxman, “Your life and your contribution to peace among men are exceptional.” In reply, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith said he survived the Nazis so he could “build respect and fight hatred.”
So how has Foxman contributed to peace among men? Let’s count the ways.
Foxman heads an organization that is responsible for creating and establishing dozens of “anti-hate” bureaucracies, which destroy freedom of speech (See, New Federal 'Hate' Bill Means Funeral of Free Speech). Thanks to the ADL, Christians in Canada have been fined thousands of dollars and impoverished just for publishing passages from the Bible. In our own Pennsylvania, eleven Christians were jailed in 2004 for peacefully evangelizing at a homosexual parade. ADL board member Lynn Abraham authorized their arrest, imprisonment, and the indictment that was later dropped.
Foxman’s intolerance of Christians is on display in his book, Never Again: The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism. Foxman smears the Catholic church as “a cradle of hatred” and blames the New Testament for the death and suffering of countless Jews. Foxman denounces Christian evangelists as “anti-Semitic” merely for witnessing to Jews.
Foxman and the ADL have consistently exaggerated and falsely defined incidents of hatred or anti-Semitism in order to whitewash Israel’s crimes, silence critics of Jewish behavior, and keep themselves in business. Foxman says, for instance, than it’s anti-Semitic to claim AIPAC politically destroys the critics of Israel—even though AIPAC brags about this! To the ADL head’s sensitive ears, it’s anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, to say American Jews are most loyal to Israel, to give a Christian tract to a Jew, or to suggest that Hollywood’s production of 175 Holocaust films since 1989 might indicate some kind of agenda.
Foxman could find anti-Semitism in the way you walk your dog. He needs to, if he wants to keep the hefty paycheck (half a million bucks a year) he makes off anti-Semitism. Racism pays so well, Foxman can’t afford to promote peace and respect. This is probably the reason he expressed “disappointment” when a comprehensive 2002-03 report on anti-Semitism in Europe revealed not a single anti-Semitic homicide and only a handful of assaults. The report also revealed that immigrants were more likely to suffer from bias than Jews—bad news for Foxman’s business.
Foxman’s promotion of respect includes gross violations of American rights to freedom and privacy. He has overseen domestic spying operations in the United States, and even now the ADL maintains dossiers on thousands of politically conservative and dissident Americans.
Maybe Foxman earned France’s highest honor with some of his other valorous actions, like helping billionaire criminal Marc Rich get a presidential pardon in the last few hours of Clinton’s presidency.
Foxman says anti-Semitism is a mental disease, completely unrelated to the behavior of Israel or individual Jews. It is fundamentally irrational, he says.
Meanwhile, I guess honoring Foxman as a man of peace is just good common sense.

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